Brad asks Britt for job at Grill General Hospital
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Chase stops by the Quartermaine estate with a box to see BLQ and teases her about leaving him to move everything himself. She’s sorry for skipping out on him but claims it wasn’t about him. The detective reminds her it happened right after he kissed her. She insists that nothing that happened between them was real. They were just playing house and it got confusing. She’s sorry she left him alone to work through his feelings at losing Bailey. He misses her. BLQ insists there was no reason to stick around, was there? “I guess we’ll never know,” he says.

Chase confronts BLQ at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

Chase reminds her that she returned at the same time last year with a fake baby bump. She tells him Port Charles is where she belongs. “I’m glad,” he says. “I’m glad you’re glad,” she says. He opens a box of stuff left at the house and explains that Violet found a notebook. She swipes it from his hands, declaring it’s private. It’s her song book, the closest thing she has to a diary. He apologizes if he invaded her privacy and tells her that her lyrics are very good. Chase even sang one of them. A singing career may be over for her, but a songwriting career is still possible. Sitting down, he sings one of her songs to her. “Wow,” she says. He tells her how talented she is and then hands out some more compliments. If she ever needs reminding of how great she is, she knows where to find him. She’s missed him. They will both miss the beach house. She won’t miss the sand. He tells her to write a song about that and he’ll be happy to sing it to her.

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Joss and Carly figth with Esme at Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Esme smugly tells Joss how brave she is to be out in public. When Carly pops up, she wants to speak to Esme, who tries to make an excuse to leave. Esme claims that she’s sorry for what happened in the cabin. She had no idea that it would affect Trina enough to do something like this. Carly doesn’t buy that Trina is behind the sex tape. She recalls that she used to be a hurt person who hurt people so she knows the signs. “You did this and you need to own it,” Carly warns, threatening to get proof and make her pay. Esme understands they are going through a difficult time, and she can understand Carly lashing out given that her marriage just fell apart. But she’s sure that her bed won’t be empty for long. “Like mother, like daughter,” she snipes. Carly grabs her arm and starts twisting. Esme cries out in pain until Nikolas rushes over and orders her to let Esme go. The prince threatens to call the police for assault and leads her away.

Joss and Carly talk Esme at Metro Court General Hospital

Carly tells Joss that Esme can’t hide behind Nikolas. Her daughter says she can’t hide behind her either and she needs to fight her own battles. Carly apologizes for forgetting that she’s an adult. Joss is beyond embarrassment at this point but worries about what could come of this. She’s lost her appetite and wants to go. Her mom tells her that the video was meant to torture her. She needs to feel her feelings and work them out. Eventually, she’ll feel better. Carly encourages her to rally around Cam and Trina. Soon, no one will remember this and hiding won’t make that happen any faster. When she checks her phone, there are loads of messages. Her mom says that what’s happened is criminal and the viper responsible will have to pay. As soon as Joss goes to the bathroom, Carly calls Diane.

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Esme complains to Nikolas at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Esme shows Nikolas the bruise on her arm and tells him she is the resident scapegoat of Port Charles. Whenever she apologizes, everyone thinks she’s insecure and accuses her of being behind all of their problems. He asks if it’s true. She insists she is innocent. Although she has made mistakes in the past for Spence’s sake, she has tried to move on and prove herself. Nikolas can understand what that’s like. “It’s so hard being on my own,” she complains. He says that his family could be more supportive of her. If she ever needs to talk, he will listen. Esme wants to give him something he wants more than anything in the world: restoring his relationship with his son. Looking into his eyes and taking his hand, she thanks him for all his help. “Call me Nikolas,” he says with a smile.

Cam and Spencer argue at Spring Ridge General Hospital

Cameron drops by Spring Ridge with a late gift for Spencer, a now crumbling cupcake baked by his brother. Spencer tells him to take his peace offering and go to hell, accusing him of filming sex with Joss and being too incompetent to keep the evidence safe. Cam thinks that’s insane. “You can’t drag me down with you,” he says, accusing him of enjoying watching other people’s screw-ups. Cam thinks he’s insisting that he’s behind this to avoid considering the two people who could be behind it: the girl he’s crushing on or his girlfriend. Spencer says these insinuations are low. Cam thinks that him playing the girls against each other caused all of this. He’s sure that he wants it to be him, otherwise it’s Esme. He swears that he did not do this. The video is humiliating and could cost him Joss. Spencer is sure that Joss can weather this but Cam worries about the things people are calling his girlfriend. The Cassadine apologizes for accusing him and assures him he knows Trina isn’t behind this. He’s also adamant that it wasn’t Esme. Cam asks if he’s ever suspected her. He urges him not to lose the people he cares about by trying to save what he has with Esme.

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Selina makes Curtis an offer at The Savoy General Hospital

Curtis is surprised when Selina strolls into The Savoy. She’s hoping they can help each other. He claims he’s busy. She knows his workers won’t arrive for fifteen minutes. She’s heard that his club is not very friendly to certain business people. Miss Wu has a business offer for him. It is legal and profitable. Curtis doesn’t need money. She says this can pay off in ways greater than monetary gain and wants the club twice a month for special events: high stakes gambling. He reminds her there are other clubs. She wants a location with a respectable owner who has ties in the police office. That means the players will respect the place and assures him they are all legitimate business people. She’s designated a family member to look after it and he’s as far from a mob boss as you can imagine. As host, he would oversee her nephew. Curtis repeats that his plate is full. “Let me stop you before you make a mistake you may live to regret,” she warns. He assumes that’s a threat. She tells him the proverb of the money tree and urges him to open his mind to the possibilities and to consider what he can grow. Selina is sure that if he mulls this over, he will realize what a good friend she can be.

After she leaves, a flower is delivered. It has a card from Selina to celebrate their growing friendship and a poker chip.

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At The Grill, Britt asks Brad how much trouble they can get into there. He wonders if that’s a challenge. She tells him about all the damage that Peter caused and wonders if it’s possible to move on. Brad has to hope that’s possible. The doctor asks him about his aunt and then suggests they go so somewhere more low-key. He insists on staying there and announces that they are celebrating his new job. Brad wants her to get him a position at GH. His friend says that would be a pretty tall order, especially considering that Lucas is still there. He’s worried that his aunt might trade on his dependence. Britt offers to go to bat for him, but she’s only co-chief of staff. She changes the topic to matchmaking and offers him her account. Until he finds someone, they have each other. As they toast, Selina looks in and grimaces.

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