Joss and Trina bicker General Hospital
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Sasha wakes up with Brando in Niagara Falls. He’s made her coffee and tells her this vacation is exactly what they need. It’s the start of a new chapter for them. As they kiss, he says it’s too bad they spent all night talking. He didn’t want to pressure her. He’s missed them. They make out and decide to ditch their plans for the day and stay in bed.

Sasha and Brando on vacation at cabin General Hospital

After they have sex, she tells him it is so much better in a bed than in his garage. She goes into the bathroom, takes some pills out of her purse, and swallows them. When she returns to him, they look out at the view together. Sasha wishes they never had to go back to the real world. He offers to make the world just as special to her. “Let’s do it. Let’s get married today!” she declares.

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Spencer vents to Esme about Courtney at Spring Ridge General Hospital

Esme has been having an unpleasant visit with Spencer at Spring Ridge. She wonders why he’s in such a mood. “Today’s the anniversary of my mother’s death,” he sobs. He never knew her but still feels connected to her. He’s never missed a year where he placed flowers on her grave until now. She lives on as long as he keeps up these traditions. He mentions that Trina felt the same way when she thought her father was dead. Esme reminds him he was away at boarding school for years and offers to leave the flowers for him the way his servants used to. Spencer yells that he should be able to do this for her now that he’s back in town. She’s sorry that she doesn’t understand… but Trina would.

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At the Metro Court, Carly tells Sam that she’s been thinking about Courtney. Today is the anniversary of her death. She feels like her connection to Courtney is slipping away. Sam admits she was never friends with the deceased woman. But if she can become friends with Liz, anything is possible. Sam tells her how well things are going with Dante. It’s all over with Drew. Carly says he’s been really supportive of her and she’s trying to look out for him.

Ava asks about trust at Metro COurt General Hospital

Ava bumps into Victor and asks him to join her for lunch. He has other commitments. Laura pops up to ask if he’s keeping a low profile because he’s being investigated. He acts baffled. She says there has been a lot of suspicious activity. Victor protests that he is innocent of anything to do with Peter’s escape and walks out. Ava asks the mayor what is going on between her and Victor. Laura admits that she’s uncomfortable seeing how close she is with him. Ava assures her she trusts him as much as she does. Sitting down, Laura admits that she’s worried about how Victor is manipulating the family. Spencer and Nikolas are both reluctant to hear criticism of him, but she thinks Ava is smarter than that. The mayor encourages her to get Victor to lower his guard so he can confide in her… and then pass it along to her.

Laura has new details at Metro Court General Hospital

Laura interrupts Carly and Sam. She called Sam there to meet in person. Carly leaves them alone. The mayor tells her that some new details have come to light involving Drew.

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Spencer asks Victor for help at Spring Ridge General Hospital

Victor arrives at Spring Ridge and Esme excuses herself. As she leaves, she looks at the video of Cam and Joss having sex and says, “It’s time to get this done.” Meanwhile, Spencer tells Victor that he leaves flowers on his mother’s grave every year. He’s wondering if he can bust him out. His uncle says that’s too risky. Spencer knows he has screwed up but asks him if he would do everything in his power to make sure the people he loved were remembered.

At PCU, the lecture ends and the professor asks Trina up to talk to her. She’s noticed how quiet she was and reminds her that class participation is a third of her grade.

Trina lectures Joss General Hospital

Cam walks Joss to class. They talk about how weird things are with Trina. She admits that her roommate has been avoiding her since they got back from their trip to the cabin. Joss blames all of this on Esme. When Trina comes out, Joss asks if she is still angry with her about what happened with Esme the other day. This quickly leads to them arguing. Trina accuses her of treating apologies as transactions and suggests she never takes responsibility for anything. Esme arrives. “My, my… you can cut the tension with a knife,” she muses. Cam tells her to stay out of this and she walks off. Joss heads to class and Cam apologizes to Trina. After he wanders off, Esme returns but Trina stomps away from her.

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Sonny is skeptical General Hospital

Sonny visits Courtney’s grave. He apologizes for not making it last year. He likes to think she is watching out for him. She’s still in his heart. “Mine too,” Nikolas says, interrupting. Sonny didn’t expect to see him today and asks if he thinks they would still be together if she were alive. The prince doesn’t know. She will always be the mother of his son… just like Carly will always be the mother of his children. That inspires a dour expression on Sonny’s face. He reminds Nikolas of all the mistakes he’s made with his son. He tells him not to run away from his mistakes because that only makes things worse. Once Nikolas has placed his flowers on the grave, he walks away. Sonny gets down on his knees and apologizes for being so hard on the prince. He hopes she’s keeping an eye on his dad, Morgan, Jason, and Sasha and Brando’s baby.

Anna and Drew talk danger General Hospital

Anna joins Drew by the water. She has the feeling they are headed for danger and he and Victor are at the center of it all. They discuss what Victor could be planning for him. He wonders if Valentin knows anything. She explains that he was abducted and drugged and is recovering in a clinic out of town. Anna is sure that Victor will try to manipulate his son the way he is the rest of the family. Drew doesn’t understand what Victor could want from him. She assumes he thinks Drew knows something he needs in his old memories. Andre confirmed for her that those memories are gone. Sam and Laura arrive and eavesdrop on them before interrupting. They tell him that they suspect Victor was behind Luke’s death. They are determined to find out what the Cassadine wants. Opening up an investigation will only tip him off. Sam has another idea. They can set a trap by convincing him it’s possible to access his memories.

Nikolas tells Carly secret at Metro Court General Hospital

Nikolas drops by the Metro Court. He asks Carly if she’s holding up okay and tells her Courtney would love what she’s done with the place. He’s sorry he never told her that before. She thanks him and then says that his mother seemed to be getting into it with Ava and Victor earlier. When she heads to the elevator, she finds Sonny there.

Nikolas sits down with his wife and asks what she was discussing with his mother. She claims she just needed some reassurance that she was looking after him. Ava adds she’s making more of an effort with Victor. Nikolas has been making an effort with his son but without much luck. She suggests they have Victor over for dinner.

Trina is startled when she finds Spencer in the graveyard.

Back in class at PCU, Esme uploads the video of Cam and Joss and has it sent out. Everyone’s phone starts beeping and then the video appears on the screen at the front of the class. Cam and Joss are shocked!

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