MAxie leaves a message for help GH
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At the Metro Court, Brando finds Sasha (temporarily played by Helena Mattsson), on the phone. He apologizes for ambushing her, but he hasn’t been able to get ahold of her for days. She explains she’s just been working a lot. He’s glad to see she’s managing everything so well, but he’s not. Sasha admits she has been avoiding him because he wants to express his feelings and she can’t do that.

Brando needs to express his grief with the person he loves and wants to spend his life with. If they can’t do that, then what are they doing? Sasha wants to be there for him but fears if she stops moving forward, then she won’t stop looking backward. Brando worries he’s a reminder of what she lost. Sasha assures him this isn’t about him, it’s about her, and she loves him.

Brando questions motives

In a corner, Victor’s henchman tells him the target is on the docks and alone. Victor looks at a tarot card and suggests they get going.

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Drew runs into Sam on the docks, and both were hoping to find clues on Maxie and Peter’s whereabouts. Victor arrives and hopes he’s not interrupting. The Cassadine is glad to run into Drew as he has something that might interest him. He pulls out the tarot card and tells him, “You’re active.” Sam asks what the hell is that, and Drew wonders if that is supposed to mean something to him.

Victor quickly claims the WSB gave it to him after finding it in Greece. He says it must be from the deck Peter used to control him. He hands it over, suggesting Drew hold onto it for safekeeping. Sam calls Victor’s explanation BS. Drew takes her aside and asks her to leave him alone with Victor. However, if he doesn’t show up at the hospital later, come looking for him.

Victor brainwashes Drew GH

After Sam departs, Drew pins Victor against the wall and threatens him. In the process, Obrecht’s bug falls off Victor’s collar, and Drew accidentally steps on it. Drew tells him he knows he was trying to activate him, and that Sam and Jason found out how Peter’s trick works. He laughs that Victor drew the wrong card.

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At the hospital, Finn is shocked to see Liz at work seeing that her shift ended hours ago. She explains Cam wants to live in the dorms, so she needs to pick up extra shifts to afford it.

Finn confronts Liz GH

Anna finds Felicia pacing in tears and asks what has happened. Off-camera Felicia fills her in on giving Louise back to Brook Lynn and Chase. Anna tells her it was the right thing to do, which Felicia knows, but she wishes she had some connection to Maxie. Anna gives her Maxie’s earring that was found with the baby and promises her that she’ll stop at nothing to bring Maxie home.

Felicia in tears GH

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Anna interrupts Finn and Liz and tells them the PCPD has increased patrols at Chase and Brook Lynn’s place in case Peter makes another attempt for the baby. Finn feels this wouldn’t have happened if he just finished him. Liz gives him a look, and Finn quickly claims he just meant he shouldn’t have given into Peter’s blackmail. Liz leaves, and Anna knows he’s protecting someone else who was in the stairwell with him and rest assured, that person is under her protection too. The two check in with one another. Anna states that while she’s alone, she’s not lonely. She also can fully focus on finding Maxie and bringing Peter to justice. She’s glad he’s found something with Liz.

Elsewhere, Dione gives Liz a card which she says someone left for her. Liz opens it, and it reads, “We are both thinking of him today – B”

Obrecht startles Austin, who has been listening to the bug on Victor, which has been mind-numbingly boring. Obrecht tells him to consider it his penance for what happened to Maxie. Austin suddenly hears Victor talking to two people, Sam and Drew. As he listens in, he winces in pain when Drew smashes the bug and it sends feedback to his earpiece.

Austin is stoic GH

Laura checks in on Mac and Felicia and then gives them privacy. Mac asks his wife how things went. Felicia says their granddaughter is very happy with Brook Lynn and Chase. Mac promises her that it’s only temporary, and they’ll visit her often, so she learns they are family too. He notes soon, Maxie will be home and back with all of them.

Elsewhere, Peter speeds away in a car with Maxie, promising nobody will find them. Maxie says he’s been quiet about where they are going. He brings up his time in the boarding school that Faison sent him to, which was the happiest he was as a child. During breaks, he and other students would go to this cabin on a farm in the woods. He bought it when it went up for sale. Once they are safe and secure, they can send for Louise. She asks where this place is but Peter says it’s best she not know for her protection. Maxie explains if she doesn’t how long they will be in the car, then they’ll need to stop for a restroom break.

Peter flees with Maxie

Peter stops at a restroom for Maxie and stands guard outside. Maxie begins searching the trash and locates something useful. She overhears someone speaking to Peter outside in German. Maxie calls out to Peter that she’s finished and is coming out. After Maxie leaves, a woman enters. Scrawled on the mirror in lipstick is a message for help and a number in the US to call Anna.

Back at the hospital, Anna gets an international call. It’s the woman in the restroom in Switzerland relaying the message and the fact the woman left an earring behind.

Anna, along with Drew and Sam, go to see Mac and Felicia. She tells them that they’ve found Maxie. Anna explains everything, and Anna and Drew plan to book tickets to Switzerland.

Anna takes Drew aside later and is concerned that Peter could manage to control him again. He tells her what he told Jason, to end him if she needs to.

Laura finds Obrecht and Austin, who are discussing their theories. Obrecht thinks Laura could help them as it involves a good friend of hers, Victor Cassadine. They explain about Drew and the tarot card that controls him. Laura feels Victor needs something from Drew, which may be the key to why he came back.

Laura feels a threat GH

Meanwhile, Finn finds Liz upset. She shows him the card, and he asks who B could be? Liz says she’d guess it’s Betsy Frank, Franco’s adoptive mother. Finn thinks she should call it a night, but Liz insists she’s fine.

liz works too hard GH

Back on the docks, Victor rants that Peter has deceived him once again. His henchman offers his help but doesn’t know what he should look for. Feeling he’s earned his trust, Victor reveals that Drew has memories of the location of a long-buried Cassadine secret that he’s been searching for over the years. Victor then spots the broken microchip on the ground.

Back in Switzerland, Maxie and Peter are back in the car. He apologizes for hovering at the restroom, but they had to be careful. Maxie continues to play along and tells him it may not seem like it, but she is happy and is going to enjoy her future.

Maxie is hostage GH

On the next General Hospital: Peter reveals he has an escape plan. Anna tells Drew she believes Peter is telling them what he’s planning. Laura worries about Spencer.

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