Peter almost Kills Maxie GH
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In Carly’s office at The Metro Court, she meets with her lawyer Rebecca. Sonny enters with his lawyer Malcolm (played by David Rees Snell) who Rebecca knows is a formidable opponent. They sit down to begin negotiations. Rebecca explains that her client has a list of demands, and she’s willing to give up all their shared assets except the house they shared. Sonny won’t allow that seeing she abandoned him.

Sonny is defeated GH

Rebecca points out how many properties he owns, and that Carly only wants one property. Sonny counters that is Donna and Avery’s house and the only one they know. Carly tells Sonny if he wants it then fine because Donna will have two homes anyways. Rebecca suggests they move on to the issue of Donna’s custody. Rebecca believes the girl belongs with Carly, but Sonny doesn’t want her living out of a hotel. Malcolm points out that his client will retain custody of Avery, and asks if they feel it is in the best interest to keep the sisters apart. Rebecca asks Carly what she wants to do.

Sonny asks to speak with Carly in private, so the lawyers excuse themselves. Carly wants Donna with her, but Sonny can’t imagine not living with his daughter. She feels the same about Avery. He doesn’t want to separate the girls because of her, but Carly tells him this is on him. He set this path in motion by sleeping with Nina.

Carly blames Sonny GH

Sonny admits she’s right, he made mistakes that hurt her, and it shouldn’t have happened. Carly says not just her, but their kids. Sonny doesn’t want to break up Donna and Avery and has a proposition. He suggests they stay together, live together, and lose the romantic aspect of the marriage in order to continue parenting the girls. Carly says that is impossible. She wants Donna and Avery to see a loving and healthy relationship, and that’s not what they are anymore. Carly cries the girls will get hurt, but they will get through it. Sonny says Donna can live with her, she can have the house, and he’ll move into the penthouse. She thanks him.

Sonny invites the lawyers back in. Carly tells Rebecca that she and Sonny have reached an agreement, and she can draw up the divorce papers.

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At Kelly’s, Joss calls out Esme for lying when she claims she knew about the gift Spencer gave Trina and demands she tell them what it is. Esme stalls and doesn’t know why Joss cares about this. Joss says she’d love to forget about it, but Esme keeps popping up everywhere with her “I’ve changed” act. Esme cries it’s not an act, she’s trying to own up to what she did and build bridges between them.

Esme is stone cold GH

Joss tells Esme they’ll never be friends if she keeps manipulating people, and that includes Spencer. Esme tells Joss that Trina accepted her apology, but Joss says she only did it to be done with her. Joss and Esme continue to bicker, and Joss points out that the gift Spencer got Trina was a book of art, a very thoughtful gift. She eggs Esme to admit how angry that makes her. Esme claims she tried her best to make things better and walks off to sit at the counter. There she opens her purse and looks at the burner phone she recorded Joss and Cam having sex on.

Joss calls out Esme GH

Upset, Trina accuses Joss of causing more problems and she should have just stayed out of it. Joss apologizes if she took things too far, but she just wants what’s best for her. Trina says she only made things worse. Joss doesn’t understand how. Trina tells her to think hard about it and storms out after getting a text from her study group. Joss gets a call from Avery, who appears upset, so she exits to get better reception.

Joss made it worse for Trina

At the counter, Esme smiles as she watches Joss and Trina leave She quickly swaps SIM cards between two phones. She then puts her phone back into her purse. Trina returns to the table, as does Joss. Joss explains Avery lost her markers but she told her where to find them. Trina’s study group texted about their upcoming meeting. Joss again apologizes, but Trina says, “Gotta go,” and rushes out. Esme approaches Joss and knows she was just defending Trina, and she hopes her friend appreciates it.

Esme leaves and outside pulls her phone out of the purse. She looks at the video of Cam and Joss and says it’s almost showtime.

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On the pier, Sam listens in as Victor talks to his henchman, who has bad news. Sam records them as Yohan tells Victor that their contact has lost Peter. Victor feels Yohan’s going to have to go and take care of Peter himself. Sam steps backward and accidentally stumbles over bottles, making noise. Yohan, gun drawn, goes to check things out, but Sam is long gone. He suspects it was just a cat. Victor tells Yohan he has his orders. Yohan takes off, and Victor looks around and sees a plastic bottle Sam squashed.

Victor and Ivan are startled

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At the hospital, Laura talks to her assistant and spots Robert bumbling around. She thinks this can’t be good, approaches him, and asks what has happened. Robert explains there’s been a complication in Switzerland. He fills her in on Felicia going there despite Anna asking her not to. Laura’s crooked assistant listens in. Robert says Mac is worried sick about his wife when he should be focused on recovery.

Laura’s assistant approaches to tell her that one of the city’s projects has been delayed. Laura asks her to follow up and get her a time on when it will be completed. She steps away but listens in as Sam arrives. The PI is glad to see Robert and could use his help. The assistant returns and explains a health crisis has caused the project delay, so Laura sends her back to the office to deal with it. Alone, Sam shows Robert and Laura the video she took and asks about the other man. Robert and Laura recall Victor brought his henchman to the restaurant the other day and called him Yohan. Sam tells Laura that Victor was asking him about an associate looking for Peter, but the associate disappeared.

Sam and Laura Chat

Robert consults his WSB contacts about Victor’s man and learns he was most recently spotted in Austria over Christmas. Laura notes that’s where Luke’s supposed accident was. Robert asks what she means, “supposed.” Laura has had her suspicions that Victor was behind Luke’s death. She points out Luke’s death and Victor’s return all coincided with the Ice Princess resurfacing.

Laura worries about Victor GH

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Back on the pier, Laura’s assistant meets with Victor and tells him that Sam, Robert and Laura are getting too close.

Outside the cabin in Switzerland, Anna, Dante and Drew open fire on it. Anna shouts for Peter to give himself up and send out Maxie unharmed. The WSB backup is taking too long to arrive, so Anna notes they need to take the house themselves before Peter has a chance to escape. Drew tells Anna to distract Peter with gunfire and he and Dante will try and make their way in. They put the plan into motion, with Dante and Drew breaking in.

Drew and Dante storm the cabin. Inside is the crocked WSB agent Krieger, and they all exchange fire. The agent goes down, and after Anna enters. She demands to know where Peter is. The agent says he’s not there. Drew looks around and reveals Peter is gone. Krieger tries to claim he and another local freelancer tried to take Peter down, but Anna calls bull. She thinks he was working for Peter, but Krieger swears says this was all a case of friendly fire. Anna and Drew decide to try and go after Peter, and Dante stays behind with the crooked agent.

Drew storms the cabin GH

The agent keeps compression on his bullet wound as Dante stands guard. Dante surmises he’s sold himself out, which is why he didn’t shoot Drew when he had the chance. He guesses his employer wants Drew kept alive.

Maxie gets to the road and flags down a car that turns out to be driven by Felicia. After embracing, Maxie says Peter’s following her, so they need to go. They jump in the car and take off. Maxie asks how she found her, and Felicia explains the course of events that led her there. Suddenly a car speeds up behind them. The car rams them and forces them off the road. In the aftermath, Felicia ends up unconscious at the wheel. Maxie decides to lead Peter away from her mother. She taunts him to come after her as he gives chace.

Felicia saves Maxie GH

Peter catches up to Maxie at an industrial complex and aims a gun at her. He orders her to come back to him, or he will shoot her where she stands. Maxie cries she would rather die than go with him, so pull the trigger. However, if he does, then he can’t tell himself that there is still good in him. She asks him to admit he’s a monster. Peter screams she was supposed to save him, but she abandoned him! As he goes to take the shot, Felicia sneaks up and clobbers him from behind. Peter falls off the structure and into the snow below unconscious.

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