Sonny rips heart at Charlie's General Hospital
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Carly bumps into Felix at the Metro Court. He’s just had dinner with his sister. She vaguely fills him in on the gossip and says she just wants to go to her room to do some soul searching. He tells her to get dressed up so they can go to The Savoy.

At The Savoy, TJ and Molly call Jordan and tell her how much they miss her. His mom informs him she may be back sooner than she’d thought. She gives him a gift and he tells her that hers is waiting in the honeymoon suite at the Metro Court.

Brad and Britt out at The Savoy General Hospital

Britt and Brad wander in. It feels weird for her to be there while Peter has run off with Maxie. Brad tells her to trust in the professionals and match him shot for shot. They get a table and drink. He says he’s not worried about his aunt while she’s out of town. Brad takes another shot and tells her about all the broken hearts that are theirs for the taking.

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Britt, Carly, Felix and Brad at The Savoy General Hospital

Carly and Felix arrive. He spots Brad but won’t leave. They plod over and start trashing Brad. He admits he regrets a lot of what he’s done and leads Felix away for a word. Carly sits down and Britt tells her it’s ironic that they’ve wound up together instead of with the people they love. They get maudlin about Jason and Britt recalls how he helped her pass out valentines at the hospital last year. They could cry, or order more shots. Carly opts for shots. As they drink, they quickly begin bickering about their families. Britt is tired of fighting and just wants to get drunk.

Brad apologizes to Felix again for hurting Lucas. Felix tells him to stop beating himself up and do some good. Vaguely, Brad mentions that he’s not in control of his future. They both hope Lucas will be happy. As they spot Carly and Britt chuckling, Felix says anything is possible.

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Kevin and Laura kiss at penthouse General Hospital

At their penthouse, Kevin and Laura discuss what to get for takeout. He wonders if they should order some for Esme. She suspects she has other plans and they don’t involve following the rules. The mayor complains that she was painting her nails on the sofa and left the guest bathroom in a mess. She knows that Esme is having trouble, but she still thinks she’s a brat. He doesn’t disagree and offers to be the heavy and talk to her. Laura tells him he may get a reward for that and they kiss. She calls Trina and asks her over.

Esme visits Spencer at Spring Ridge General Hospital

Esme startles Spencer when she pops up at Spring Ridge after visiting hours. He’s jumpy and reminds her not to sneak up on people in prison. She hands him a photo of her to remind him of the comforts of home. He offers to guard it with his life. She thanks him for the peonies he sent. When they get a table, she tells him she will always be there for him, unlike his fair-weather friends. He doesn’t like being ghosted. At least they still have each other, she says. He’s glum so she decides to leave.

On the way out, she asks the guard if she can stop in on Ryan. She’s informed that her access to him has been restricted. Kevin appears to announce he made that order and demands to know how she got in after hours. She claims she’s capable of handling his brother. That’s why he’s stopping her from seeing him. Spencer joins them and wonders why she wants to see a psycho like Ryan. This leads to the couple bickering. She accuses him of not treating her like a priority and storms out. Spencer is perplexed. Kevin says she feels like she can look out for herself and wonders if the same is true for Spencer.

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Trina arrives at the penthouse and Laura hands her something that Spencer asked her to mail to her. She opens it and is shocked to see it’s the book of an artist she once told him she liked. Laura comments that they seem to have gotten to know each other pretty well. She’s happy that Trina sees the good in him. As Laura tells her how glad she is that Spencer has her in his life, Esme arrives. Trina promptly exits. When the mayor asks after her grandson, Esme tells her that there’s something they both need. Thinking of the video she made of Cam and Joss, she says she has to run an errand in the morning.

Terry and Chet date at Charlie's General Hospital

Chet sits beside Terry at the bar in Charlie’s pub. He’s wearing the teal shirt her date is supposed to wear. She assumes he’s her date and was wondering if he would show. As she rambles about the dating app and calls him Tanner, he tells her she’s got the wrong guy. Tanner pops up and tells the doctor their table is ready.

Nina and Sonny drink at Charlie's General Hospital

Nina finds Sonny drinking in the corner. They chat about Phyllis and how she’s done the place up in memory of Lenny. She asks if he wants her to go and worries that she’s complicating things with Carly. He tells her there is nothing to work out with Carly. She’s divorcing him. Slumping, he drinks and asks what she thinks. Nina says she can’t be objective. They both know she has a vested interest in what happens. Chet interrupts to chat with Sonny about the gym.

Nina listens to Sonny at Charlie's General Hospital

After Sonny awkwardly introduces them, Chet steps away. Corinthos wants more drinks but Nina doesn’t think they should be seen together. He doesn’t know how things reached this point. He regrets what’s happened. She doesn’t regret them sleeping together but she wonders if he feels the same. Sonny regrets his wife ending things so abruptly and wonders if she’s made up her mind. As she goes on about all the years he’s had with Carly, he laughs and tells her it’s not a competition. Getting ready to go, she wishes him nothing but happiness and love. He says that if Carly goes forward meeting the divorce attorney, it’s over. When she walks away, he rips up a Valentine’s heart.

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Chet sits at the bar while Tanner and Terry talk about capitalism. She thinks he’s avoiding actual work. They bicker about mysticism and he accuses her of not being more broadminded. Chet eventually interrupts, claiming Terry is her girlfriend. Tanner storms out. Terry sighs and Chet asks her for a drink. As they chat, she complains about casual dating. He starts doling out compliments and they toast to never saying never.

TJ takes Molly to their suite at the Metro Court. He has the bed covered in flower petals.

Ava and Nikolas talk crumbling Carly at Wyndemere General Hospital

When Nikolas gets home to Wyndemere, he sees his wife is strangely happy. “Carly and Sonny’s marriage is in the toilet happy Valentine’s Day!” she declares. This could be their chance to bring Avery home. He hopes she’s right but guesses her euphoria has more to do with her hatred of Carly. She admits it and senses there is karmic justice at work. Carly is insufferable and watching that “epic love story crumble” is great. As they drink champagne, she says that Sonny has changed into someone almost human. He says finding your true mate can do that. She feels liberated to be with someone who lets her be herself and feels safe. They kiss. The prince loves her just as she is. No one thought they would last but they have no idea what they have. When they renew their vows, she thinks it should just be them. All he wants is her. He hands her a gift and they head to bed, where she ties him up.

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