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At the PCPD, Michael is released on bail. Jordan spots Curtis, approaches him, and asks if everything is okay. He needs her help. They go to a private room where he asks how much his brother Tommy told her about their father. Jordan says he didn’t say much, and he wasn’t much older than Curtis when he disappeared. Curtis fills Jordan in on what he’s found out about his father, including a sealed arrest record. He asks if she can unseal it, but Jordan refuses.

Jordan can’t unseal the records without a court order. Curtis reminds her that he got Laura’s sealed records for Cyrus. Jordan explains that was different, TJ was being threatened. Curtis thinks TJ’s also family, and they aren’t anymore. Jordan lashes out at him. She thought they were in a good place, but he’s coming dangerously close to ruining that. Frustrated, Curtis storms out.

Willow arrives to pick up Michael. Michael heard from Carly that she was held up at work the other night. She admits she wasn’t honest with Carly or him. She explains she fainted, and it was due to exhaustion and not eating enough. Fortunately, her mother showed up for her. Willow says it felt like the first time her mom put her needs ahead of her own or some spiritual leader. She is grateful, but not sure what inspired this new Harmony.

Later Jordan tells Michael he’s free to go, but he has a trial coming up and not to leave town. Michael apologizes to Willow because they’ll have to put their Paris trip on hold.

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In Alexis’ office, Harmony asks to pick her brain about Nina. She tells her about Nina’s predicament with Wiley, and her request to help her with Willow. Alexis advises she stay out of this, but Harmony says it’s not so easy. Harmony hates taking up Alexis’ time and says she’ll go. She hopes Shawn isn’t around as she’d like to avoid him. Alexis explains he left town, and before he did, things got tense between them.

Alexis fills Harmony in on the Shawn situation, and that Molly and TJ are moving out, and she is going to miss them and their family dinners. Harmony misses having a kitchen, which her motel doesn’t have. Alexis is surprised that she’s still living in a motel. Harmony explains it’s tough to afford a place on what she makes. Alexis notes she has an empty home, so why doesn’t Harmony stay with her until she saves up money.

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Nina stops by Charlie’s and finds Sonny there. He is covering for Phyllis, who had to go see a distributor. Nina explains she was following up on something important, and he asks if he can help. Nina tells Sonny that he probably needs to stay out of this. Sonny assumes this is about Wiley. He understands she has to do what she has to do. However, if this goes to court, sides will be drawn and he’ll have to take a side. Nina says she’d never expect him to choose her or anyone over Michael.

Nina suggests they change the subject, and spots some old 45s on the counter. Sonny explains Phyllis wanted to put a jukebox in but it would block foot traffic. Nina finds a record in the pile she forgot about and tries to remember how the song goes. Sonny plays it on his phone. Nina wishes they could have danced to it at the Tan-O. Sonny says they still can and invites her for a dance.

As they dance, Nina and Sonny flashback to dancing at the Tan-O. They spin around the floor, embracing each other and stroking one another’s faces. They eventually pull away, and Curtis arrives to see Sonny. Nina has an appointment, so she takes off. Curtis tells Sonny that he needs a favor.

At Laura’s place, Laura embraces Spencer. Nikolas tells them that he made dinner reservations at the Metro Court and hopes his mother and Kevin can join them. Laura isn’t sure about Kevin. Nikolas senses tension in the room. Esme believes Spencer is wondering why she’s still there. She reveals she won’t be joining them for dinner, and Spence has made it clear that he doesn’t want her to be a part of his life. Nikolas and Laura ask her to come along, and Nikolas says Ava and Victor will be there too. Laura is shocked Victor was invited. She then gets a message that she has a mayoral meeting in 10 minutes. She has to get to the meeting but agrees to meet them for dinner.

Laura departs, and Spencer and Esme glare at one another. Spencer asks his father for privacy to talk to Esme. Nikolas hopes Spencer will still join them for dinner. ALone, Spencer is glad Esme hadn’t left, and he hated how they left things at Spring Ridge. Esme assumes he’s come around and realized she didn’t film Cam and Joss doing the dirty. He says he wants to believe in her, but she keeps trying to pin it on Trina and he knows she wouldn’t do that. He also knows what Esme is capable of.

Esme turns on Spencer and says how does she not know he’s not behind this. Spencer is stunned by the accusation. She says she doesn’t believe he is guilty, but unlike him, she believes in him and would never accuse him the way he has her. She thinks they have nothing more to stay and goes to storm out. Her bag clips the table and knocks over and out falls a pregnancy test, which Spencer picks up.

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At the Metro Court, Victor meets with Yohan and believes the warning that Laura is onto him seems to be true. He knows Laura and Drew will hit dead ends with Operation Demeter, but he’s worried Anna and Felicia have found the truth out about Luke’s death. He can’t have it connected to him, and he’s found the perfect fall guy to pin it on.

Ava arrives for the family dinner and asks Victor if his friend will be joining them. Victor explains he won’t and sends Yohan off. Ava and Victor sit at a table and chat. Victor gets the feeling Ava wants something from him. She admits she does, and usually gets what she wants.

Anna stops by Sam’s place to meet with her and Drew. Anna fills them in on the proof that Luke was murdered and indicates that the WSB is now officially involved. She feels they don’t want Victor’s name as a former head of the WSB tied to this, so they may steer the investigation down another path. She feels Drew is their best chance at nailing Victor. Drew explains they’ve hit a snag.

Drew and Sam fill Anna in on Carly blowing their plan, but they learned Victor was after Operation Demeter. It’s not familiar to Anna, and she finds nothing in the WSB files about it. Either it’s above her clearance, is part of US intelligence, or it went so wrong they’ve deleted all records.

Later, Laura joins them before her dinner with Victor and the others. Laura is stunned to learn that Luke was murdered. Anna explains the man responsible did not admit to targeting Luke, only that he sabotaged the railway car for a fanatical cause. Laura fears anyone working to expose Victor, who likely knows they are onto him, is in grave danger.

Back at the Metro Court, Ava tells Victor they are family and should be allies. Nikolas arrives, and he tells them that Spencer and Esme are talking some things through, and he may not make it. Victor exclaims that is unacceptable and he is running out of time. He says Valentin and Alexis may want nothing to do with him, but the rest of the family must come together while they still can. Nikolas asks what that means, noting this isn’t the first time he alluded to something dangerous coming. Nikolas asks him to trust them to help him by telling them what it is he’s been planning. Victor thinks maybe they are right and he should bring them in.

At the next General Hospital: Victor asks if he has Nikola’s support. Joss asks Cam if he’s saying this is her fault. Sonny asks Curtis why this is his business. Esme tells Spencer what else can he say because he’s already broken her heart. Finally, Portia tells Ava she doesn’t find this a reason to celebrate

With Victor trying to unite the family, take a look at the Cassadine family tree in the gallery below.

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