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At The Savoy, Jordan arrives to find Curtis and Portia kissing to celebrate finding their new home. They are surprised, but happy, to see her. Curtis knew she was coming back soon, but wishes she gave him a heads up. Portia tells Jordan how great she looks, and Jordan says she’ll catch up with them another time given they are busy. She is meeting TJ and Stella for dinner anyways.

Curtis insists she stay a minute as there is something she should know. She overheard they were house hunting and congratulates them. Jordan would love it if they could catch her up on what’s been going on. They sit down, and Curtis informs her about, Sonny and Carly, Jason being missing and presumed dead, and Drew’s return. Jordan asks about Marshall resurfacing, which TJ told her about. Curtis explains getting to know him has been a process. Jordan asks if there are any more secrets she needs to know about? Suddenly TJ texts and Jordan realizes she’s late for dinner and departs. As she leaves, she takes a moment to compose herself on the steps.

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Alone again, Curtis feels that went well. Portia tells Curtis that men like him come along once in a lifetime. If she knows it, she thinks Jordan does too. Curtis points out that they signed the divorce papers long before Jordan was hurt, and he’s moved on. Portia doesn’t doubt Jordan’s intentions, but if she was in her position, she’d never let him go.

Britt finds Nina waiting for her in her office. Nina is sorry for surprising her and rants about how Carly and everyone else is blaming her for Sonny and Carly’s divorce. Britt assures her that if anyone comes for her then she has Nina’s back. But she also feels the need to call out BS when she hears it, and she did wreck Carly’s marriage whether she set out to or not. Nina knows she shouldn’t have done what she did, but it’s no reason for Willow and Michael to shut her out of Wiley’s life. Nina briefs her on her confrontation with Willow. Britt advises her to think about what she stands to gain and lose from escalating a legal battle. Britt must get to a patient, and Nina thanks her for telling her what she needed to hear, even if she didn’t like it.

Anna gets a phone call and agrees to meet the person on the other end, but warns if this is a trap they’ll regret it.

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In Austin’s office, the doctor asks Maxie what she plans on focusing on now that she has Bailey Lu back. She leans in and kisses him. He pulls back and would understand if she didn’t want to rush into anything given the year she’s been through. She accuses him of being scared. She says they had an immediate connection, but something was always getting in the way of them exploring it. Now that Peter is gone, and there are no crises, are their feelings real or tied to the drama? She wants to find out, and he does too.

Austin notes there is something different about her since she’s gotten back, something lighter about her. She tells him that’s because she’s not running and hiding, and this is the real Maxie Jones. He asks what she’s doing tonight. Maxie plans on spending time with her daughter and other children. He’s glad to hear and tells her to have a good night. Maxie says she’ll see him tomorrow and departs.

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Cam runs into Stella in the hallway. He’s glad to see she’s fully recovered, and reminds her that he was at Kelly’s the day of her stroke. He again apologizes for the ruined envelope she had to mail and hopes it wasn’t important. Stella struggles to remember, and pieces come back to her, but not what was in the envelope. Since she hasn’t received any calls about a missing document, Stella assumes it couldn’t have been that important. She asks what happened to the envelope? Cam explains it got soaked, and during the chaos, a waitress threw it out. She tells him not to worry about it. She has to meet Jordan and TJ at Kelly’s and departs but appears concerned.

Betsy shows up at Liz’s door and tells Liz that she wasn’t honest with her and she deserves to know the truth. She suddenly sees Franco’s painting in the living room and gasps. Betsy approaches it and then is distracted when she sees Jake’s drawings nearby. Betsy cries that he is so talented and Bobby loved him so much.

Betsy reveals the truth to Liz GH

Dante and Sam arrive, and Liz tells them they have perfect timing as Betsy was just about to tell them what she did. Liz introduces Sam and Dante. Dante tells Betsy about the strange things going on with Elizabeth’s belongings and asks Betsy about recently being admitted to a mental institution. Betsy snaps, “That’s a secret” and admits she is embarrassed about it.

Finn reminds Betsy that she was just about to tell them why she is there. Betsy can’t remember, so Dante suggests some questions will help jog her memory. He knows she didn’t go to Franco’s grave. Betsy cries she wanted to, but couldn’t do it. She feels she failed Bobby when he needed her most. Dante asks if Betsy has been the one stalking Liz. Betsy denies any wrongdoing end explains was just released from the mental clinic right before coming to Port Charles.

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Dante confirms Betsy’s story, and Liz apologizes for suspecting her. Betsy doesn’t blame her and has to catch a bus home. She expresses she is sorry for what Liz is going through and suggests there may be a simple explanation. After Betsy leaves, Sam and Dante wonder who could be haunting Liz. Liz looks at one of Jake’s drawings and it’s a sketch of Franco that she’s never seen before.

Anna meets up with Obrecht at the ax-throwing club and asks what game she’s playing now. Obrecht tells her that should be obvious and holds up an ax. Obrecht explains she wanted a private place to discuss a truce. She feels they worked well together finding and bringing Maxie home, which Anna acknowledges. Obrecht wishes she was there to see Peter’s end. The doctor jokes perhaps Jason will forever taunt Peter in the afterlife. Anna finds her way of looking at things bizarre. Obrecht asks Anna if they can make this a new beginning.

Anna says if this was just about Peter maybe, but she can’t forgive Obrecht for the hell she put Robin through. Obrecht blames much of that on Faison. Anna understands that unrequited love can force someone to do things they later regret. Anna also knows it was Faison’s obsession with her that brought him to town and cost Nathan his life. Obrecht thanks her for saying that, but feels there is plenty of blame to go around for Nathan’s death. Anna notes they have a past, but perhaps they can perhaps find a way forward.  Obrecht suggests they start with something simple such as a drink at The Savoy. Anna thinks something easier such as not plotting one another’s demise is a better starting point. Obrecht agrees and heads out. Anna then grabs an ax, throws it, and hits a bullseye. She cheers, “Still got it!”

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