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At the hospital, Portia runs into Jordan. Jordan reveals she’s there for a check-up but is feeling good. Portia hates to impose and asks Jordan if she considers Spencer Cassadine dangerous. Jordan doesn’t have an opinion about him, but he is a felon. Portia asks about his girlfriend and why she wasn’t charged along with him. Jordan can’t discuss that, but wonders why all the questions, and assumes it’s about Trina. Curtis arrives and asks what has happened with Trina. Portia explains she was asking about Spencer and that Trina is dealing with some friend drama. Jordan gets a text that her appointment has been delayed, so she’s going to get a bite to eat. She asks Portia to reach out if she needs her help.

Britt finds Carly wandering the hall flustered. She assumes it is about Jason. Carly is confused, and Britt explains Monica is having Jason legally declared dead. She feels it will help his children find closure, and Monica may need a statement from her for the court because she on the island with Jason. Carly can’t believe it’s finally official that Jason is gone. Jordan approaches and tells Carly how sorry she is about Jason. Carly thanks her and departs.

Carly didn't know GH

Britt says hello to Jordan and heard that she heard she got a clean bill of health. Jordan did, but the scare reminded her nobody is guaranteed anything in life. Britt looks at her hand and says she knows it.

Portia and Curtis go to her office, and she tells him she told Trina about their plan to buy the house. She seems happy, but her mind is on her friends’ troubles. Curtis can see something else is bothering her. Portia is worried about Trina’s attachment to Spencer. Curtis tells her about his own childhood, and that Aunt Stella hated the kids he hung out with. She made it known she disapproved, but also let him come to the realization she was right about them. He eventually found a new class of friends. Portia hears him, but still worries Trina is in trouble.

Curtis and Portia talk Trina GH

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Drew and Victor meet on the footbridge, and Victor asks if he’s alone. Drew wonders what his concern is if all they are going to talk about is ELQ. He also knows Victor brought his bodyguard. Victor tells Yohan that he can come out of hiding and explains Yohan is his insurance as many people wish him harm. Drew notes Yohan may be there to protect him, but if this goes sideways, who will protect Yohan.

Victor tries to use the card GHMore: Why Peter August’s death was such a letdown

In a nearby van, Sam and Dante try to listen in on Drew’s conversation, but something seems to be interfering with the signal. Dante worries this means Drew’s on his own with Victor. Sam soon deduces the rain and wet leaves are interfering with the signal. They get the signal back and are in contact with Drew, who can hear Sam.

Dante and Sam undercover GH

Back on the bridge, Victor assures Drew that this is just a friendly and informative meeting. Victor feels the Quartermaines are hatching more schemes to get back ELQ from his son Valentin. Drew says even if he knew what they were up to, he wouldn’t tell him. Victor produces the tarot card, the three of cups, and tells Drew that he’s active. Drew responds, “Reporting for duty!” Victor needs to be sure and orders him to throw Yohan off the bridge.

Victor Drew Meeting GH

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In the van, Dante thinks they need to abort the mission. Sam says they need to see how this plays out. Sam trusts Drew and asks Dante to trust her.

On the bridge, Drew grabs Yohan as Victor watches. Eventually, Victor orders Drew to stand down before Yohan goes over. Victor then asks Drew to tell him about Project Demeter from his navy days. Suddenly Carly appears and is filming everything on her phone. She yells, “Stop right there, Drew isn’t going to tell you a thing.” Victor orders Yohan to take Carly’s phone, but Drew says that’s not going to happen. Victor realizes Drew was never activated, and he and Yohan depart. Dante and Sam show up, and Carly asks what is going on. Drew explains they were trying to find out what Victor was up to. Carly apologizes for blowing it, but Drew doesn’t blame her as she was only worried about him. Drew says they have a hint to go on, Operation Demeter.

At Spring Ridge, Spencer is surprised when Trina visits. He heard about the sex tape, which Trina explains is why she’s there. Trina tells him as long as Esme, who accused her of making the tape, is in his life then she can’t be. She brought his gift, the book, to return. Spencer wants to discuss this, but it’s not a good time. He explains Esme is here as an intern. Trina thinks it’s very clear that he will always make Esme a priority. Esme listens from the other room and Trina tells Spencer that Esme should be locked up in there with him, but he excuses everything she does, including making that sex tape. She hands the book to him and says she doesn’t want it anymore. In the other room, Esme smiles.

Spencer gets an ultimatum GH

Spencer refuses to take the book back, and Esme gets upset and looks at the sex tape on the burner phone. Spencer tries to tell Trina that she’s his friend and would do anything for her. Trina points out all he does is ask her to lie and cover for him. Trina says if he wants to prove he cares about her then dump Esme. He says, “For you?” Trina tells him to do it for himself. She blames Esme for posting the video, but he doesn’t believe she would do that. As they bicker, Esme sneaks out and plants the phone in Trina’s bag. Trina meanwhile tries to walk away from Spencer, but he stops her. He asks if she at least liked the book. She did and says it was very insightful on artists, people, and imperfections.

Trina tells Spence dump Esme

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In the other room, Esme calls the PCPD anonymous tip line and reports she knows who uploaded the PCU sex video. Meanwhile, Trina tells Spencer she’s had enough, and she can take him not standing up to Esme and her accusations against her. She thinks it’s not too late to still dump Esme. Spencer can’t because she’s all he has. Trina advises she’s going to be all he has period. Esme emerges and can’t believe Trina would show her face after what she did to her supposed friends. Trina refuses to stand there and listen to Esme. She grabs her bag and leaves. Esme notes the book Spencer is holding and asks if that was his gift to Trina. Spencer says Trina wants nothing from him. She asks if this means Trina is out of his life?

Back at the hospital, a tabloid reporter finds Jordan and asks if she has a comment on the developing revenge porn story. Jordan refuses to comment.

Britt meanwhile contacts a facility about a questionnaire they sent her. She misplaced it and asks if they can send it again because she’s ready to fill it out and move forward.

Nina stops by Sonny’s penthouse to see if he spoke to Michael. Sonny did, and Michael and Willow don’t want her to see Wiley. She thanks him for at least trying, and she’ll call Martin to start the paperwork. Sonny brushes everything off his desk and yells, “I told you I’d fix it and I will!” Frightened, Nina decides to leave, saying he’s drunk and angry. She can’t and won’t put herself at risk. He says, “Nina, you know me!” She screams, “No, I knew Mike!” Sonny knows she’s right and says Mike would never scare her like that. Nina apologizes and says she shouldn’t have said that. Sonny misses Mike too because he didn’t have a complicated history and a best friend who is dead. Mike didn’t have a wife who left him and a son who blames him for breaking up the family. Sonny cries that Mike also didn’t have a stepfather who would get drunk and beat his mother. He never wanted to be anything like Deke, but can see his reflection in her eyes.

Nina knew Mike GH

Nina forgives him for lashing out but notes it’s not the first time he’s done it. Sonny says ever since he’s returned everyone he loves is slipping through his fingers. He knows the booze isn’t helping. Nina is glad he recognizes that. Sonny says he used to be able to drink in moderation, but now he’s drinking a lot. He knows he can’t keep using liquor as an excuse and a crutch. He promises Nina that he won’t drink like this anymore, but she believes it’s easier said than done. Nina challenges him to dump the booze into the sink. He dumps the decanter out. He says he still will drink socially, but he won’t keep liquor in his house. Nina suggests he fill his decanters with candy for Wiley and Donna.  He thanks her and wants to let her know he will make sure she gets to see their grandson.

Sonny scares Nina GH

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