Peter dies in Switzerland General Hospital
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On a dam in the woods of Switzerland, Peter tells Maxie that she was supposed to save him but she abandoned him instead. Before he can shoot her, Felicia runs up and clobbers him. He falls down the embankment into the snow. Maxie grabs his gun.

Felicia and Maxie turn on Peter in Switzerland General Hospital

Felicia rushes down and Anna and Drew trail after them. Drew discovers Peter is alive, if only barely. His death may not be any great loss but they should try to get an ambulance. Peter whimpers for Maxie to wait. She reminds him that he just tried to kill her and yells about all the people who are dead thanks to him. Drew tells him that if he survives, he will spend the rest of his life in a cell and no one will care about him. He’s got nothing. Anna assures Felicia she’s not in any trouble. She was protecting her daughter’s life. Peter continues to whimper. Maxie walks away with the others, leaving Anna alone with August.

Anna watches Peter die in Switzerland General Hospital

Anna admits she’s soft-hearted and always tries to see the good in people. He’s so much like his father: obsessed and entitled. As long as he’s alive, Maxie will not be safe. There is no ambulance coming and she’s advised the WSB to stay away. She won’t let him die alone. Even he doesn’t deserve that and she hopes he has some peace wherever he ends up. Peter dies. Anna sobs, closes his eyes, and double-checks his pulse. “It’s over. Goodbye Peter,” she says, stumbling off in tears.

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Chase and BLQ arrive at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Austin tells Britt that he will never forgive himself if Maxie is hurt. BLQ and Chase pop up. She assumes that if something is wrong, it must be Austin’s fault. They bicker until Britt shuts it down.

Mac and Robert discuss Maxie at General Hospital

BLQ and Chase go in to visit Mac and Robert, who are wondering where Felicia has disappeared to. Felicia calls to say everything is fine. He puts her on speaker and she says it again. Chase and BLQ tell her and Maxie that Louise is safe and sound. Maxie explains that Felicia hit Peter with a tire iron and he might not make it.

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Brando listens to Sonny at Charlie's General Hospital

Sonny sits at the bar in Charlie’s Pub and orders a drink. Brando finds him there. They talk about Sasha. Sonny toasts to things getting better for him. He knows what it’s like to lose a child but at least he has Sasha to lean on. Brando is trying. He wants to be there for Sonny too and guesses his drinking alone has something to do with Carly. Sonny explains they are getting a divorce. He doesn’t want it but she was eager to cut her losses. Now his daughters will see less of each other because he messed up. Brando is sure that they know how much he loves them. “You should never be sure people you love know how you feel,” Sonny tells him, urging him to show Sasha how much he loves her.

Sonny gives Brando advice at Charlie's General Hospital

Brando explains they grieve differently and he doesn’t want to put any pressure on her. She can’t look at him without being reminded of Liam. Sonny suggests he give her a change of scenery and offers his place in Niagara Falls. “Time apart is not good for anyone,” he insists. After he’s left alone, he looks at Carly’s number but decides not to call. He calls Nina instead and leaves a drunken message about how Sonny isn’t doing well these days but he knows how much she loves “Mike.” He’s being stupid and wonders where she is. “I just need to talk to somebody,” he says.

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Lucy and Nina talk Sasha at Kelly's General Hospital

Lucy rushes out and prevents Nina from entering Kelly’s. They talk about the delay in launching the IPO while Maxie is absent. She’s worried about what Sasha wants to discuss. They think that she is using work to avoid facing her grief.

Nina checks on Sasha at Kelly's General Hospital

Inside, Sasha’s former dealer finds her sitting at a table and offers to hook her up. Sasha tells her she’s not using anymore. Nina and Lucy join her. She impresses them with all the work she’s been doing. Lucy walks off to call Martin and Nina asks Sasha if she’s been spending time with Brando. Sasha says they had a talk and she loves him. She’s worried about losing him. Brando pops up and Lucy decides to wrap up the meeting and rushes out. Nina takes that as a sign to leave too. She tells Sasha to call if she needs to talk and exits.

Brando asks Sasha on trip at Kelly's General Hospital

Brando joins Sasha and she says she’s happy to see him. That gives him some hope she will agree to run away with him for a few days. He gives her a few options and explains he was hoping they could reconnect by focusing on the here and now rather than the past. “Let’s do it,” she says staring off before agreeing to go to Niagara Falls. She walks him out and then returns to the bar and asks her dealer for help. “I need something to get me through the next couple of days,” she says.

Nina arrives at Charlie’s as Sonny is stumbling toward the door.

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Back in Switzerland, Maxie and Felicia explain how she tracked down Peter. “I don’t think I have ever hit anything as hard in my entire life,” Felicia says. Anna joins them. Maxie notes there is no ambulance. Anna informs her that Peter is dead. She watched him take his last breath. Maxie throws her arms around her.

Stepping aside, Anna admits to Felicia that she made sure Peter was dead. Felicia thinks she did the right thing. Anna doesn’t know about right but it was necessary. She regrets not finding a way to stop him sooner. The Peter that she once believed was her son never really existed. “This nightmare is finally over,” Felicia says. Returning to the others, Anna announces they can all go home. Maxie tears up, unable to believe this is really happening. Felicia hugs her and thanks Anna again.

Obrecht and Britt learn Peter dead at General Hospital

The news of Peter’s death spreads through General Hospital. Obrecht asks Britt for the booze in her office so they can celebrate. She goes to Robert with a bottle and asks if he will join her celebration. He can’t turn that down.

Mac and Robert sit with Louise and admit they never thought this would end with Felicia killing Faison’s son.

BLQ and Chase kiss at General Hospital

Chase gets BLQ some chips from the vending machine and tells her how nice it is to see her happy. She’s ecstatic the truth can now come out. He guesses it will be hard for her to let Bailey go. She admits it, but the whole point was to keep the baby safe for Maxie. He can’t wait for people to know the truth about how noble she has been. Telling her she’s incredible, he kisses her. She drops the chips. He helps her pick them up and they remember this will be their last night as Bailey’s parents.

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Austin knows how Britt feels about Peter, but he was still her brother, so is she okay? She admits he always made her life hell and she just feels relieved that her father’s demented bloodline ends with Peter. “So, no kids for you, huh?” he asks. She says it’s unlikely and changes the topic to Maxie, asking what will happen when he sees her again.

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