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Carly returns to her office at the Metro Court and finds a hand-drawn valentine from Avery. Rebecca Diamond, her divorce lawyer, soon arrives. She gets right to discussing assets, but Carly only wanted to weigh her options first. The lawyer asks Carly for every gory detail, which Carly provides. The lawyer says they can take Sonny to the cleaners, but Carly fears Sonny will make this very ugly, which she doesn’t want. Rebecca points out that she has a secret weapon, Sonny himself. She says every judge knows Sonny and will immediately rule in Carly’s favor and she can guarantee her sole custody of Donna.

Carly's new lawyer Rebecca GH

Carly points out she’s gone through an ugly divorce before with Sonny and it hurt her children, so she doesn’t want to do that again. Rebecca notes there are tons of lawyers who would play nice, so why did she turn to her and what exactly does she want? Carly wants to go after Nina and make her pay for every lie she told, for the pain she caused, and everything she stole from her family. Carly asks if she can do that? Rebecca suggests they discuss her retainer.

Carly goes ahead with Divorce GH

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In his room at the Metro Court, Victor makes a call ordering Peter and Maxie be found. Austin arrives and gets physical with Victor, demanding to know where Peter took Maxie. He accuses him of helping Peter, but Victor says he has no proof. Austin produces a syringe when Obrecht appears behind him with a gun and suggests he put the needle away. She blames Austin for putting Maxie and her daughter in danger in the first place. Austin vows to see her share a cell with Victor and storms out.

Obrecht saves Victor from Peter GH

Victor thanks Obrecht for saving him and asks how he can repay her. She asks for his help finding Maxie. He wonders what is in it for him? She states if he helps her that it will enrage Peter, and they can enjoy watching him suffer together. Victor likes the idea of watching her make Peter pay. She plays on all the good they once shared and asks him to show her that human side of him again. He agrees to help and moves in for a kiss. Obrecht dodges his attempt, thanks him, and rushes out.

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In the restaurant, Harmony enters and tries to avoid Michael and Willow, but they spot her. Harmony makes excuses that she has a meeting to get to. Willow asks how hard it is to track down her daughter’s birth certificate. Harmony explains it’s taking so long because they moved around so much when she was younger. Harmony rushes off, and Michael wonders if Willow’s mother is even looking for the certificate.

Harmony panics GH

Willow knows her mom, and thanks to Shiloh, was taught to distrust others and the government. She notes Michael wouldn’t understand always having two stable families. Michael comments, “Not anymore…” Willow says seeing how great his family has been, she probably hasn’t given her own mom enough credit for turning her life around. She jokes, “Out of all of Wiley’s grandmothers, she might be the one that is drama-free.”

Michael and Willow talk harmony GH

Later, Michael gets a call from a contact at the state department looking into Willow’s birth certificate and is stunned. He tells Willow there is no birth certificate filed for her in any of the 50 states, or anywhere else in the world. According to the US government, she doesn’t exist.

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In the Invader office, a freelancer shows up asking Alexis why she didn’t use any of his stories and photos. Alexis explains they aren’t doing UFO stories or covering Bigfoot anymore. He has another scoop, Sonny’s messy divorce involving another woman. Alexis refuses, noting they’d get their butts sued for running that one. He storms out as Harmony enters.

Alexis wants to help HArmony GH

Harmony tells Alexis that Willow is still questioning her about the birth certificate. Alexis conferred with Diane, and there is no way a fake birth certificate can be used to get a passport. Harmony notes, “No legal way…” Alexis advises against that and suggests she tell Willow the truth and find a way to certify Willow’s birth unless she has a reason not to. Alexis warns her friend that whatever she’s running from, it will catch up to her, and she suspects there is something she’s not telling her. Harmony admits there is.

At Brook Lynn and Chase’s place, Ned and Olivia arrive to see their soon-to-be-former granddaughter. Chase hands the child to Ned, who then gives her to Olivia. Ned apologizes for how he treated Chase, noting he was dead wrong about him.

Ned tells Bailey, or Louise, that she’ll always be a part of their family, and she brought them together. They take several family photos with Bailey before BLQ and Chase depart to take her to the hospital and give her to Mac and Felicia.

At the hospital, Britt and Nina discuss Peter taking off with Maxie. They deduce Victor told Peter the truth, but Nina can’t figure out who told Victor about Louise. Austin enters, and Britt comments, “Speak of the devil.” Austin admits it is his fault, but he didn’t give Victor the information deliberately. Britt says thanks to Nina bringing her mother into all of this, Austin should watch his back. Nina agrees her aunt can be ruthless.

Britt and Nina talk Austin GH

Obrecht arrives and declares she needs to borrow the good doctor Austin. Britt questions why, and her mother assures Britt that they understand one another now. She drags Austin off, and Britt warns Nina about being careful when it comes to Carly, who could burn her life down. Nina says this has been a long time coming, and she’ll give Carly a war if she wants one.

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In Austin’s office, Obrecht tells him that she got close enough to Victor to plant a listening chip on his lapel. They listen in on her phone and hear Victor telling someone that people are asking too many questions, so they need to find and eliminate Peter!

Felicia visits Mac, who asks for an update on Peter. Felicia says Peter is still on the loose and took a hostage. He finds out it’s Maxie off camera. To calm him down, Felicia gives him the good news about Louise. She shows him a photo and says Chase and Brook Lynn are bringing her to them today. Mac looks forward to reuniting her with her brother and sister, but they still need to get Maxie home.

Max learns about Louise GH

Later, Brook Lynn and Chase arrive with Louise, and Felicia is thrilled to see her.

On the next General Hospital: Felicia introduces Mac to his granddaughter. Sonny tells Michael he needs to find her before she does something she regrets. Nina asks Willow if she’ll ever get to see Wiley.

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