Liz and Betsy talk Franco at General Hospital
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At General Hospital, Liz calls Betsy to leave a message. Scott pops up and they discuss Jake’s moods. She tells him that some weird things have been happening. When Liz tells him she took off her wedding ring, he’s glad she’s moving on. She goes on to explain that she found it in her locker the same night as her date with Finn. The lawyer doubts Jake would do that. Liz wonders if her son is trying to tell her something. The nurse notes that he has struggled in the past. Scott tells her that was a long time ago. He’s just an angsty teen now. The lawyer thinks all of this is too cruel for the kids but someone is doing it and it is harassment. He makes her promise to keep him informed.

After he walks off, she’s shocked to see Betsy is there. She explains she was already in town when she called. It’s been a year since they lost Franco. Liz tells her that Peter is dead. Betsy is glad to hear it. Franco had finally found happiness and he was robbed of it. She can almost feel Franco’s presence is still there. Liz tells her that she’s slowly finding life without Franco and has started seeing someone. Betsy knows; she’s seen pictures on social media. Scott returns and snipes at Betsy, who abruptly leaves. Liz shows Scott the strange card that Betsy sent her. The lawyer says she’s suspect number one. The nurse knows that Betsy is struggling but doesn’t believe she’s dangerous.

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Shawn confronts Harmony at Charlie's General Hospital

At Charlie’s Pub, Shawn catches Harmony as Bucky leaves her table. “You still hang with criminals?” he asks. He knows him from his criminal days and knows he’s a forger. She claims she only knows him as her darts buddy. He doesn’t want to see her drag Alexis into anything shady.

Diane visits Alexis' office General Hospital

Diane drops by to check out Alexis’ new office. They bicker about Harmony. Diane points out she has a long history of manipulation and wouldn’t like to see Alexis taken advantage of. She points out that Harmony’s motives may be less than pure. Harmony interrupts and Alexis announces that Diane is just leaving.

Harmony and Alexis argue at office General Hospital

As soon as the lawyer is gone, Alexis asks her friend how Willow took the news about her birth. Harmony admits she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t let Willow down again. Alexis tells her she is just avoiding the inevitable. Her friend explains that she’s made sure Willow will get the birth certificate she needs. Alexis points out that this is a crime and she’s made her party to it. Added to that, she can’t have a positive relationship with Willow if it’s based on lies. She still thinks she should tell her the truth, but isn’t going to write her off.

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Finn asks Chase about his feelings for BLQ at beach house General Hospital

At the beach house, Chase tells Finn that BLQ had moved out. She’s gone to Bensonhurst to see her mother. When Chase admits that he kissed her and she ran, Finn jokingly tells him he needs to check his ego. BLQ just gave up the child she has been raising. He asks his brother to be honest about his feelings for her. Chase explains that they kept having moments but resisted until the problem with Peter finally ended. Then he kissed her.

Chase and Finn talk feelings General Hospital

She didn’t seem to be into it so he let it go. His brother asks if he has feelings for her. Chase admits that at first, he couldn’t stand her but the more he got to know her, the more he was impressed by her strength, courage, and loyalty. “She’s a trip,” he adds. Finn tells him to go for it when she gets back. Chase worries about wrecking their friendship, especially when he doesn’t know if she wants to be with him. As the doctor gets ready to leave, he mentions that strange things have been happening to Liz that has her on edge.

When Liz gets home, she’s shocked to see the painting Franco did of her over the mantle.

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Sonny and Carly discuss meds at penthouse General Hospital

Carly and Drew catch Nina with Sonny at his penthouse. Nina offers to leave. Sonny walks her out and thanks her for stopping him from making a huge mistake. He calls her a good friend. When he returns to the others, Carly says this is about Jason. They break the news that Peter is dead. Sonny is glad to hear it. Drew offers to drive Carly home but she’s not done setting things straight with Sonny.

Carly gets things straight with Sonny at penthouse General Hospital

Once they are alone, they begin arguing about the girls. She knows he’s a good father and will act in their best interests. He looks at the bottle of booze on the bar and thinks about Nina worrying about his drinking. Sonny tells Carly they will have to delay Donna coming for the night because he has been having some issues with his medication and needs to sort them out. This jogs Carly’s memory. She guesses that Nina knew he was off his meds and went after him. Sonny tells her he didn’t want her to know because he didn’t want her to come back out of pity. He couldn’t ask her to help him through another breakdown. All of this is proof to her of how far apart they’ve grown. He still wants to see his daughter, just not overnight. “Take care of yourself,” she says, exiting. Once she leaves, he signs the divorce papers.

In the hallway, flustered Carly signs her copy of the divorce papers.

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TJ arrives at Charlie’s to meet with Shawn. He tells his son how great it has been to spend time with him over the past several months. However, he has found a new business opportunity and it means he has to move to San Francisco. They toast to that and then TJ tells him that Molly found them a great new apartment so they won’t have to live with her mom anymore. Shawn hopes he will keep an eye on Alexis. She may have a purpose in her life thanks to her new job, but he’s worried about Harmony being in her life. TJ assures him they will keep their eyes on Harmony.

Drew and Nina argue about Carly at Charlie's General Hospital

Drew runs into Nina by the bar. She defensively snaps at him. He claims he is only there to get something to eat. She’s taken aback when he thanks her for helping Maxie. Nina thanks him for helping to bring Maxie home. She was defensive because she knows Carly has been badmouthing her to him. He refuses to discuss Carly. They argue about her anyway. He calls Nina a liar and accusing her of causing a lot of damage. Carly is his friend and he’s not going to sit around and watch her be hurt. Nina knows what she did was horrible but she can’t change it now. She insists she doesn’t care what anyone thinks; she just wants to move on. Although she cares about Sonny, they are not together. “Does he know that?” he asks.

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