Joss and Cam confront Esme at PCU General Hospital
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In Niagara Falls, Sasha tells Brando that they should get married today. Taken aback, he doesn’t know what to say. “Say yes,” she suggests. People elope all the time and they are somewhere notorious for quickie weddings. He asks if she’s sure she wants that. She does. “You are all the family I need,” she says. As they recall losing their child, he admits that he doesn’t understand why she is eager to do this now. She can see no reason to wait.

Brando Sasha decide to get married in Niagara Falls General Hospital

Brando wants to marry her more than anything but part of him worries she is distracting herself because she’s missing Liam. He starts apologizing for suggesting that. Sasha hands him the poker chip she won last night and explains she was always used to having little and being unattached. When she came to Port Charles, she had nothing and no expectations. That gradually changed. She doesn’t want to live with impermanence anymore. Losing their son taught her how full her life has become and she doesn’t want to lose any of it. “I want you Brando,” she assures him. He agrees to marry her whenever and wherever she wants. They kiss. When he leaps into the shower, she takes a pill.

Finn wakes up at Liz’s. They talk about him sleeping on the couch. She admits that she felt like she was being watched. He knows what she means. Learning Betsy wasn’t behind any of this was unsettling. He asks about her trouble sleeping. She’s been on some light meds but doesn’t want anything stronger. Liz worries about Jake. She doesn’t feel like she can give him the help he needs. The doctor tells her not to sell herself short.

Liz and Finn worry about Jake at home General Hospital

However, she still worries that Jake could be behind all that happened. His history and behavior make it seem possible. He reminds her that Franco had a dark past and it could be someone from then. Finn suggests they take off for a few weeks. “I can’t go anywhere with you,” she says. He apologizes for suggesting any more upheaval. Liz doesn’t think he should even be staying there. Although getting close to him has been amazing, she thinks her boys need more time to move on from Franco and she has to put them first. He’s okay coming in second. That doesn’t work for her. She won’t ask him to wait. He’s willing to do it anyway; she’s worth waiting for.

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Curtis and Portia are excited in beach house General Hospital

Lucy shows Portia and Curtis around the beach house and tells them how amazing the place is. She warns them that the dimpled don may also be in the market for new digs. After they look around some more, Portia admires how the real estate agent balances this with her work for Deception. She tells them this is the perfect spot to start a family. That’s awkward. Lucy assures them they won’t be in a bidding war with Sonny because Jax would be happy to sell to anyone else. After she leaves them alone to think it over, Curtis asks Portia if they need three extra bedrooms. She says her daughter will stay sometimes and wonders if his father should have a guest room too. He and Marshall still have a long way to go before that’s likely. Joining hands, she tells him they have a lot of life and love to fill the space. When Lucy returns, Curtis announces they will put in a bid. Portia giggles.

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Trina bickers with Spencer in graveyard General Hospital

Spencer places flowers on Courtney’s grave when Trina pops up, shocked to see him out of Spring Ridge. She asks if he’s on a jail-sanctioned field trip. He points out that he’s visiting his mother’s grave and it’s the anniversary of her death. She didn’t realize. This is the first chance in years he’s had to visit in person. “Are you ever going to visit me, or what?” he asks. They hear someone coming so he hides in a bush. It’s Jordan. They chat and Trina covers until the cop leaves. Spencer returns and thanks her. She shoves him to the ground. He tells her that he hasn’t escaped, he’s only on a furlough. She lectures him about privilege. He’s sure being his friend must be exhausting. Whenever Trina almost gives up on him, she sees something that makes her think he can ‘evolve’. She tells him to be careful. He’s looking forward to the party she will throw him when he’s released. Trina says he’ll be lucky to get a cookie. After she leaves, he promises his mother that he will be a man she would be proud of.

Jordan visits Mark’s gravesite, telling him that she is back and the bad guys are on notice.

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Carly is hurt when she sees Sonny at Metro Court General Hospital

Sonny bumps into Carly at the Metro Court as he’s getting off the elevator. She tries to avoid him but he wanted to see her to talk about Courtney. When she offers him a drink, he tells her he’s trying not to drink these days. She recalls Courtney and how hard it is to find a best friend. Sonny decides being there is a mistake. Carly reminds him that they will always be connected, but it hurts when she sees him, so she should see him less. He offers to stay away as much as she wants.

Jordan warns Sonny at Metro Court General Hospital

Before he can leave, Jordan shows up and pays her condolences for Jason. She admires them for putting themselves on the line with Cyrus. Carly excuses herself. Sonny reminds Jordan that they got along when they worked together. She bluntly tells him that’s over now that Cyrus is gone. Their slate is clean right now but she urges him to be a good citizen. “Whatever happens next, I won’t be looking the other way,” she warns.

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Joss and Cam shocked by video at PCU General Hospital

At PCU, Joss and Cam are shocked when their classmates put a video of them having sex up on the screen. The professor doesn’t know how to shut it off so Cam runs up and shuts down her computer. Esme smugly smiles to herself. Class ends. Joss and Cam stare at each other in mortification. The professor apologizes for losing control and assures them the student who shared it will be disciplined. The couple wonders how the video even exists. They start getting texts about it from everyone they know. He’s freaking out and wonders if she thinks he sent the video. Her eyes bug out. Esme eavesdrops around the corner and laughs hysterically. Cam continues to protest that he is innocent and Joss apologizes for making him think that she doubted him. She’s just freaked out because none of this should have been possible. They try to figure out who it was. She hears Esme laugh and reaches around to grab her.

Joss and Cam freak out at PCU General Hospital

Esme claims she stuck around to offer them support after the “heinous” thing that happened. Joss is sure that she was behind all of this. Esme isn’t into amateur porn and wants to be their friend. Joss thinks she’s a sociopath and starts screaming in her face, accusing her again. They point out that she tried to push them into bed for weeks and made a scene at the cabin to manipulate the situation. Esme repeats that she wasn’t there and suggests they ask someone who was. They turn around as Trina walks in.

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