Peter has Maxie in hiding at farm General Hospital
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Laura visits Spencer at Spring Ridge. She’s worried that Victor’s looking after him and they talk about how great Trina is. He hopes that if she can trust his judgment of Trina, she can be as generous about Victor. His grandmother points out they aren’t remotely comparable. Victor is responsible for countless deaths and tried to take over the world with a weather machine.

Spencer worries Laura at Spring Ridge General Hospital

If he can see the good in Victor, she wonders why he can’t see it in his father. He reminds her that his father abandoned him. Laura says he’s already punished Nikolas. Spencer tells her that he’s systematically removed all the people he’s cared about and put Ava first. He feels safe in there knowing that Victor has his back. She reminds him that he’s not alone and adds he offered to try and forgive his father when he’s released. “I said ‘maybe’,” he points out.

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Ava and Nikolas talk Victor's agenda General Hospital

With Nikolas at the Metro Court, Ava is getting excited as they talk about love and he recites poetry. Victor interrupts and talks about romantic poetry. He even collects it. As he complains about how he learned as head of the WSB that authoritarianism leads to administration, he says he only wants to save the world one person at a time. They start prodding him about Peter taking Maxie. He insists he washed his hands of Peter in Crete and asks about their vow renewal. They say it’s private. Victor is disappointed; he’s already planned a gift: a reunion between Nikolas and his son.

Victor talks retaliation at Metro Court General Hospital

They discuss the situation with Spencer. He asks Ava if she really wants to be the wicked stepmother and deny him a place at the renewal ceremony. The adults should be making the first gestures of reconciliation. Laura interrupts and says that Spencer doesn’t need his help. She informs his parents that he has at least one guard looking after him in Spring Ridge. Victor confirms it and walks off. Laura sits down and Ava admits that Victor has a point. Nikolas says that Victor’s bid for peace is intended to do the opposite. Laura warns that he is deviously dangerous but Ava thinks he could reveal himself if they play along. The mayor encourages her son to swallow his pride and go visit his son. He doubts his son would be open to that but his wife encourages it, even though she can’t stand Spencer. Once the women usher him off, Ava wonders what Laura is up to. The mayor is determined to find out what Victor is up to.

Victor drops by Spring Ridge to see Spencer, who thanks him for all his help. Spencer says that other than his grandmother, he’s the only person he can count on. Him being locked up there is putting some stress on his relationship with Esme. Victor doesn’t want to get in the way of his relationship with his family. “You are my family,” Spencer says. After he gets a call, Victor has to go. On the way, he assures his grandnephew he’s doing all he can to change people’s perception of him. “Big things are in the wind and we’re going to need to stick together as a family,” he tells him. That includes Nikolas. After he’s gone, Nikolas arrives.

Victor meets with his henchman Johann, who tells him that Anna, Drew, and Dante have arrived in Switzerland. Victor orders Peter eliminated immediately. The others are expendable too, but Drew needs to be saved.

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Britt threatens to harpoon Obrecht at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Austin and Obrecht wonder if Victor found the bug they planted. Sam joins them and they worry about how Drew might still be under Peter’s influence. She wants to go to Switzerland herself. Britt pops up and forbids that, threatening to send her to a mental ward or spear her with a harpoon gun. Looking at Obrecht, Austin says someone has been keeping tabs on Victor. He explains they planted a bug on Victor and the little they heard before it was destroyed. Mulling things over, something starts to click for Liesl.

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On a flight, Felicia flashes back to arguing with Anna and agreeing not to go on the trip to Switzerland. She’s disobeyed that and starts looking for a rental car. As she looks at a map, she remembers when Peter told her that his favorite place on earth was in the Swiss Alps. Soon, she remembers the name of the town where the little farm he recalled so fondly was.

Dante, Anna and Drew talk Peter's location General Hospital

In Switzerland, agents Muller and Krieger tell Anna, Drew, and Dante that they have interviewed the woman who found Maxie’s message, have a shot of the car and license plate. There is an alert out and people are searching but they are quickly running out of clues. Looking at a map, they try to figure out where Peter would hide. They wonder if he’s trying to pass himself off as a tourist. When Anna hears about a salt mine, she wonders if that’s where he is. Leafing through his novel, she looks for clues. Obrecht calls and tells her she will find Peter in the salt mines. Muller finds three of them on the map. Obrecht tells them to find the farm where he went as a child. Krieger gets a call and steps away. Johann orders him to take out Peter and the others, saving Drew.

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Peter tells Maxie of escape plan in Switzerland General Hospital

When Peter brings Maxie into the farmhouse he bought, he tells her he likes it out there in the middle of nowhere. No one will ever find them there. She asks if it’s really possible to disappear. If he’s wrong, he’s already got an escape plan in place. It would be a short trip to the Autobahn and numerous borders. Suddenly, he notices her earrings are gone. She claims it was just random costume jewelry. He misses their daughter. Once the trail goes cold and it is safe, they can bring Louise to them. If the worst happens, he’s prepared and pulls out a gun. After she gets him to put it away, she tells him that she realized that love is what’s driving him when she saw how willing he was to give up Louise. She just has to live in hope that their family will be reunited one day. Maxie starts asking him about the location and the village nearby. After he gives her a name, she claims it’s cold so he goes off to build a fire. She begins rifling through some maps. When he returns, she suggests they take a walk. That might have to wait, “It’s getting dark soon. That’s when the wolves come out,” he says.

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Back in Port Charles, Obrecht tells Britt, Austin, and Sam that Peter will not go down without a fight.

On the next General Hospital: Laura sets Esme straight.

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