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At Charlie’s, Curtis asks Sonny to help him get his hands on Marshall’s sealed police record. Curtis explains Marshall has been lying to him, and he needs to know why. Sonny recalls a pill bottle falling out of Marshall’s pocket at the hospital but tells Curtis that he can’t help him.

Sonny feels Curtis should know the truth, but this is a family matter and he doesn’t want to get involved, especially given Marshall isn’t a fan of his. Sonny recounts his tense encounter with him at the hospital. Sonny knows what it’s like to have a complicated relationship with your dad, so if he wants to know what is in the file, he should ask Marshall. Suddenly, Marshall enters. Sonny has to go but suggests Curtis think about what he said. After he leaves, Marshall asks why he was talking to Sonny. Curtis says Sonny told him about the run-in they had and wonders what it was about.

At the Metro Court, Nikolas asks Victor to let them in on what he’s been planning. Victor says this conversation is for family only and glances at Ava. Ava understands and excuses herself to the bar.

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Alone, Victor tells Nikolas that there used to be a time when their family was one of the most important and influential families on the planet. He feels it’s time this family regains that position. Victor has been planning a business merger with a financial firm, which would put their family back on the track to redemption. Nikolas was expecting something else. Victor jokes he is not out for world domination like Mikkos was, just for their family to be respected and powerful again.

Portia meets with Taggert and fills him in on Joss and Cam’s problems, and she hopes Trina realizes that Esme and Spencer are bad for her. Trina (now played by Tabyana Ali) arrives and doesn’t have much time as she has to get to class. She knows her parents are concerned about her and admits the situation with Joss and Cam has made her aware she needs to be more careful of who she spends time with. Trina tells her mother that she made it clear she can’t be friends with Spencer as long as he’s with Esme. Portia and Taggert are proud of her. They ask her how Joss is doing. Trina explains Joss has been staying at her mom’s and she hasn’t heard from her in awhile.

After Trina heads out, Ava spots Portia and Taggert at a table. Taggert departs to take a call, and Ava explains to Portia she’s there to celebrate Spencer’s homecoming. Portia doesn’t see that as a reason to celebrate. Ava agrees, but she’s playing nice for Nikolas’ sake. She also admits it will be challenging when Spencer starts working at the gallery under Trina. Portia explains things have changed, so she should check in with Trina about how she feels about working with Spencer.

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At Laura’s place, Spencer is stunned to see a pregnancy test fall out of Esme’s bag. Confused, he asks if she’s pregnant, but she doesn’t know. Esme reveals she’s ten days late and finally got the nerve to buy the test. Spencer demands she take it immediately, but she refuses as this is her body. Spencer reminds her that if she’s pregnant that it’s his baby too. He also recalls they used protection, but Esme points out it’s not 100% fool-proof.

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At the PCPD, Dante speaks with Jordan about Joss and Cam’s case. Jordan says a case is ongoing, and he can help, but can’t take the lead. She reminds him that Joss is his stepsister and a defense attourney could try and use that against him and any evidence he gathers.

Later an officer gives Jordan an envelope containing a tip from the hotline. She reads it and tells Dante they now have an eyewitness account and potential perp. Dante learns what’s in the tip and refuses to believe it. Jordan says every tip must be checked out, and she’ll handle this one.

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At PCU, Joss and Cam chat in an empty classroom about their first day back. Joss hates they are dealing with all the whispers and gossip. Cam admits it’s why he didn’t want to do The Invader article. Joss says they needed to, they had to defend themselves and speak out for other victims of revenge porn.

As they decide to head out, Trina arrives looking for the professor. Cam explains she left. Trina has to get to her next class and turns to leave. Joss tells her to stop, and notes this is crazy. They all have missed one another and share a group hug.

Cam leaves Joss and Trina alone for some girl time. Trina asks if Joss got her text, but Joss didn’t. Joss explains she got so many pervy texts that she mass deleted a ton. Trina understands but assumed she didn’t want to hear from her. She admits she started to think Esme got to her and Joss believed she was behind the video. Joss knows it was Esme, who she calls Nelle 2.0. Trina apologizes for even entertaining Esme’s fake apology and notes Joss has been right about her from the beginning. Joss admits when she didn’t hear from Trina she thought she was embarrassed to be her friend. Trina says never, and they hug. Jordan arrives and Joss assumes she has an update on her case. Jordan explains she needs Trina to come down to the station and answer some questions.

Cam arrives at Laura’s to find Spencer and Esme at odds. Esme says she’s leaving and tells Spencer, “My body, my choice.” She storms out, and Cam asks if he heard what he thought he did. Spencer admits there is a chance Esme is pregnant. Cam wants to back up and asks why Esme left with her things. Spencer explains he accused Esme of taping him and Joss, and he defended Trina. Spencer continues that they broke up, and as she was leaving was when he found out she could be pregnant.

As they discuss the video, Spencer doesn’t want to believe Esme is behind it, especially seeing she’s possibly the mother of his child. He hopes she’s not pregnant because he’d be tied to her for life. In the hall, Esme composes herself, smiles, and walks off.

Back at the Metro Court, Victor decides to head out when Spencer is a no show, and Ava must get home to Avery, who calls to say that her arm still hurts. Esme arrives and asks Nikolas, who stayed to wait for Laura, if he can help her. She explains she thought she had enough money to check in to the hotel for the night, but her credit card was declined. Nikolas asks if there is no way she and Spencer can work things out. She doesn’t see how after the horrible things he said to her. She asks Nikolas if she can stay with him.

On the next General Hospital: Jordan asks Esme to answer some questions. Joss tells Dante he should be questioning Esme. Esme cries to Nikolas that he has turned his back on her too. Scott asks Nina why she doesn’t want to go down the legal road.

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