Maxie is reunited with Louise GH
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Carly sits in her office and looks over her divorce papers. Ava arrives having received her message. Carly says she’s about to make her day and tells her that she and Sonny are getting a divorce. Ava wasn’t expecting this news, but Carly assumes Nina has kept her in the loop. Carly called to discuss Avery. She informs her that Sonny has moved into the penthouse and will take Avery. Carly wants to make this as easy as possible on Avery.

Ava taunts Carly GH

Carly offers to help Ava lobby against Sonny for custody if it comes to it. Ava wonders what Carly wants in return? Carly wants to still be able to see Avery. Ava asks why she should partner with her when her friend Nina has more influence over Sonny these days. Carly reminds her that she’s outlasted every one of Sonny’s affairs. She asks Ava if she wants to test the latest flavor of the month against her. Ava notes they worked together well while Sonny was gone, and she doesn’t think that has to change. Ava promises to see to it that Carly remains part of Avery’s life.

Carly and Ava bicker GH

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Sonny wakes up on his couch at his penthouse with a hangover. Nina sits nearby and jokes they need to stop meeting like this. He asks what she’s doing there, and she fills him in on his latest bender. Nina thinks now that he’s up she should get going. He grabs her by the hand and says she doesn’t have to leave. She has a business to run, so Sonny convinces her to at least let him make her breakfast. Nina agrees.

Nina takes care of Sonny GH

Over breakfast, Sonny shows her the divorce papers and says it’s over, and he’ll be moving into the penthouse permanently. Nina brings up last night and how much he drank. Sonny asks if she’s calling him an alcoholic. She’s not but reminds him it’s unwise to mix alcohol with his medication. She’s worried about him and his erratic behavior. She becomes emotional, and Sonny pulls her into an embrace, which leads to a kiss.

Sonny's hung over GH

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At the hospital, Anna and Felicia arrive and Stella shouts, “It’s time to get loud in here!” Everyone applauds, and Mac gets out of his wheelchair to embrace and kiss Felicia. Anna and Robert exchange looks, and then Robert orders his brother back in his chair. Felicia wheels him back to his room. Robert jokes with Anna that he’s had her nominated for the keys to the city. She orders him to un-nominate her.

Robert and Anna find a private corridor, and Anna cries to Robert that she never did right by Peter and then she let him die. It’s not something she’s proud of. Anna tells Robert to just go on and say it, tell her not to spend another moment focused on Peter and move on with her life now that he’s gone. Robert tells her that Peter isn’t gone, he’s still sitting on her shoulder like a weight around her neck. Anna feels partly responsible for the blood Peter spilled. Robert says none of it was her fault. He suggests she take the part of her heart she gave to Peter and give it to someone who deserves her love. “But not that Cassadine,” he laughs.

In Mac’s room, he asks Felicia about Maxie. She tells him that Maxie is going to pick up her little girl as they speak. Mac thinks he should send some squad cars over just in case, but she takes his phone away from him. They talk about what she did, and how proud Mac is of her.

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By the nurses’ station, Stella speaks with Portia about getting a refill on her new blood pressure medication. Talk turns to her and Curtis moving in together, and Stella hopes her place is big enough for Curtis and his stubborn pride. Portia says he is only moving in until they find a place of their own. Stella feels this will be good for Curtis but warns her to keep an eye out for trouble.

Portia warned to be on watch GH

Portia assumes this is about Marshall. Stella feels Curtis is vulnerable, especially with regards to Marshall, and he may ignore the signs not to get too close. Portia notes it’s as if Stella thinks Marshall is going to hurt Curtis. Stella says Marshall wouldn’t hurt Curtis intentionally, but his secret past could. She asks Portia to simply keep her ears open.

At the gym, Drew arrives to find Curtis working out with Marshall. Curtis introduces Drew to Marshall, and he recalls their meeting at The Savoy. Marshall notes there are few who cross Sonny and live to talk about it. Drew says he and Sonny go way back, and his behavior that night wasn’t normal Sonny. Drew feels if Marshall got to know Sonny that he’d find he’s a generous guy. Marshall will pass and says in his experience guys like Sonny are generous because they have something to make up for.

After Marshall heads to the locker room, Drew asks Curtis if he’s still digging into his father’s past. Curtis admits he let it go. He was not only hitting walls, but also he feels knowing too much could be a curse. Curtis does worry though that what Marshall is hiding could come back to bite him and hurt Portia in the process. Drew offers to put his plan into place if he wants. Curtis asks if he’s down for this because he’s got enough going on. Curtis comments that Peter may be gone, but is Drew done with everything he needed to do? Drew admits there are one or two more things left on his plate.

Drew offers to put plan into place GH

Marshall exits the locker room and asks if Drew and Curtis had a nice talk. Drew says they did, and suggests Marshall get his number from Curtis because he might have a proposition for him. Drew then heads out.

At Brook Lynn and Chace’s place, Ned offers his daughter and Chase support for what’s to come. The doorbell rings and BLQ invites Maxie in. Brook Lynn embraces her and tells her how good it is to see her, and what a relief it is that the Peter nightmare is over. Maxie says Peter won’t be threatening anyone ever again, her mother and Anna made sure of it. They all sit down, and Ned asks if there is anything they can do for her. Maxie says it’s more what she can do for them, and that’s to take her daughter home.

BLQ and Chase meet Maxie GH

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BLQ and Chase excuse themselves to get Louise, and Maxie speaks with Ned about Peter’s death. She imagined it several times over the months but admits she’s been most afraid that Louise wouldn’t want to come home to her. She cries that Brook Lynn is the only mother she’s known. Chase and BLQ appear with the baby, and Ned and Chase give the women a moment alone.

Maxie has news for BLQ GH

Brook Lynn hands Louise to Maxie and tells her, “That’s your mommy.” Maxie giggles as Louise touches her face. Maxie tells Brook Lynn that she’s decided to call her Bailey Louise, as she doesn’t want to take the only name that she’s known her whole life from her.

Outside, Chase and Ned talk about what’s next now that the charade is over. Ned assumes there is no reason for him and Brook Lynn to live together anymore, so what will he do? Chase thinks about the kiss.

Chase and Ned head back inside where Maxie thanks all of them for everything they did, and everything they gave up. Brook Lynn thanks her for trusting them with Bailey Louise. Maxie says speaking of names, she would like her to be Bailey Lu’s Momma Brook Lynn. BLQ cries she could live with that. Maxie heads out, and Brook Lynn breaks down. Ned takes his daughter in his arms.

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