Sonny questions Wu GH
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In Britt’s office, Brad is giving her a quiz off a computer for her matchmaking service. Later, Brad asks Britt if she’s had any luck getting him a job at GH. Britt hands him a printout of options, none of which are lab jobs. She explains Terry won’t agree to have him in the lab, and he is a liability from a legal standpoint. Brad scoffs at the idea of working for the food services, though Britt notes that shouldn’t be on the list because he’s not qualified for it.

Chase stops by Finn’s office. The doctor thought he’d be seeing less of him with BLQ back. Chase has been assigned to organize the community softball team and forces his brother to sign up and recruit others with Liz’s help. Finn explains the latest developments with Jake and Liz’s parents. Chase asks if the pause in their relationship is over, but Finn says not yet. However, he won’t give up on Liz without a fight.

Finn isn't giving up GH

Finn switches the conversation to Chase and Brook Lynn. Chase claims they are just friends and will see one another from time to time. Finn asks if he’s fine just being buddies. Chase is and feels it’s time he gets back to living his own life.

Chase needs to live his life GH

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At the PCPD, Liz stops by and asks Dante if there has been any progress with what’s going on at her house. Dante has no news. Liz fills him in off-screen about Jake’s story, and Dante says he will have the computer logs at the library checked out. Liz feels they are back to square one, but she has changed the locks and is having a security system put in.

Liz worried about haunting GH

Liz inquires about the video going around with Cam in it. Dante is aware and tells her that Michael was just arrested for assaulting a tabloid reporter over it. Liz asks if they’re looking into who is responsible. Dante reveals both the PCPD and PCU security are investigating. Dante also plans to talk to Sonny and tell him to stay out of this. Liz says, “Good luck, nobody tells Sonny what to do.”

Dante and Liz discuss case GH

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At the Metro Court, Curtis and Portia sign the papers for the house with Lucy. The couple kisses as Marshall enters with Epiphany. They note Portia and Curtis are having fun with Lucy and wonder what they are celebrating. At their table, Lucy tells them that she must get these papers filed and back to Deception.

Marshall and Epiphany grab a table, and she reveals she took his advice and is going to take the MCATs. Marshall orders them drinks to celebrate and is positive she’ll get into school.

At their table, Portia reveals to Curtis that she’s giving Trina the space she needs as he suggested, but she misses the days when she confided in her about everything. Curtis looks over at his father, and Portia asks how things are going. Curtis is optimistic and thinks Marshall and Epiphany seem cozy. She thinks Marshall may be good for Epiphany, but Curtis wonders if his dad is good for her.

Curtis has big plans GH

Curtis heads over to see his father and relays his news about the house. Marshall is happy for him, and they share a hug. Epiphany decides to go check on Portia and give them time alone. Curtis brings up Epiphany, and Marshall admits he doesn’t know what in the hell he’s doing. Curtis encourages his father to just be real with her, and let her see who he is.

At the other table, Epiphany and Portia talk about Marshall, and Epiphany says neither one is looking for anything serious. Epiphany reveals her medical school news, and Portia is thrilled and offers to mentor her.

Later, Curtis returns to his table with Portia and fills her in on how great of a talk he just had with Marshall. Suddenly Curtis gets a call from Drew, who found inconsistencies in Marshall’s past.

In the Deception office, Maxie reconnects with Brook Lynn and asks how she’s doing. BLQ claims she’s good, but Maxie can tell she’s hurting. Brook Lynn feels she has no place to complain given what Maxie’s gone through. Maxie says she and Chase are a part of why her daughter is safe and asks if she’s seen Chase lately. BLQ says briefly, when he dropped off some things that she left at the beach house.

Maxie questions BLQ's hurry GH

Maxie knows Chase has been pretty lost lately and thinks Bailey isn’t the only one he’s missing. Brook Lynn says Chase made it clear they are only friends. Maxie notices her songbook in her hand, and Brook Lynn explains Chase thinks other people will want to sing her songs even if she can’t. Maxie comments, “That’s very friendly.”

BLQ rushes over GH

Lucy arrives with big news and reveals Sasha and Brando got married. Lucy wants to throw them a party when they get back, but Maxie feels they need to focus on the party for their IPO launch. As they work on it, Maxie pushes Brook Lynn to use one of her original songs for the launch. Brook Lynn agrees and notes she’s come to terms with not being able to sing. However, being a songwriter still connects her to music.

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Ms. Wu stops by Sonny’s place to see him on business. She says with the five families down to their two families and their territories consolidated, business is bound to overlap. Wu needs the use of the Port Charles harbor and promises him a cut of the profits. Sonny will consider if she’ll play by his rules, the usual no drugs stipulation and no kids hurt and he needs to be given shipping updates. Wu agrees. She comments she heard about his son’s troubles. Sonny cuts her off and says he’ll take care of his family and she should worry about hers. Wu promises she keeps a close eye on her family.

Wu meets with Sonny GH

As Wu heads out, Dante arrives to see his father. Dante fills him in on Michael’s arraignment, and Sonny asks what happened to land him in jail. Dante fills him in on the Joss and Cam sex scandal and the reporter. Sonny tells Dante to end this, or he will. Dante wants him to stay out of this, and Sonny says Michael said the same. He hasn’t seen Michael this angry at him since he took custody of Avery. Sonny explains Michael thinks he’s choosing Nina over his family. Dante asks, “Are you?” Sonny just feels if Michael and Nina could get along it would be easier for Wiley and everyone.

Dante tells Sonny that Michael loves him, but it will take time for him to forgive him. Sonny realizes he picked the wrong time to stop drinking and opens up to Dante about Nina helping him see he was going down the wrong path. Dante asks if his father sees a future for him and Nina? Sonny tries to avoid the question, but Dante says the way things stand, he may not be able to have both Nina and Michael in his life. Meaning what, exactly? We think we know the answer.

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Liz stops by the hospital to see Finn and update him on her talk with Dante. She also appreciates all his help with the boys. Finn tells her that he is going to be there for her, and she is not alone anymore. As he rambles, Liz tells him to shut up and kiss her, which he does. They agree from here forward, they face everything together.

Finn kisses Liz GH

In her office, Britt helps Brad find a job on the list that he’s qualified for at the hospital, one he doesn’t feel is beneath him. They hug, and Brad says, “What would I do without you!” Ms. Wu enters and responds, “Interesting question.” Brad asks why she’s there. Wu has decided to get to know Dr. Westbourne better since she is so important to Bradley and offers to take her to lunch. Britt explains she’s busy right now. Brad reveals Britt just offered him a job. Wu notes that is kind, but Bradley will be working for her. She reminds Brad that she made it clear when he got out that she’d set him up with a rent-free apartment and a job. He will work for her… end of discussion. Wu tells Britt she’ll contact her to set up a lunch appointment and departs. Britt hopes she doesn’t have to be worried.

Chase stops by the Deception office, and Maxie cheers, “Look who it is!”

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