Liz and Cam discuss the sex tape GH
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In the Quartermaine kitchen, Willow and Michael share a passionate kiss, which BLQ walks in on. She jokes it’s good to see some things haven’t changed. They ask about her trip. She says it felt good to get away, but now she’s back and needs to get her stuff out of the house. Michael relays that he and Chase did that last week. She thanks him, and realizes she must figure out what’s next for her.

Willow is snarky GH

Michael and Willow bring up Bailey and know she fell in love with that baby, and that’s understandable. BLQ admits giving Bailey up has been excruciating, but she’ll get over it and go back to that single carefree life she lived before. Michael doesn’t think she’s the same person anymore, and Willow concurs. Brook Lynn notes she didn’t go through it alone, and Chase was there for her.

Michael and BLQ talk about Chase GH

Willow realizes she’s late and has to observe rounds at GH. She rushes out, and BLQ tells Michael that the two of them are still nauseatingly cute. Michael brings up the fact that he couldn’t help but notice how she was talking about Chase earlier. Brook Lynn says they are just friends, and even if she felt something, it was probably a result of the situation. Michael thinks it looked like a lot more. BLQ fears if she tells Chase that she likes him and he doesn’t return the feelings, she would lose him as a friend. Michael suggests she focus on what she might gain.

BLQ Chase likes me? GH

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Chase stops by Finn’s office at the hospital. He’s bored out of his mind with two months left on his suspension. He asks Finn when his next date is so he can babysit Violet. Finn says he can visit anytime, but his date nights are over. Finn explains Liz is concerned about the portrait, and that Jake could be acting out. With Betsy Frank off the list, Jake has become the prime suspect. Off-camera, Finn fills his brother in on everything Jake went through as a kid.

No more dates for Finn GH

Finn wants to be there for Liz but needs to respect her wishes. He changes the subject and asks how Brook Lynn is. Chase says he hasn’t heard from her since she left town. Finn asks if he’s reached out to her. Chase says he texted her, “How are you.” She replied with a thumbs up, so obviously, she doesn’t want to talk to him. Finn says, “Yeah, you should just give up then.”

Chase and Finn talk Liz GH

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At Liz’s place, Liz, Cam and Jake sit down for breakfast. Jake asks about Finn’s whereabouts. Liz tells her kids that she and Finn are taking time apart so she can focus on their family. Jake asks if this is about the weird stuff going on. Liz says that is part of it, but they are her number one priority. She knows things haven’t been safe and happy lately, and she made Jake an appointment with the doctor to talk about how he feels. Jake feels his mom thinks he’s a psycho.

Liz has the talk GH

Liz doesn’t like that word and says they all need to talk to someone every now and then. Suddenly, Jake’s phone pings, and he gets a message from a friend asking if a video is really of Cam. Cam stops him, grabs his phone and deletes the message. Jake says he can still find it, so Cam tells him to leave it alone. Liz sends Jake to get dressed and then tells Cam he may as well tell her what’s happened. Cam wishes he could die instead.

Cam tries to stop Jake GH

Cam sulks to the floor and confesses there is a video going around of him and Joss having sex and he explains everything. Liz is in shock. Cam hasn’t heard from Joss and is worried about her. Liz is concerned about Cam and asks what he’s feeling. Cam doesn’t want to talk about this with her ever again. He wishes Franco was there, at least he’d find a way to make him laugh about this.

Liz calls Jake back downstairs. Jake refuses to go see the doctor and swears he’s fine, but Liz knows he’s hurting after losing Franco and now his dad. She tells him that he’s so strong just like Jason, and when something is wrong he gets quiet just the same. Liz explains sometimes it helps just talking to a stranger.

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Back at the hospital, Chase runs into Willow in the hallway. Willow is in a hurry but tells him she just saw Brook Lynn, who is home. Meanwhile, Liz and Jake bump into Finn. She sends Jake off and says she is proud of him for agreeing to see the doctor. Liz and Finn exchange looks.

Back at the Quartermaine house, Brook Lynn thinks back on all the good times she had with Chase, including their kiss. Suddenly, Chase arrives with a box.

Ava and Nikolas eat breakfast at the Metro Court and plan their upcoming ceremony. Esme gets off the elevator, sees them kissing, and says, “Showtime.”

Esme puts on a show

Esme sits down with them and asks if they are wedding planning. They are and reveal they’ve decided to invite the family to the ceremony. Esme suggests he not bother inviting Spence. Ava suspects this is about Spencer not accepting her, and Esme confirms it. Nikolas says Spencer will have to get used to Ava. Ava gets a call and excuses herself.

Alone, Esme tells Nikolas that he’s not the man she thought he was from Spencer’s description of him. Nikolas assumes it was all bad, but she says Spence worshiped him. He said as a kid that it was the two of them against the world. Esme explains Spence always described him as a man of singular focus, and Spence thinks now his focus is on Ava. She knows he has room for a lot of love in his heart, and she’s been speaking to Spencer on his behalf. She offers to talk to him about the renewal.

Ava returns and tells Nikolas the call was about Ryan. She fills him in on Kevin’s visit, and that he’s still locked in. Esme grips her fist under the table. Ava is just glad to know there is nothing that the monster can do to them from Spring Ridge. Ava must get to the gallery, and Nikolas thinks he should go. Esme was hoping to talk to Nikolas more about Spencer, so Ava urges him to stay. Nikolas at least offers to walk Ava out first.

Ava plays nice GH

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In the Corinthos kitchen, Joss tells her mom she hopes it wasn’t a problem she slept there. Carly asks if everything is okay, and Joss cries she can never go back to school. Carly asks her to talk to her, and she can tell her anything. Joss composes herself and tells her everything about the sex tape.

Carly worries about Joss GH

Carly immediately calls Spinelli to get the video off the web. She then asks how this happened? Joss says neither she nor Cam filmed it, and the only other person there was Trina. She explains Spencer and Esme left, and Esme has accused Trina of doing this. Joss reveals Trina got really drunk, and she blacked out. Trina also admitted to feeling left out when she and Cam got together. Carly asks if she thinks Trina did this. Joss knows Trina wouldn’t do it, and Carly senses Esme might. Joss doesn’t know how she’ll face anyone again.

Joss and the sex tape GH

Carly tells Joss that her true friends will know she didn’t do this and screw those who don’t. Carly knows she probably feels like everyone is judging her, but they are not. She also says life goes on, people forget, and soon a new scandal will replace this one. Carly tells her to trust her, she’s been there.

Carly and Joss head to the Metro Court. In the elevator, Carly tells Joss that Spinelli was able to wipe the video from the web, and everything will be okay. She promises they’ll find who did this and make them pay. They step into the place and see Esme sitting there. Esme asks Joss how she’s doing and notes she’s so brave to be out in public like this. Esme tries to depart, but Carly tells her to have a seat.

On the next General Hospital: Cam visits Spencer. Brook Lynn and Chase have a talk. Brad reaches out for help.

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