Liz and Finn discuss her kids at homeGeneral Hospital

At the axe throwing club, Dante and Sam flirt and joke around about his axe throwing skills. She wonders if he was a mountain man in a past life. He tells her work was strange today. He thinks Liz may have a stalker. They wonder if Franco could have had a lover or something. There’s not much to go on. As they throw more axes, they talk about what the options are. He doesn’t think that Betsy is behind this.

Dante and Sam discuss Liz's stalker at club General Hospital

She decides to call Spinelli for help. After that, the cop gives her a little lesson in throwing and she hits a bullseye. Spinelli calls back and sends over camera footage from the cemetery. They see Betsy but she never went in. There is also a background check showing she was arrested last year. It was a driving infraction. They make out and then he calls a colleague to look up the infraction. He learns that she attacked a state trooper after she was pulled over for erratic driving. She was brought in for a psychiatric evaluation.

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When he gets home, Jake is surprised to see Franco’s painting is on the wall. Finn and Cam ask him if he has seen anyone around the house or if he’s spotted Betsy. Someone broke in and planted the painting, they explain. Cam takes his brother aside and tells him Peter is dead. Jake wishes he’d died sooner. They hug. Jake is sad their mom is upset but he is glad the painting is back. Sometimes it feels like Franco is being forgotten.

Liz and Finn discuss her kids at homeGeneral Hospital

Taking Finn aside in the kitchen, Liz tells him she doesn’t like him questioning her sons. He wonders if she is worried about her sons’ potential involvement in what’s happening. She insists that her boys would never terrorize her like this. He offers to back off if he’s overstepping. The doctor would like to build a relationship with them. She says he’s not overstepping. She’s just upset.

Finn sits with Jake in the living room and apologizes if he sounded hard on him. He’s just worried about his mom. Jake assures him that he and Cam can take care of her. Liz joins them and tells her son that Franco wouldn’t want them worrying about her. Finn explains he’s not trying to replace Franco but is hoping they can forge a different bond. The doctor doesn’t want Franco to be forgotten either. Betsy shows up and tells Liz that she deserves all of the truth.

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At General Hospital, Maxie bumps into Austin with her baby. She tells him that she’s called Bailey Louise now. He’s sorry for everything that happened and didn’t know that Victor was helping Peter. He let his vendetta against Brook Lynn cause problems for her.

Maxie and Louise bump into Austin at General Hospital

Maxie and Austin go into his office. He explains that he and Liesl planted a bug on Victor. She wonders why. The doctor explains that Obrecht didn’t give him much of a choice and he wanted to make it up to her for Victor discovering Bailey’s identity. All they learned from the bug was something about tarot cards and Drew’s conditioning. She tells him it took guts to go after the Cassadine. The doctor tells her it just took fear. He knows how hard all of this has been for her, especially leaving Bailey behind. She admits that staring down the barrel of forever while alone with Peter was the most horrible thing. Whatever Peter’s involvement was with Victor, she knows it wasn’t Austin’s fault. Maxie knows he wants what’s best for her and forgives him. They smile and hold hands. He reminds her that there was a time they talked about being more than friends. At that time, she had to focus on getting her daughter back. Now that she has, what’s next?

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Portia and Drew talk Curtis at Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Portia drops in to get take-out when she bumps into Drew at the bar. She tells him how happy she is that he’s back. They talk about Curtis and all the upheavals in his life over the past year. Both of them want him to be happy. They’ve been giving him some space to make his decisions but are keeping an eye on his father. They toast to long friendships. He’s glad to get to know the woman who has stolen his buddy’s heart. As they drink, he tells her anecdotes of his past working with Curtis. When they discuss her moving in with Curtis and looking for a place, he suggests a property he saw.

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Felicia keeps Max in bed at General Hospital

Back at General Hospital, Anna tells Mac that agent Krieger’s unexpected death was too convenient for someone. He was killed off before he could be interrogated. Judging by his phone, he got a call from someone local before he died. Mac is eager to get out of bed and back to the office, but Felicia arrives to forbid it. As they bicker about how much the department needs him, Jordan (now played by Tanisha Harper) pops up and announces she’s back for good.

Anna fills Jordan in at General Hospital

In the corridor, Jordan tells Laura and Anna how happy she is to get back to work. After they chat about Peter’s demise, Laura is reluctant to say more until Jordan is officially back. She makes a little speech welcoming her return and then fills her in on Victor. It’s all pretty sketchy and they agree to meet tomorrow to talk it over. Anna asks Jordan to dinner but there is someone she needs to see first.

Marshall talks safety with Curtis at Perks General Hospital

Marshall corners Curtis at Perks and tells him he knows he sent Drew with a job offer for him. His son wishes he would take the opportunity and knew he wouldn’t take an offer if it came from him. His father explains the job requires an extensive background check. There’s an incident in his past that could come up and Drew might discover he has a criminal history. The record has been sealed but could resurface. He was locked up 40 years ago for a non-violent offense. He wishes it had never happened and it seriously impacted his life. Marshall admits that he wants the job.

Curtis talks to Marshall at Perks General Hospital

He wanted Curtis to hear about his past from him, not his friend. Curtis assures his father that it is not his job to live up to any boyhood fantasy he may have of him. But he wonders if it is time for him to fill him in on the past completely. Marshall is not sure it’s safe enough for that yet. Curtis tells him that he needs to know any secrets that could put the people in his life in danger. His father changes the topic to Portia. After telling him how happy he is to hear they are moving in together, Marshall assures him he doesn’t need to fear anything. His son agrees not to pry any further. They shake and Marshall leaves to see a man about a job.

Portia stops by The Savoy with dinner for Curtis. She shows him pictures of the place Drew suggested. They both love it. As they embrace, Jordan walks in.

Marshall tracks down Drew at the Metro Court. He tells him he’s grateful for the job offer and he’s got nothing to hide.

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