Maxie taunts Peter of escape in cabin General Hospital
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At the Metro Court, Laura tells Ava that she admires her. Even after all the horrible things that Spencer did to her, she still encouraged Nikolas to make peace with his son. Esme arrives, eager for some surf and turf. Once Ava leaves them, Laura complains about Esme being late. She tells her they need to have a serious talk. Things need to change. She lectures her for the way she takes advantage of her hospitality and doesn’t respect the rules. What’s more, the way she treats Ava and getting involved with Ryan are both unacceptable.

Laura lectures Esme at Metro Court General Hospital

Esme says that her class at PCU and her internship have her a sense of purpose. That’s why she pushed back when Kevin shut off her access to Ryan. She admits it’s tough to be away from Spencer. He’s the only person who cares about her. Laura says that she and Kevin care. Esme mentions her nanny used to care for her after her parents died. She complains about Spencer’s friends hating her so Laura suggests she try to mend things and build a support system beyond her boyfriend. Esme tears up and says she wants to go and mend some fences. Laura will bring dinner home for her. “Home… I like the sound of that,” Esme says.

Ava and Olivia talk Leo at Metro Court General Hospital

Across the dining room, Ned tells Olivia that he and Leo are planning to go for a swim. Ava bumps into them and Olivia reminds him he met her at the gallery with all the animal pictures. Ned leads the kid across the room so the women can talk. Ava says that Leo reminds her a lot of Julian. Liv informs her that he’s been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Ava feels awful about how she has been neglecting her nephew. Olivia tells her that there is a great team of doctors and therapists who have been helping. She’s learned that she has patience she had no idea she was capable of. Julian is gone, but Ned is in the process of adopting Leo. Liv goes on about how great Ned is with him and how amazing their bond is. Ava says they are terrific and is sure that Julian would agree. Olivia tells her it’s never too late to get to know Leo.

Ned and Laura discuss Tracy’s legal woes. He says the WSB has cleared her of all charges in the stolen diamond. Ava and Olivia join them and chat with Leo about the book he’s drawing.

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Joss and Trina talk Spencer at Kelly's General Hospital

At Kelly’s, Trina and Joss are talking about the temporary warm front. It’s almost enough to force them to get their summer clothes out. Joss isn’t about to risk running into Sonny at home after what he did. She’d like to put all the blame on Nina but no one tells Sonny what to do. Trina says that sometimes you can’t help caring about someone you probably shouldn’t. “Like you and Spencer?” Joss asks. She worries about their friendship. They haven’t been sharing since what happened at the cabin. Trina explains that Spencer got her a Valentine’s gift. She tries to downplay it but Joss doesn’t buy it. “What are you two again?” she asks, telling her that she’s no one’s sidepiece. Trina orders her to change the subject. Joss says she and Cam had sex in the cabin. Everything feels regular and natural. He was sweet and romantic. Her friend is proud of Cam for making her feel so special. That’s what Joss wants for her too and she can’t see that coming from Spencer. Esme sends a text to Trina asking to talk. Joss says block her. Trina agrees to meet her instead.

Esme apologizes to Joss and Trina at Kelly's General Hospital

Esme arrives, much to Joss’ chagrin. She apologizes to Trina and admits she was trying to create drama at the cabin. She admits they intimidate her since they have great families and friends. She was feeling territorial about the only person who cares about her. Trina accepts the apology. Esme explains that Laura has encouraged her to expand her friendships. Joss doesn’t waste any time telling her that Spencer gave Trina a Valentine’s gift.

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Nikolas visits Spencer at Spring Ridge General Hospital

At Spring Ridge, Spencer tells his father his visit wasn’t in his horoscope. After he derides the accommodations, Nikolas asks his son if he minds if he sticks around. They catch up on the Peter situation. The prince says his time is running out. He’s glad that Victor is protecting him in there, but he doesn’t know what he’s capable of. Spencer refuses to listen to any criticism of his uncle and threatens to return to his cell. His father repeats that Victor’s protection comes at a price. Nikolas wants to do what he can to help. His son asks him to get Ava to drop the restitution. When the prince refuses, Spencer accuses him of putting his wife before his child.

Nikolas warns of Victor at Spring Ridge General Hospital

Nikolas insists there is room for both of them in his life. This vendetta is not getting him anywhere but jail. Spencer tells him he was looking for justice for him. He put their relationship above all others. Why can’t his father do the same? Nikolas says his job as his father is to teach him to take responsibility for himself. When his son calls Ava a “bitch”, Nikolas says he has no right to refer to any woman that way. His son reminds him he had a woman shot. A guard gets between them. Spencer asks his father not to bother visiting again.

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Peter has Maxie captive in cabin General Hospital

At the farmhouse in Switzerland, Maxie suggests to Peter that they take a walk. He tells her that the wolves come out after dark. She realizes this is a threat and admits to Peter that she plans to escape the first chance she gets. He thought she’d manage to keep up the charade for at least 48 hours. This was pretty pathetic. She couldn’t play it anymore. Her children are safe so all he gets from her now is the truth.

Maxie wants to go back to the beginning, to the death of the man she really loved: Nathan. She reminds Peter of how he manipulated Lulu and Nathan to lure Faison back. “Did you set that whole thing up to get rid of the brother you knew in your heart was a better man than you would ever be?” she asks. He didn’t plan it but it couldn’t have worked out better if he had. Maxie says she convinced herself that he was the next best thing and never looked past his facade. He played her and she let him. “Brava!” Peter claps. “I dug this hole, so I guess I gotta climb out of it, or die trying,” she says. He reminds her there are wolves outside and suggests she relax. She knees him in the groin and takes off. “I’m never letting you go!” he bellows.

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Maxie pants as she jogs through the woods. Looking at the sky, she is grateful that Spinelli was always telling her about the constellations because she can tell which way to go. She makes her way to the road and tries waving down a car.

Anna and WSB have lead on Peter in Switzerland General Hospital

At the WSB office, Anna and the agents continue digging around for where Peter might be. Dante is restless and Drew tries to keep him calm by assuring him that Peter’s arrogance will make him slip up. The agents continue to bicker over clues. Agent Muller discovers the lead they need. As they check it out on the map, agent Krieger leaves, claiming he is notifying the local authorities.

Dante, Drew, and Anna go out to Peter’s farmhouse. With their guns out, they surround it, preparing to storm in.

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