Finn and Liz demand trust at General Hospital
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In his office at General Hospital, Finn assures Jake that no matter what he’s done, his mother will want to help. Liz joins them, eager to learn what is going on. Jake explains that he has an alibi for the time he was supposed to be at the studio. He was using the computers at school because he was doing something that he didn’t think his mom would want him doing. He was talking to grandma Carolyn and grandpa Jeff. They got in touch after they found out his father died.

Liz asks what her parents want. Her son explains they just wanted to get to know him. Finn tries to keep everyone calm. Jake doesn’t understand what the problem is. He talks to his grandparents about art. “Do you hate them so much you want me to hate them too?” he asks. She claims she doesn’t want him to hate anyone and orders him to go apologize to his therapist for walking out of his appointment. Once the teen walks out, Liz tells Finn that her parents going straight to Jake like that is unacceptable. He points out this means Jake hasn’t been behind all the strange things that have been happening. Now they have no clue.

Portia has news for Trina at General Hospital

Trina joins Portia in her office. Excitedly, the doctor announces that she and Curtis are buying a house. Trina tells her that’s great but her mom senses something is wrong. Sitting down, she tells her mom about the sex tape. Portia can’t imagine what Joss and Cam are feeling. Trina hasn’t heard from either of her friends and now feels like she’s waited too long to contact them. On top of everything, Esme accused her of recording the sex tape. This infuriates Portia. They both want to slap Esme. The doctor lists the many misdeeds of Esme and Spencer. If he can’t see who his girlfriend is now, he never will. Trina says that Esme brings out the worst in him and he could still be a good guy. Her mom tells her to walk away. The further away she gets from them, the better off she’ll be. Portia can’t see why she would want such toxic people in her life.

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By the vending machines, Drew gets a call from Victor. He hopes he’s not stupid enough to threaten his family. The Cassadine says they are too intelligent for threats. He just wants to talk about his voting shares in ELQ and thinks they need to do that face to face. When he suggests the pier, Drew says the footbridge is the only place he will meet. Once he gets off the line, Drew calls someone and tells them that Victor took the bait and he will meet him in an hour.

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Down the hall, Carly corners Cam. Joss told her what happened and it’s beyond horrible. She doesn’t blame him; she’s angry for him. He asks how her daughter is and admits he feels like she’s avoiding him. Carly says they should talk since they really need each other right now.

Carly tells Drew there will be proof General Hospital

After Cam leaves, Drew wanders by. Carly sits him down and tells him about the sex tape. Spinelli has been taking down posts of it but the damage is done. She knows who did it. There might not be proof, but there will be. He tells her that Joss is lucky to have her in her corner. Talking to him always makes Carly feel better. Jason is gone and her marriage is over. Drew tells her he will always be there if she needs him. He gets a text and admits he’s involved in something on a need-to-know basis. She guesses this involves Victor and warns him not to do anything that will take him away from his daughter. He promises he will be careful and walks away. “That’s what Jason used to say,” says Carly.

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Spencer and Esme talk guilt at Spring Ridge General Hospital

At Spring Ridge, Spencer ponders who was behind the sex tape. Esme arrives, locking eyes with Ryan as she makes her way to Spencer’s table. He tells her that Cam was there and is very upset about the video. She thinks Trina should be ashamed. He and Cam don’t think Trina is behind it. Spencer accuses her. “I thought you knew me better than that,” she says, insisting that Trina had motive and opportunity. He backs off. She turns the subject to his father and Ava’s vow renewal. They are waiting until he’s released so he can attend. Ryan listens. Spencer is distracted and asks her again if she thinks Trina made the video. This annoys her.

Esme and Spencer discuss blame at Spring Ridge General Hospital

She tells him about her awful day. Carly attacked her and Nikolas had to intervene. She could see the father Spencer described from his childhood and shows him the bruise on her arm. “Carly did that?” he asks. She tells him how scary Carly is and how Joss sicced her mom on her. Holding her hand, he tells her he’s sorry and reminds her he will be out of there soon. That’s all she wants. He tells her about sneaking out to visit his mom’s grave. He almost got caught but Trina covered for him. Esme sighs. She realizes that Trina lied to the police commissioner to cover for him. Getting ready to leave, she asks him not to get himself into any more trouble.

After she goes, he remembers his conversation with Cam about the video. Trina suddenly shows up.

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Joss and Cam together at Kelly's General Hospital

Joss is uncomfortable as she sits in Charlie’s. Adam joins her. He couldn’t believe she asked him to study with her since they’ve never hung out. She suggests they start quizzing each other for the mid-term. “I’ve been thinking about chemistry lately… ever since I saw you naked,” he says. He didn’t think she was the type to post something like that. She’s not, gets livid, and orders him out. He thinks she’s awfully touchy for a girl with a sex tape. After he walks out, Cam walks in and Joss throws her arms around him.

Cam doubts he and Joss should be seen at Kelly's General Hospital

Sitting down and holding hands, she assures him she’s not mad. She needed some alone time but is glad he’s there. After she mentions what happened with Adam, she has to stop him from going off to start a fight. She thinks everyone feels entitled to her now. Messages keep coming asking her to hook up. She doesn’t know how to go back to class knowing what people think of her. Cam promises to be by her side. He tells her that one of Jake’s friends sent him the video. Someone else walks by and glares at them. She wonders if they are more recognizable together. He suggests maybe they shouldn’t hang out in public. Joss doesn’t care if people recognize her. Holding hands, they say they will get through this together.

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Eileen meets Victor on the footbridge and tells him that Laura and her friends are investigating Luke’s death. They seem to think he’s behind it, but he hasn’t been mentioned by name. He didn’t know Laura was so deep in this and adds that he’s having Anna and Felicia taken care of.

Anna is surprised in Austria General Hospital

In Austria, Victor’s goon Kurt surprises Anna in the records office and shoots. Anna ducks. Felicia returns and throws coffee in his face. She and Anna level their guns at him. After she calls her colleagues at the WSB, they interrogate him. Anna accuses Kurt of trying to shoot her and he claims he thought she was a burglar. She asks him about the delay of the cable car and asks if someone requested that because he sabotaged it. Soon, Anna’s team finds a burner phone and more evidence that Kurt sabotaged the cable car. As she questions him, he tells her that what happened with the explosion was only collateral damage. Declaring he’s the soldier for a noble cause, he bites a suicide pill and dies. Anna didn’t know cyanide capsules were still around. Opening up Kurt’s burner phone, she calls the only number it has. Eileen picks up. Standing beside her, Victor ends the call when he hears Anna’s voice. Anna realizes that Victor must be involved with a lot more than a personal vendetta against Luke.

Back on the footbridge, Victor realizes that Kurt has failed. But he has a Plan B to deal with Felicia and Anna. Once he’s alone, Drew shows up. Victor holds the tarot card in his pocket.

On the next General Hospital: Trina makes a decision that could affect her future.

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