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At the hospital, Sam finds Dante after Anna called her to say that he was back. He is sorry he didn’t call her but was being debriefed during the flight home. She’s glad he’s okay and orders him to kiss her, and he complies. Dante has to go tell others the news about Peter. She offers to be his backup, but he feels it’s best he does this alone.

Sam happy to see Dante GH

Finn finds Liz lost in thought and holding the card from “B.” As she tells him something big is going on, Sam interrupts them and asks if either of them spoke to Anna. They haven’t, so Sam fills them in that Peter is finally dead.

Liz updates Finn GH

Liz thinks about all the hurt Peter caused, and Franco’s death, but feels the closure doesn’t lessen what they lost. Sam tells Liz they’ve both had their lives turned upside down this past year, but they will always be connected through Jake and Danny. Sam will always have her back, and Liz returns the sentiment. Sam leaves to give them time to process this.

Finn tells Liz that he knows how it’s hard to get over losing a spouse. He feels there is a way to move forward and keep her good memories of Franco alive. Liz informs him there is more going on and tells him about the wedding dress incident. She fears someone is doing all these things deliberately. Finn asks if she’s sure it’s not the boys. Liz is positive her boys aren’t lying about this. Finn gets paged and must check on a patient. He’ll see her back at her house and promises it will be okay.

liz has big news GH

Later, Liz calls Betsy and says she got her card. She asks her to come to town so they can talk in person.

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At Charlie’s, Harmony gets a call from Alexis for moral support given today is the day she’s going to be honest with Willow. Harmony notices two men making a shady transaction, and thanks Alexis for the call. Alexis must excuse herself because her boss arrives at the office.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Willow and Michael inform Monica their trip to Paris had to be postponed and why. Harmony arrives, and she and Willow excuse themselves to the living room.

Alone, Willow tells her mom that as her daughter, she can tell her anything. Harmony panics and claims she was able to find a copy of her birth certificate. She still has connections in the county she was born, and it turns out their record system is woefully outdated. Willow is thrilled. Harmony is sorry if this dredged up memories of the past. Willow calls them just memories, ones they can move on from together.

Willow gets news from Harmony GH

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At The Invader’s office, Shawn finds Alexis finishing her call with Harmony. She hopes he doesn’t have a problem with them being friends. Shawn doesn’t judge anyone who tries to change and better their life. She doubts he dropped by to talk about her personal life. He has big news that will change the direction of the company. He tells her some west coast papers are folding, and he’s thinking of buying the company to expand The Invader’s reach. The problem is, he’d have to move to San Francisco where the headquarters are. Alexis is happy for him and this opportunity, but she will selfishly miss him. Shawn says there are a million reasons he should move unless there is a better reason she can give him to stay.

Shawn has news GH

She gives him two, TJ and Molly. Shawn says that’s not what he’s talking about, and she knows it. He says they’ve reconnected this past year, and their old feelings seem to be coming to the surface again. Alexis admits she wants him in her life, but Neil’s death caused part of her to shut down again. He suspects she’d like to turn that part back on. Sam interrupts, so Shawn quickly departs.

Alexis has questions GH

Alexis learns of Peter’s death from Sam, who quickly changes the topic back to Shawn. Sam points out this is the happiest her mom has been since Neil died, and he would want her to be happy. She also admits she likes the idea of Shawn being her confident instead of Harmony. Alexis says Harmony is her friend as is Shawn, and she appreciates people giving Harmony the benefit of the doubt.

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Drew arrives at Carly’s office, and she immediately fears something bad has happened. She apologizes for that awful welcome home and hugs him. Drew says Maxie is home and reuniting with her daughter as they speak. He also says Peter is dead and the nightmare is over. Carly wishes Jason was there to see this. Drew asks how she’d describe Jason? She calls him her person who loved her unconditionally and she loved him. He was her hero, and she still needs him.

Carly gets a surprise GH

Carly is glad Drew’s there though because he has the same touch as Jason. Drew wasn’t sure if his presence would make things worse given they… The two flashback to almost kissing. Carly says they both had a lot going on that night and were in a bad place.

Drew has a plan GH

Carly reveals to Drew that she and Sonny are getting a divorce. He gives her his sympathies. Carly then wonders if Sonny knows the man who killed Jason is dead. She hates the idea of seeing him but feels she should be the one to tell him. Drew offers to do it for her.

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At Sonny’s penthouse, Sonny pulls Nina into a kiss. He tries to lead her to the bedroom, but she stops him. She feels this would make things worse. She also wonders if he’s trying to distract her from the issue of his latest bender, and again points out that alcohol can dull the effects of his medication.

Sonny admits that what they did on The Haunted Star was wrong, but he can’t deny his feelings of love for her that he found in Nixon Falls. He thinks maybe the silver lining in all of this is they can unpack what they mean to one another without the baggage and deception. Nina knows she created that baggage, and it was wrong of her to fall in love with him when he didn’t have his memory. She thinks it would also be wrong if they explored this while he’s still so vulnerable. Nina excuses herself to freshen up so she can get to work.

There is a knock at the door and it’s Dante. He hopes it’s not bad timing. Dante gives his father the news that Peter is dead. Nina hears Dante’s voice and stays hidden around the corner. Dante offers to talk if his dad needs him, especially with Jason gone and his troubles with Carly. Sonny snaps that he’s fine and wants to be left alone. Dante asks if he’s trying to get rid of him. Sonny apologizes and says he just had a bad day yesterday. He tells him about the divorce meeting and then going on a bender. He feels like hell today and that’s it. Dante tells his dad that he loves him and to call him if he needs him.

Dante exits, and Nina emerges and thanks Sonny for not telling Dante she was there. She is relieved to hear Peter is finally dead and it’s over. Sonny says new beginnings usually follow when something ends. Nina needs to go, and again hopes he cuts down on his drinking. She wants him to have a clear mind to figure out what he wants next. Sonny feels he owes her that. She notes he owes her nothing, but he owes it to himself. As Nina is about to leave, Sonny opens the door to find Drew and Carly standing there.

Nina post Sonny Kiss GH

At the Quartermaine mansion, Willow gives Michael the good news about the birth certificate. Harmony leaves, as Dante arrives and gives them the news that Peter is dead and will never hurt someone again.

Harmony returns to Charlie’s and finds the man who was making a shady deal earlier. She knows the word on the street is he’s a good forger and wonders how good he is with birth certificates. She hands over a wad of cash, and he says he’ll be in touch. After he leaves, Harmony finds Shawn standing behind her.

On the next General Hospital: Carly and Sonny talk, Liz gets an unexpected visit, and Shawn has news for TJ.

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