Jordan arrests Michael at General Hospital
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Shawn stops by The Invader office and tells Alexis they need to discuss Harmony. He tells her about her friend meeting a forger. She already knows and advised her not to do it, but she did it for her daughter. Shawn wonders if Harmony was really thinking about Willow or herself. Alexis claims this conversation is not really about her friend, it’s about them.

Shawn and Alexis talk playing dirty at The Invader General Hospital

He points out that she has been avoiding him since he asked if he had a reason to stay in Port Charles. She tells him how much he means to her. He helped her through Pentonville and she is employed because of him. Putting her arms around his, she tells him she is still mourning Neil, their timing is bad, and the last time they were together, it didn’t work. They both deserve better and wish each other well. She gives him a hug and he takes off.

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Nina and Harmony talk Wiley at Charlie's General Hospital

Nina runs into Phyllis at Charlie’s. The pub manager has to take off to see one of Lenny’s friends. Harmony strolls in to meet Nina, who tells her they have someone in common: Wiley. “Who else would I mean?” Nina asks. Harmony doesn’t want to get involved in other people’s problems. The publisher says they want the same thing: to see their grandchild. They could work together to push his parents to give the child what he needs, and that’s them. Even if Harmony wanted to fight, she couldn’t afford a lawyer. Nina doesn’t want to go to court. She has Michael’s father in her corner and Harmony has Willow in hers. That could work for them. After they discuss daughters, Nina tells her how hard it was to lose hers after barely knowing her. She wonders if Harmony will help her hold on to the last connection she has to her daughter. As Harmony is about to agree to help, Phyllis returns and recognizes her. “Lorraine Miller?” she asks.

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Jordan and TJ discuss the investigation at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Smoltz the journalist quizzes Jordan about the investigation into Joss and Cam’s sex tape. He asks if this was a prank or something more criminal. TJ joins them as Smoltz and Jordan bicker. The journalist takes off.

Michael Willow talk trip to Paris at General Hospital

Down the hall, Michael finds Willow looking exhausted and they chat about Paris. She’s already cleared the trip with her supervisor. He wants to leave as soon as possible. Monica offered to look after Wiley. She reminds him that Monica is now planning Jason’s memorial. Harmony would jump at the chance. They rehash why they are keeping Nina out of Wiley’s life. She wonders if her mom has redeemed herself enough to be considered. He has a hard time leaving what her mom did in the past. Smoltz spots them and listens in before interrupting to ask Michael if he has any comment on his family’s latest scandal.

Michael is annoyed at General Hospital

Michael says his family is used to scandal. “Even when it has to do with your sister?” Smoltz asks. Michael is baffled so the journalist tells him about the sex tape going viral. He wonders if the couple released the video themselves. When he comments that Joss is “quite the athlete,” Michael punches him to the floor as Jordan and TJ watch. Willow tries dragging Michael to the elevator, but the commissioner stops them and arrests him for assault. As he is taken away in cuffs, he vows whoever did this to his sister will pay. Willow goes into an office and collapses.

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Spencer listens to Esme at Spring Ridge General Hospital

At Spring Ridge, Esme asks Spencer if Trina is finally out of his life. She doesn’t want to see him hurt but this could be what’s best for him. Judging by his attitude, she guesses that he thinks she was behind the video. He bluntly accuses her. She insists it’s a baseless accusation and Cam has always had it out for her. He reminds her that she torched Ava’s car and asks if she did this too. When she claims his friends have turned him against her, he says she did it herself. Sitting him down, she reminds him of his history and how his friends abandoned him while she saw the real him and his potential. Maybe she was fooling himself about who he could be… When she gets up to walk away, he tells her how much she means to him.

Esme confronts Spencer at Spring Ridge General Hospital

He just wants to know who to believe. “Me,” she says. That’s what love is supposed to mean. Spencer insists that he has always put her ahead of everyone. Esme suggests that he make a clean break with Trina. But when she reads the inscription he wrote in the book he gave the other woman about their “shared passion,” she asks if he would have kissed her if she hadn’t interrupted them. He insists it was just about their passion for art history. She tells him if he wants someone boring and basic, he can have Trina. When he demands an answer about her guilt, she tells him he can’t always get what he wants.

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Carly and Drew talk on the bridge General Hospital

On the footbridge, Carly apologizes to Drew for ruining his plan again. He’s amazed that she didn’t stand back but threw herself straight into the action. She tells him that if he ever gets into trouble, he only has to call her and she will call Diane. Drew is still surprised she didn’t think of her kids or anything before rushing over. She doesn’t believe he would hurt her even if the tarot card worked. He explains he wouldn’t have any choice. Only she, Britt, and Jason know the details of his conditioning. She jokes that she should invest in a tarot card deck for next time Nina drives her crazy. He doesn’t think she would take away his free will for a second to mess with Nina. Carly recalls Jason and the choices he made.

This leads to her explaining that she ended things with Sonny because he made her feel small. She was swallowing so much resentment she was choking. Now she misses Avery, but she didn’t have a choice she could live with. All of this in inspiring him to recognize he is free to start his life over. She tells him Monica is having Jason declared dead. They chuckle about how much Jason would hate having a memorial. If they are forced to go, she wants him to be there to stop her from freaking out. He tells her to take a breath. Drew realizes that he only spent four days with his brother. Now he has to grieve everything they’ll never have. Carly tells him she will always have Jason in her heart and she has to let other people have their own versions of him. He was such a gift. She tells him about settling back into the house and he offers to give it a security assessment. “I’ll se you soon,” she says, smiling. “Count on it,” he replies.

Dante and Sam discuss Spinelli at Perks General Hospital

Sam and Dante go to Perks and wonder what to do next with their investigation. She suggests they ask Spinelli to use his hacking skills to find out what Operation Demeter is. Sam says it would be a mistake not to use him just because he can’t take it. The cop agrees with her and admits he was wrong. Sam says the plan going sideways was not his fault, it was Carly’s. He’s actually doing a great job. They kiss.

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