Trina accuses Esme GH
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Trina arrives at the PCU classroom just as Esme suggests to Josh and Cam that they question someone who was there that night, and points to Trina. Trina asks what is going on? Cam and Joss explain about the video, and Trina tells Joss that’s she’s so sorry. Esme asks, “Are you?” Esme reminds them how drunk and out of it Trina was.

Esme accuses Trina GH

Cam suggests there has to be an explanation. Trina says there is, and they were set up. Trina reminds them that Esme has proven who she is and what she’s capable of, and now she’s acting like making a sex tape is beneath her. Esme takes responsibility for pushing the trip and planning the games and drinks, but she had no idea it would send Trina over the edge. She psychoanalyzes Trina based on her coursework and says she has anger problems and is dysfunctional. Trina yells, “Who are you calling dysfunctional, bitch!”

Trina lashes out at Esme GH

Esme says if she’d known how easily triggered Trina could be that she wouldn’t have planned the getaway. She just can’t believe that Trina would hurt their friends this way. Joss tells Esme they are not her friends. Cam says Joss is right. He tells Esme she’s toxic and to get out. Esme hopes one day they realize who her true friends are. She leaves, and Joss tries to pull herself together.

Cam in shock GH

Joss asks how Esme could have done this. Trina points out that cameras have timers. Joss wishes that night never happened. She quickly assures Cam that she doesn’t regret the whole night. Cam thinks they should go to the dean to contain this to the PCU servers only. Suddenly Trina’s phone chimes, and she says someone sent her a link to an X-rated website. Josh fears they’ve gone viral. Cam gets one too and refuses to click the link. Cam and Joss decide to leave, and Trina says she’s here for them.

Joss sex tape gone viral GH

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At Spring Ridge, Kevin arrives to see his brother. Ryan is working with Harmony, who has a letter board that he uses to communicate by blinking. She tells Kevin that Ryan remains unchanged and that he doesn’t seem cooperative in using the board with some of the other staff. Kevin tries to talk to his brother, but Ryan completely ignores him.

Nikolas arrives to see Spencer, who agrees to speak to his father. Nikolas wonders why the change of heart and Spencer admits Uncle Victor asked him to give him a chance. He points out his father doesn’t seem to be willing to do the same for Victor. Nikolas has his issues with Victor, but they agree family is important and that’s why he’s there today. Spencer is surprised he remembered the day. Nikolas tells him about going to Courtney’s grave to get advice from her, but Sonny was there, and he pointed out all the mistakes he had made. Nikolas knows Sonny cares about Spencer and reminds his son that he does too. Nikolas wants to make this work between them. Spencer feels his mother got through to them both today, and he knows his mother would want them to work things out.

Nikolas visits Spencer GH

Esme arrives, so Nikolas tells Spencer he’ll see him next week. Alone, Spencer tells Esme he’s sorry about earlier and upsetting her. She tells him it’s forgotten, and as for Trina, she’s onto her now. She accuses Trina of scheming to spend time with him, tells him about the sex tape, and says Trina was behind it. Spencer knows Trina wouldn’t do something like that, but Esme says Trina was blackout drunk and upset that night. Spencer asserts, “The Trina I know…” Esme stops him and says, “Maybe you don’t know her as well as you thought you did.” She storms off, and Spencer sends Trina a text asking if she’s okay. Esme eventually returns, and a guard tells Spencer it’s time for a room check.

Nikolas and Spencer talk GH

Meanwhile, Harmony reads Wuthering Heights to Ryan. She’s surprised he chose it because it’s all about family strife. She notes Heathcliff is the hero, but when you dig deeper you find out he’s vengeful and obsessive. Harmony excuses herself for a moment and Esme swoops in. She tells Ryan that he looks distressed and if she can get him something. Ryan softly mutters, “What in the hell are you doing!” (And boy do we we have some thoughts about what this all means!)

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At Sam’s place, Laura, Drew and Sam go over their strategy regarding exposing what Victor is up to. Laura feels the fewer people who know their plan the better. Dante stops by with coffee and sees Sam has company. Sam invites him in, and they discuss bringing him in on the plan. Laura gives her blessing. She has to meet Kevin, but says Sam and Drew will fill Dante in. She asks them not to make a move without consulting her. Laura departs, and Drew explains they are planning to take down Victor.

Drew and Sam explain their theory that Victor wants to control Drew and access his memories. However Andre confirmed those memories from his life as Andrew Cain are lost, but Victor doesn’t know that. Sam and Drew further explain to Dante they are setting a trap for Victor, and they need to get him a tarot card that will convince him he found the key to controlling Drew. The problem is they have to make it seems as Victor found the card himself.

Drew questions motives GH

Sam is struck with an idea and asks Dante who has Peter’s belongings. Dante says the WSB and they would eventually give them to his next of kin, which would be Bailey. Sam suggests they plant the card in with his things and make sure Victor finds out about it. Dante makes a call but receives bad news. Peter’s belongings have been bequeathed to someone else and are en route to be delivered.

At the Metro Court, Maxie and Bailey Lu meet up with Britt for lunch. She asks Britt if she can forgive her for keeping the secret about Bailey. Britt says there is nothing to forgive, and she is so proud of her for keeping her niece safe. Britt feels with Peter gone that they have nothing to worry about. However, Maxie says someone helped Peter abduct Bailey, and they are still out there. Britt tells her that her mother and Austin think Victor is involved. Maxie agrees, but they can’t prove it.

Britt does yoga GH

Talk turns to Austin, and Maxie reveals she and Austin are trying to figure out what they are to each other. Britt is happy for her. Maxie wants to see Britt with someone too and pushes her about dating. Britt says she’s just like her mother. Maxie says they just want her to be happy. Britt asks, “Is anyone ever happy?” Maxie notes how dark that is. Later, a man approaches Britt and hands her a box and a letter. She opens the letter and is stunned. She tells Maxie, “This is what’s left of Peter.”

Kevin and Laura meet for lunch. Kevin fills her in on how Ryan refused to communicate or acknowledge his presence, and it has him uneasy. Talk turns to Victor, and how she, Ava and others are keeping an eye on him and trying to trip him up. They simply need the right bait. When Kevin asks about her trip to Austria with Anna to look into Luke’s death, Laura reveals she’s not going to be able to go. Laura knows she’s needed at home and says there is a predator in Port Charles, and she won’t leave with it circling the nest.

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Victor arrives at Wyndemere to have tea with Nikolas, but Ava explains he’s out. She offers to share tea with him. They sit down, and Victor expresses that Spencer is struggling and Nikolas and she aren’t making it any easier on the boy. He’s concerned about how their vow renewal will affect him. Ava feels Spencer is a grown man and should focus on his own love life instead of his father’s. Ava assures Victor that she and Nikolas have decided to keep the ceremony small and intimate Victor, however, doesn’t want that. He thinks it could widen the gap between Nikolas and Spencer.

Ava and Victor argue GH

Victor tells Ava the Cassadines have a long history of infighting, and he wants to repair the family. That’s why he’s trying to help Nikolas and Spencer repair their relationship, and why he’s reached out to Valentin. He feels a family event like their vow renewal will strengthen the family. Recalling Laura warning her that Victor might try to get close with her, Ava agrees to the idea if Nikolas approves.

Victor accuses Ava of making problems GH

Nikolas arrives and asks what they are discussing. Victor explains they were talking about opening their vow renewal to the whole family. Nikolas thought it was going to just be him and Ava. Ava however thinks they should entertain the idea, and that they should invite Spencer, even if he doesn’t come. Victor believes he can help there. Nikolas knows Victor has some pull with Spencer, but he’s worried about what else he’s hiding from them. Victor admits he has an ulterior motive, which is to unite this family. Nikolas and Ava exchange looks, and agree to the idea. Victor toasts to their family celebration.

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