Liz suspects Betsy tormenting her GH
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Liz returns home and is stunned to find Franco’s painting of her in the living room. Someone approaches her from behind, startling her, but it turns out to be Cameron. He apologizes, and she explains that she was distracted by the portrait. Cam assumed she brought it home, but Liz thought it was destroyed in the fire. Liz makes calls to check on Aiden and Jake, who had overnight trips and asks Cam to call the police.

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Sam hugs Drew at the Metro Court and is so glad he’s home safe. She thinks he must be glad Peter is dead. He is, and he’s been thinking about his future. He wants to take a more active role at Aurora but knows she put Michael in charge. Sam points out he still owns the company and has her full support. She gets a text and has an appointment to get to.

Carly talks to Olivia at the bar and apologizes for being late. She explains she came from filing her divorce papers. Olivia asks Carly what she’s feeling right now. Carly feels disappointed that her marriage failed again, and how she could mean so little to Sonny in the end. Sam joins them at the bar and asks if they are doing this. Carly is clueless. Olivia reveals she made an appointment to help Carly process her emotions.

Marshall arrives and meets with Drew about his proposition. Drew explains he’s hoping to start a music division at Aurora and would love someone of his talent as an advisor. He asks if Marshall’s always been a full-time musician. Marshall reveals he worked a lot of part-time gigs over the years but hasn’t had a steady one since leaving Port Charles.

Drew feels the same way GH

Marshall jumps to the conclusion that his son asked Drew to give him a job. Marshall states he’s no charity case. Drew explains he really does need a musician to help with this new division, and Curtis thought he would be a good fit. However, Drew explains his company will need to do an extensive background check on him. Marshall says the job sounds like it wouldn’t leave him time for his own music, so he’ll have to decline. He hopes to see Drew at his gig and heads out.

Marshall suspects Curtis GH

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At the hospital, Michael brings Willow her study notes that she left at home. He tells her that his mom filed the divorce papers this morning. Willow reveals Nina approached her the other about seeing Wiley and the fact that she left out she had just been caught in bed with Sonny. She thinks he’s been right about Nina all along and she is not the kind of person who should be in Wiley’s life. Michael suggests they should take some time and make sure emotions aren’t driving their decisions. She thinks he may be right, and points out how Chase forgave her for what she did to him, so perhaps Sonny and Carly can find a way past this. Michael thinks she shouldn’t hold out hope for that. He has something he needs to do and heads out.

Willow confronts Michael GH

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At Charlie’s, Curtis and Stella spot Nina sitting at the bar. They exchange hugs. Nina was hoping to visit with Phyllis, but she’s not in today. They grab a table, and Aunt Stella leaves them to put a food order in. Curtis questions Nina about what is going on with her and if it has to do with Sonny.

Nina and Curtis recconect

Nina redirects the conversation towards his father, and Curtis calls her on deflecting. He explains he had accepted that he may never get the truth out of Marshall. Stella returns and overhears Nina ask if something happened to sour his situation with his dad. Curtis explains that now that he and Portia are moving in together, he needs to know that Marshall’s past won’t put him, Portia, or Trina in danger. He’s asked for Drew’s help. Nina gets a text and has to depart but says it was nice to see them.

Curtis questions Nina about Sonny GH

Alone, Stella asks Curtis if he’s out of his damn mind butting into Marshall’s business! She wishes he would just talk to his father, but Curtis insists he’s tried. Stella suggests he trust Marshall to tell him when the time is right. Suddenly, Drew calls to tell Curtis that Marshall turned his offer down because he wouldn’t agree to a background check.

Stella thinks someones lost their mind GH

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Back at the hospital, Nina runs into Willow. Nina explains she’s visiting a co-worker and was hoping she could see Wiley this weekend. Willow can’t believe she would ask her about Wiley after Carly caught her in bed with Sonny. Nina says she never intended for that to happen. Willow notes she uses that excuse a lot, and she can’t advocate for her when she doesn’t believe a word she says. The two argue, and Willow eventually says with all that is going on they should wait and see how things settle with Carly and Sonny.  Nina warns her she will fight for her rights to see Wiley if she and Michael leave her no choice.

At Brook Lynn’s place, Finn tells his brother about all the odd incidents happening to Liz. Chase jumps into detective mode, but Finn only told him as his brother, not as a cop, and reminds him he’s still not back to work yet. Finn gets a call from Liz, who fills him in on the latest incident. Finn tells her that he’s on his way. Chase wants to join him, but Finn tells him no because he’s still on suspension and it wouldn’t look good for him.

Finn and chase discuss Liz GH

Later, Michael stops by and Chase explains BLQ went to visit her mom in Bensonhurst. He is packing up his things, and since they are far from friends right now, Chase asks if this can wait. Michael doesn’t feel so. He apologizes for coming down hard on him about Bailey and Brook Lynn. They bicker, and Chase tells Michael the only reason he’s there is to absolve his own guilt and calls him selfish and self-righteous. Michael asks if he feels better? Chase admits he does. Michael again apologizes for what went down with Willow. Chase understands why they kept him in the dark at the time, though he still wishes they didn’t lie to him. Michael notes they tend to hurt the ones they care about while trying to protect them.

Olivia and Sam take Carly to an ax-throwing bar. After tossing the axes around they take a break for beers. Carly admits she doesn’t know how she’ll move forward, and she won’t be able to until Nina pays. Olivia advises that it’s not healthy to focus on revenge. Sam agrees and suggests Carly focus on her new life. Carly vows to release herself from Nina and Sonny, grabs an ax, throws and hits the bullseye.

Carly and others go Axe throwing GH

Finn arrives at Liz’s place and embraces her. Dante has searched around and there is no evidence of a forced break-in. Liz and Cam both have their keys, and Jake and Aiden use a hidden key out front. Dante feels whoever the arsonist is was the one who left the painting. Liz believes it could be Betsy. She explains Betsy was conveniently just in town to visit Franco’s grave, she knows she’s dating Finn, and Betsy admitted sometimes she likes to pretend Franco is still alive.

Liz knows Betsy is grieving and people can be pushed to do desperate things while in such a state. Dante asks Cam if he’s seen Betsy lately, but he hasn’t. Dante asks about Jake and Aiden, but Liz says they haven’t mentioned her either. Dante has to head back to the station but suggests Liz not touch that painting for a bit.

Creepy Liz painting GH

Liz tells Finn that she feels she hasn’t been there to protect her boys. Cam asserts that he protects them, but Liz doesn’t want him upending his life over this. Finn offers to stay with her, and Violet would love time with her Uncle Chase. Cam thinks it’s settled and heads upstairs to get ready for work. Finn promises to stay with Liz until she feels safe again.

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