Esme is lectured by Ryan at Spring Ridge General Hospital
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As they drive in Niagara Falls, Brando can hardly believe they are there and preparing to get married. Sasha assures him that it’s not a dream. On the other end of the road is the start of their new life as husband and wife. He soon gets lost and the GPS is out. She starts to wonder if they are really lost or if he has changed his mind about getting married. He assures her he hasn’t. Sasha thinks about taking drugs and apologizes for doubting him.

Brando and Sasha drive to chapel General Hospital

After he asks her to roll down the window, she hears water and wedding bells in the distance. She says they will soon be ringing for them and for Liam. Their marriage will prove that his short life was made of love.

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Lucy Gladys talk Sasha at Metro Court General Hospital

Sitting at the Metro Court, Gladys calls Brando and asks why he isn’t returning her calls. Lucy appears and tells her that they need time alone so Sasha can be rested and relaxed. When she gets back, she will be getting a whole lot richer. Gladys tells her that money isn’t everything. She doesn’t mean that. They talk about the Deception deal and Lucy tells her how much Sasha’s net worth will skyrocket. Gladys always knew she had potential. Coe reminds her that she wasn’t always Team Sasha. They recall Sasha’s supermodel days and how she changed when she lost the baby. Sasha has shut them both down whenever they try to talk to her about her loss. Lucy thinks they need to respect her privacy. Gladys worries that something could be wrong, something she should know about.

Gladys realizes Brando may be eloping at Metro Court General Hospital

Gladys calls Sasha and worries about Brando. Sasha tells her the call is breaking up and they’ll talk when they get back. When she gets off the line, Lucy is surprised to hear they are in Niagara Falls. Choking on her wine, Gladys guesses they might be getting a quickie wedding. She blames this on Sasha. Lucy says she deserves all the happiness she can get. Gladys suggests she is just rushing into marriage like she rushed back to work. When she searches for chapels on her phone, Lucy grabs it away and advises her to let them follow their hearts. Brando’s mom remains convinced that they are getting married for the wrong reasons. When she gets up to run, Lucy begs her not to chase after them but Gladys is adamant they are doing something they will regret.

Sasha and Brando continue driving. She doesn’t like lying to his mom. He says his mom will freak out about not getting to plan the wedding but will get over it. When he asks if she’d rather have a traditional wedding, she insists she doesn’t. She just wants him and to see the rings on their fingers so they know they belong to each other. When he gestures to the glove box, she finds rings inside and gasps. He jokes they are actually spare engine parts he polished and then laughs. They are real. She loves them. They kiss and the check engine light comes on. He discovers they will need to be towed and it might take hours for the truck to arrive. Getting distraught, she worries this is a sign they are not meant to be happy. He reminds her they have a blanket and coffee. They can stay warm. The truck pulls up and he says they will get their happy ending after all.

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Ava and Nikolas talk Victor at Wyndemere General Hospital

At Wyndemere, Victor wonders if Ava and Nikolas are using his love of family for their own interests. He assures them that his dealings with Peter were limited and a lapse in judgement. August deceived a lot of people, including Anna. But now he’s dead. As for Laura, for their sake he’s giving her a pass, although he’s sure she wouldn’t reciprocate. When he insists they include Esme in the vow renewal, they bicker a bit but Nikolas agrees with his uncle that she should be there. Once Victor leaves, the prince asks Ava what happened to her plan for an intimate ceremony. She explains that his mom encouraged her to get friendly with Victor to keep an eye on him. Ava worries that his uncle will keep trying to get the better of him and will use anyone, including Spencer. That’s why it’s important they gain his trust so he will let his guard down. He promises that no one will get between them again and they kiss.

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Ryan and Esme argue at Spring Ridge Metro Court

An orderly wheels Ryan into his room at Spring Ridge. As he does, he goes on about how hot Esme is. Esme pops up around the corner. Once Ryan is left alone, she sneaks into his room with her pass and asks what he was thinking by speaking out loud where people could hear him. She can’t believe he almost blew months of planning just to scold her. “Actually, I was thinking about you and how you’ve failed me,” he says, reminding her that the whole point of this was to break up Ava and Nikolas. She’s been wasting her time playing an adolescent game with Spencer and his friends instead. She insists she’s been trying to keep things convincing and promises that her loyalty has always been to him. Dropping to her knee, she begs ‘daddy’ to trust her. She knows he likes it when she calls him that. “Be careful what you wish for,” he says.

Esme begs him to tell her what to do, but he’s not sure he can count on her anymore. She threatens to tell Kevin that he’s been able to talk for months. He grabs her arm and reminds her that he calls the shots. Ryan is impressed she’s gained some backbone, but it’s time for them to return to square one: Ava. She says Ava will never love him the way she does. He suggests they use Spencer’s incarceration to their advantage. Spencer is a horny teenager so he’s easy to control. She needs to ingratiate herself to Spencer’s parents, especially Nikolas. “You know what they say, like father like son,” he adds. She doesn’t know where all this is leading. He’s not explaining but assures her she will get all that her heart desires. Standing up, he tells her that what’s his is hers, “My beautiful, gifted daughter.”

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Dante talks Peter's possessions at Sam's penthouse General Hospital

At Sam’s, Dante gets off the phone and explains to her and Drew that Peter’s belongings have already been delivered and not to Maxie, but someone who hates him as much. Drew guesses he must have made Britt his executor. They assume he did that because he got a kick out of leaving her with his mess. Sam worries that Britt isn’t likely to safeguard his personal effects. Getting a call from Anna, Dante steps away. Sam asks Drew if he’s worried about being the bait and possibly getting triggered. He’s determined to go ahead with this. Dante returns and tells them Britt is at the Metro Court. This is their chance to plant the tarot card.

Britt and Maxie discuss Peter's stuff at Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Britt complains that it is typical of Peter to appoint her his executor. Maxie asks if she can send the box back. “We call the bomb squad,” Britt says. She checks and the box has been vetted. It may be safe, but she still wants to chuck it in the dumpster. Maxie wonders if he left anything of value for Bailey Lou. Britt agrees to open it, but says they should do it on the terrace.

When they arrive on the terrace, Dante and Sam appear, eager to speak to them.

Drew stops Victor at Metro Court General Hospital

Victor arrives inside and is about to head to the terrace when Drew intercepts him. He warns him to steer clear of him and his family or he will make him pay for all he’s done. Drew gets on the elevator and leaves.

Victor heads out to the terrace and finds Maxie and Britt with Sam and Dante. The cop asks if he knew about what Peter left with Britt. She has a box of Peter’s effects. Britt explains she was going to dump it. She and Maxie fight with the box until it spills on the floor. Victor spots the tarot card and helps them pick things up. As they chat, he slips the card into his sleeve. Smiling to himself when he’s left alone, he says he will make good use of this while Peter rots.

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