Ryan partners with Spencer
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Carly brings Joss to meet with Alexis at her office to talk about the story, and find Liz and Cam are already waiting. Alexis explains this story allows them to frame the narrative instead of the other way around. She asks Liz and Carly to step out because this conversation will be better with fewer participants. Liz and Carly head up to the Metro Court, and Joss and Cam begin asking questions.

Cam begins to have doubts about coming forward, so Alexis excuses herself to give them time to talk. Cam and Joss discuss the scandal surrounding their sex tape and where to go from here. Joss doesn’t feel ashamed and refuses to let Esme and the internet creepers turn this into something ugly. Cam doesn’t want her to get hurt but she wants to stand up for herself and asks if he will stand with her.

Alexis returns with a reporter and asks if they’ve reached a decision. This needs to be printed ASAP. Later, Alexis tells her reporter that it was a good thing what Cam and Joss did, she just hopes it doesn’t come back to bite them.

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Drew meets with Curtis at the Metro Court bar and brings an envelope with intel on Marshall. Drew asks if he really wants to know everything and suggests there is no shame in just accepting his father as he is now. Curtis could look the other way if it was just him, but he must consider Portia, Trina and Aunt Stella.

Drew shows Curtis the evidence against his father — that he lived out of the country in Argentina and points out an interesting fact… he used his real name, Marshall Ashford. If he was in witness protection, wouldn’t he have had an alias? Curtis now wonders if he was even in witness protection. After Drew asks what he plans to do, Curtis heads out for answers.

Carly and Liz grab a table and discuss the kids. Liz feels Joss will be okay because she has Carly in her corner. Liz always feared the idea of having a little girl, of having to protect her so she wouldn’t get hurt. Carly says, “As you did?” Liz states that night changed everything for her, but now she has Violet in her life and sees she was wrong. She hopes Violet grows up like Joss and compliments Carly on doing a hell of a job raising her daughter.

Carly and Liz think back to their past drama — and catfights. Though both agree they could have handled things differently, they can’t promise things won’t ever get out of hand again. Liz thinks where they failed as young adults, Cam and Joss will succeed. They’ve raised good kids. Carly hopes Joss and Cam do things with a lot less drama. Cam and Joss appear and announce that they did the story — they are done hiding. Suddenly, an investigator arrives to take their statements. They walk off with the woman.

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At the hospital, Marshall asks Dione at the nurses’ station for some help getting his medication refilled and the dosage corrected. He sees Sonny and becomes distracted. Sonny joins Ava and Avery, who are with TJ. Ava explains that Avery hurt her arm on the playground. Sonny tells Avery he’s known TJ since he was a kid, and he’s a great doctor. From the nurses’ station, Marshall shakes his head. He watches Sonny, Ava, Avery and TJ go into a room. Dione tells Marshall that his doctor isn’t in today, but she’ll make sure he gets Marshall’s message.

In an exam room, TJ tells Avery she probably has a sprain, and they’ll need an x-ray. Avery hopes she still gets a lollipop. Sonny says he’ll head to the gift shop and get one.

In the hall, Marshall confronts Sonny and accuses him of being someone who only learns his lesson the second time around. He told him at The Savoy to stay away from his family, including his grandson TJ. Sonny says he’d be interested to see how he’ll enforce that order. Sonny walks away, and TJ watches the interaction from a distance.

Sonny returns to the room with the lollipop, and TJ says he’ll have Dione bandage up Avery. TJ takes Sonny aside and says he saw him with his grandfather and asks if everything is okay. Sonny assures him that he has no problem with Marshall. TJ leaves, and Ava offers to take Avery to Kelly’s. The girl asks if Momma Carly can come too. Ava knows she hasn’t seen her lately, but she’ll call and see if she’s available.

While waiting with Avery, Ava brings up how Sonny has been trying to help Nina. She likes seeing this side of him.

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Meanwhile, Marshall asks Dione if there is someone other than Dr. Rose he can see. TJ approaches and asks if he can help. Marshall trashes Sonny to TJ, even though TJ respects and appreciates Sonny. Marshall warns TJ not to trust the Sonnys of the world and appears to have a very bad distaste for Sonny himself. “Stay away from Sonny,” Marshall warns. “If he keeps sniffing around, let me know.”

After TJ leaves, Avery runs into Marshall and a pill bottle falls out of his pocket. Ava and Sonny approach and Sonny picks it up. Marshall demands it back. Sonny stares at him and hands the pill bottle back to Marshall and says, “See you soon.”

Nikolas stops by Laura’s place to see if she needs help with Spencer’s homecoming. She says there isn’t much to do, but she feels Spencer should be going back home with him to Wyndemere. Nikolas feels he won’t want to move back there. Laura notes Spencer’s living situation here can’t go on indefinitely.

Esme appears with her luggage. She agrees and that is why she’s moving out. Nikolas asks her not to leave because Spencer would be heartbroken if she wasn’t there when he got home. Nikolas leaves to get Spencer, and Laura asks Esme what is really going on.

Laura admits she initially thought Esme was bad for Spencer, but she saw how close they are and she encouraged Spencer to make amends with his father. Esme asks if she’s saying she was wrong about her. Laura says she’s shown growth and is willing to reconsider her initial evaluation. Esme feels it’s too late. Laura points out that Spencer adores her and she sees the way he looks at her. Esme asks if she’s seen the way he looks at Trina. Laura says she gets it now. Esme says the person she’s crossed an ocean for, the only guy she’s ever loved, has fallen for someone else. She is leaving Spence before he and his friends leave her with nothing.

At Spring Ridge, Harmony asks Spencer if he can spare some time for a fellow inmate. Spencer looks over his shoulder to see Ryan sitting there. Spencer asks what he wants. Harmony explains Ryan wants to play a game and talk, via blinking messages to her. Spencer agrees seeing he’s only in there for a few more hours.

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Spencer joins Ryan for a game of chess. Harmony reads the questions Ryan came up with previously, the first is a statement, “You’re welcome.” Spencer is confused. Harmony reads Ryan’s note that Spencer and his girlfriend exploited his name to hurt Ava, which he didn’t stop, but he still hasn’t broken up Ava and Nikolas. Harmony continues with Ryan’s words, which say even though Spencer’s lost his girlfriend, he still has one friend, “Me.” Spencer says he’s got enough friends, but thanks. Harmony reads the next message in which Ryan says they are on the same team but only one has the power to act. He asks if Spencer will use it.

Nikolas catches Spencer with Ryan

Nikolas enters to see his son with Ryan. He approaches and asks Spencer if he’s ready. Spencer is, and they move away from Ryan. Nikolas asks what is going on, and Spencer explains Ryan was just trying to get in his head. Nikolas tells him his grandmother is waiting at home. Spencer asks, What about Ava?”

Nik tells Spencer about Avery’s playground mishap and how Ava’s at the hospital with her. As Ryan looks on, he urges Spencer not to argue about Ava and reminds him he needs all the allies he can get. As Ryan watches, Nik orders Spencer to make the most of his fresh start. Nik leaves to get his release processed, as Ryan glares at Spencer. Later, Harmony reads a note from Ryan, “Don’t worry, one day I’ll relieve you of your service, the only way I know how.”

Back at Laura’s, Esme whines to Laura that Spencer’s friends convinced him she’s toxic so she’s leaving. “Even if it means giving up Spencer?” Laura asks then tries to reassure her. In her position, Laura would want to know if it was really over before walking away. Esme wonders why it makes such a difference. “It means more than you know,” Laura replies. Esme realizes that Laura wants her to watch out for Spencer, in regard to Victor, in exchange for Laura overlooking her not-so-stellar behavior? Esme just isn’t sure how she’s supposed to overlook what Spencer does. Just then, Nik and Spencer walk in.

On the next General Hospital: Nikolas arranges a family dinner and Harmony has more questions for Alexis.

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