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Victor meets up with his goon outside The Grill and shows him the tarot card that was found in Peter’s belongings. Victor realizes that if this doesn’t work to activate Drew this time, he’ll have to be eliminated.

Victor and henchman have the card GH

Inside, over talk of visitation with Wiley, Ava’s stunned to hear that Nina won’t be using Martin’s services. Nina relays that Sonny is going to talk to Michael and Willow but Ava worries he’s giving Nina false hope. She thinks Sonny’s trying to impress Nina and asks, “You do want Sonny, don’t you?” Nina confides that sometimes she doesn’t recognize Sonny, due to his reckless actions, and wonders if she’s making the same mistake as always by going for the wrong man. Victor appears and kisses Ava’s hand. After she introduces Nina, Victor recalls her relationship with Valentin. Nina makes a snide remark about the Cassadines having some of the same traits. After Victor gets a call and leaves, Nina accuses Ava of putting on an act with Victor and wonders what she’s up to.

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Monica (temporarily recast with Holly Kaplan) finds Finn at General Hospital and learns he and Liz are taking a timeout. She’s sorry to hear that and offers to be there for anything they need. She has a soft spot for Liz. Finn’s shocked to hear Monica was married to Liz’s dad — and how neither of them was faithful. It breaks her heart that he doesn’t have a relationship with Liz or her sons. Suddenly, Jake comes off the elevator. They are both worried about him and Monica agrees to let Finn try to get through to him. Finn wonders if Liz knows where Jake is. “No,” Jake says. “And you can’t make me go back there.” They go into an exam room and Jake admits he left his session with the therapist. Finn warns that Dr. Massey will report him as missing and says he needs to give him a good reason not to. Jake is sick of being accused of starting the fire at Franco’s studio. Due to his past actions, Jake thinks everyone believes he’s behind all of the things going on. Finn knows how much he’s going through, but Jake wonders why he would hurt his mom. She’s suffering too. Finn wonders if the fact that Liz is moving on from Franco could be a reason. Jake can’t believe Finn thinks he did those things just because he’s dating his mom. Finn believes him but wonders if there was a reason why Jake didn’t tell everyone what he was really doing that day. Jake doesn’t think his mom will ever forgive him and rushes out.

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Elsewhere, Drew helps Liz at the vending machines. He can see she’s flustered and offers an ear. Liz fills him in on all the strange happenings and how everything is pointing to Jake. Drew tries to reassure her and knows if Jake is struggling, Liz can help him once again. Monica appears and relays that Jake skipped out on his doctor’s appointment, and that he’s with Finn now, but demands to know what’s going on with her grandson. Liz fills her in but insists she’ll be okay. After Monica leaves, Drew vows to be there for Liz — that’s what family is for. After Liz leaves, Drew gets a call from Victor and says to himself, “It’s showtime.”

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At home, Willow shows Michael her new passport. He’s excited for Paris and kisses her passionately. Sonny appears and wants to talk about Nina. Willow and Michael voice their distrust for Nina but Sonny reminds them she has rights. Michael thinks she only has a right to go before a judge. Sonny offers to get Nina to back off about going to court — then they’ll all get what they want. He reminds that if Michael and Willow allow her to see Wiley, they can dictate the terms. However, they don’t trust Nina and wonder how Sonny can. Michael goes over all of the things Nina has done to Sonny, who relents and thinks it was a mistake coming there. Michael agrees it was because once again, Sonny is choosing Nina over his family. Sonny rants at all that he’s dealt with since returning home — Carly was with Jason, etc. He wanted to tell them everything on his terms but that didn’t happen. Sonny has his best interests at heart — he’s his father and says, “Don’t you ever forget that.” Willow and Michael still don’t want Nina near Wiley. Monica appears… there’s something they all need to know. Monica talks about how Jason’s death has affected his kids then says she’s going to have Jason legally declared dead.

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Laura runs into her deputy mayor, Eileen, outside Charlie’s. After she agrees to see her back at City Hall, Eileen thinks back to a private meeting with Victor. Inside, Laura joins Robert, Sam and Dante and learns Victor took the bait. He has the card and they think he’s going to reach out to Drew. Dante assures Laura that he can’t activate Drew with the card he has and they are monitoring him. Laura still wonders what Luke being killed, the Ice Princess Diamond and Drew’s past have in common. Suddenly, her deputy mayor appears and wonders if there’s something going on that she needs to know about. Laura claims it’s a social meeting but Eileen calls her out on discussing matters in public and warns she needs to report these meetings. “I can’t do that,” Laura says. “Why not?” the deputy mayor asks. With no other choice, Laura tells Robert she knows what she’s doing and admits to Eileen that she has reason to believe Luke’s been murdered. Eileen appears shocked and promises to keep quiet about this and to give Laura the space she needs. After Eileen leaves, Laura calmly asks the group, “Where were we?”

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In Austria, Anna and Felicia prepare to head into the transportation bureau office so they can find proof that Luke wasn’t killed in an accident — rather he was murdered. Later, after there’s a shift change Anna enters the bureau, with Felicia sobbing, and tells the clerk they need some information. Anna claims to be an attorney and Felicia is the wife of a man who was on the cable car that crashed. Could they have a look at the evidence to see if he was a passenger? At first the clerk denies her but Anna talks in German to the man and says Felicia’s husband was suspected to have a mistress — she wonders if she was with Felicia’s husband that day. Felicia cries hysterically and Anna begs the man to help her give Felicia closure. When he offers to allow them to see the hard copies, Felicia quickly stops crying and expresses her deep appreciation.

The clerk gives them some time alone then runs into the previous clerk, who left his phone behind. When he tells them about the ladies inside, the other man demands he describe them. Later, the man calls Victor and reports the women. Victor guesses it’s Anna and Felicia and orders the man to handle them — by any means necessary.

Anna and Felicia discover something in Austria GH

Back inside, Anna looks at a file and tells Felicia that the cable car was delayed from the time it was supposed to leave — she wonders why the 12-minute delay isn’t noted in the file… unless Luke was late, which he was notorious for, then they would have waited for him. Anna starts to take photos of the files and Felicia knows it’ll take a while so heads out to distract the clerk. When Felicia leaves, Victor’s contact appears outside the office door. Slowly, he enters the office, sees Anna with her back to him and pulls out his gun.

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