Harmony tells Alexis she's not Willow's mom in office General Hospital
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At the Metro Court, Willow is baffled about why there is no record of her birth. She just hopes her mom can find her copy. Michael is starting to wonder if this is more than a clerical error. She tries calling her mom but Harmony is not picking up. She guesses she must really be keeping something from her. Michael promises they will get to the bottom of this. She takes off for school.

Sonny snaps at Michael at Metro Court General Hospital

Sonny rushes in and tells his son he’s looking for Carly. He needs to find her before she does something they will both regret. Michael assumes this is about the surprise that went badly. Sonny explains Carly is hiring a divorce attorney. He admits that she caught him with Nina while “things” were happening. Sonny insists he didn’t want to hurt his wife. Michael is disgusted by all this. He’s betrayed the family with a woman who held him hostage. When he calls him stupid, Sonny yells at him to watch it and orders him to show some respect. Michael asks him to be decent. Sonny vaguely unpacks what happened on the Haunted Star. His son says that even if Carly didn’t show up, that wasn’t the green light for him to sleep with Nina.

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Joss complains about Esme to Carly at Metro Court General Hospital

Carly is thrilled when Joss shows up at her suite at the Metro Court. She mentions that Avery has been wondering why she isn’t staying at the house. Her mom admits she doesn’t know when she’s coming home. Joss is worried. She watched her fight for the family for months only for it all to fall apart because of Sonny’s lies. She’s sure she needs someone to lean on now that Jason is gone. Her mom doesn’t want her focusing on her when she’s got her own life to worry about. She gets her daughter to talk about what happened at the cabin with Esme. Spencer can be a decent friend, but not when he’s under Esme’s thumb. It’s disappointing that he falls for her games. Carly is impressed she’s gone from an ear of corn to the woman she is now.

Carly tells Joss it's over with Sonny at Metro Court General Hospital

She confirms that her marriage to Sonny is over. Joss realizes that she caught him with Nina. She starts ranting about what a monster Nina is. Carly gets a text from Michael, warning that Sonny is on the way. Seconds later, he’s at the door. Once Joss leaves them alone, her mom tells Sonny that Joss figured everything out. When she demands to know why he’s there, he says he wants to stop her from making a huge mistake. He claims he’s sorry for everything but wants to know what’s next. “It’s divorce,” she says. She’s disgusted and wants to hurt him. He already knows she met with a divorce lawyer. When he asks to talk, she turns him down. He made his choices and now she’s making hers. “It’s over,” she repeats. He agrees to leave her alone…for now.

Joss joins Michael in the restaurant and they vent about Sonny and Nina. They both think he’s really changed since Nixon Falls and not for the better. She’s sure that Nina wanted to tear their family apart and won’t stop until she gets what she wants.

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Curtis asks Portia to move in at Kelly's General Hospital

Portia joins Curtis at Kelly’s to make plans for the night. She’s off the clock for a day and a half. He suggests they have a quiet night in. Curtis is thinking of giving Stella his place and he’d like them to move in together. She suggests they look together and agrees. They kiss. She feels like she’s dreaming. Not wanting to wait, she asks him to move in with her while they search for a new place. She’s sure Trina will be fine with that. She assures him he’s not rushing her.

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Felicia shows Louise to Mac at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Felicia gushes over Louise after BLQ places her in her arms. She thanks her for taking such good care of her granddaughter. As she fawns over the child, BLQ suggests she give her some time to adjust to her new name and explains some of the baby’s habits. Nina watches from down the hall as Felicia promises that the baby will be well taken care of. They can come and visit whenever they want. Getting upset, BLQ runs off. Nina chases after with the cop following. Felicia sits down and plays with the baby. Mac is wheeled out to see them. She says it feels wrong to be with the little girl without Maxie. Mac promises they will get her back and make Peter pay. The baby starts to cry. Felicia says they are strangers to her and she needs her mom. “Or the closest thing to it,” he suggests.

Willow is cornered by Nina at General Hospital

Nina and Chase find BLQ at the elevators. They guess it must have been excruciating to give up the baby. BLQ doesn’t want to talk about this and leaves with Chase. When Nina turns around, she spots Willow and asks if something is wrong with Wiley. Willow says he’s fine. She’s just there for class. Nina tells her she just saw BLQ give up Bailey. They say nothing is harder than that. Admitting that it looks like there will be no peace with Carly, Nina asks if she will be able to see her grandson again. She doesn’t have much family and if she loses this piece of her life… Sitting down, she asks Willow about her unconventional childhood. Willow admits she felt lost and that hasn’t gotten better. Nina says her mom was brutal and if it wasn’t for her brother, she would have felt alone. Willow complains about how her mom was always more concerned about the community than her. It’s hard to have a mother you can’t trust. Nina tells her what a wonderful mother she is.

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BLQ assumes Chase will leave at General Hospital

When they get back to the beach house, BLQ assumes Chase must be ready to pack his things and go. He doesn’t see why. She says he was only there for Bailey and then freaks out when she notices Mr. Snuggles is still there. She cries about how scared the baby must be without him. He hugs her and she asks him to tell her how to handle this. Brook Lynn always knew Bailey would go back to her mom, so she doesn’t know why this hurts so much. She doesn’t want to say goodbye to people she loves anymore. He tells her she doesn’t have to. They almost kiss but Felicia shows up with the baby. She wants the baby with her more than anything else in the world, but Louise needs them more right now. Crying, she promises to be back soon. “Looks like I’ll be sticking around after all,” Chase says.

In Alexis’ office at The Invader, Harmony confesses to her that she’s not Willow’s mother. Harmony explains that she lived on a commune in Colorado. She became friends with a pregnant woman named Joan who left her little girl there. The leader of the commune told her and her husband Douglas to raise her. They became attached and couldn’t stand the thought of losing her. They left the commune with her and never looked back. Douglas paid a forger for the birth certificate. If it had been a legal adoption, she would have told Willow about it. Things are fragile between them and she’s worried this could shatter their relationship. Given that Douglas paid for the forgery, Alexis suggests she might have a little legal wiggle room. That doesn’t mean she can avoid telling Willow the truth. Harmony doesn’t think she’s going to be forgiven this time.

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