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The show opens with the caption: Valentine’s Day Part 1.

At the hospital, Terry teases Liz that she has a date with the guy she’s been messaging on the app, and she’ll fill her in after she sees a patient. Finn arrives and spots Liz yawning. He says she shouldn’t be tired given he’s the one that slept on the couch.

Finn is a couch surfer GH

Liz continues to yawn and doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. Finn notes it’s Valentine’s Day which is her anniversary with Franco. Amy and her brother Chet arrive, and Finn says it’s been a while since they’ve seen him. Chet is working with his sister to organize a clothing drive for vets. Liz excuses herself to see a patient, and Amy asks Finn how things are going between him and Liz. Finn is surprised to learn everyone at the hospital knows that he and Liz are an item. Amy just wants everyone to be happy, and that includes her brother who won’t let her set him up. Finn excuses himself to get to a patient.

In the locker room, Terry shows off her dress to Liz. She reveals the dating app doesn’t let them exchange photos, but they’ve been messaging for weeks and know everything about one another. She says her date will meet her at Charlie’s bar with a teal shirt on. Terry looks through the clothes Liz brought to donate to Chet’s clothing drive and finds a shredded dress in a bag. Liz is shocked because it’s the dress she married Franco in. Liz doesn’t know how this happened, but given it’s her anniversary, this feels like an omen. Terry offers to reschedule her date, but Liz says no. She claims she noticed a tear in the dress when she got it back from the dry cleaners, and she must have just not noticed the extent of the damage. She pushes Terry to go on the date, which she does.

Later Finn finds Liz in the locker room and says he’ll call her tomorrow and wishes her a happy Valentine’s Day. She stops him from leaving and knows they didn’t make plans because the day isn’t easy for her, but she thinks a mellow family dinner with him, Violet, and the boys is just what she needs. He says that sounds perfect and will see her later. He leaves, and Liz continues to look at her torn dress.

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Portia meets Taggert at the Port Charles’ Grill. She’s concerned about Trina and the trip she went on with her friends because she hasn’t said a word to her about what happened. Taggert is sure they can get their girl on track again if something is wrong. Trina arrives for dinner, and Taggert toasts to Trina and notes, “If Spencer can’t see her for what she’s worth, then it’s his loss.” Trina realizes that’s what this dinner is about, and her own parents think she’s pathetic and pining over Spencer on Valentine’s Day.

Portia knows something had to have happened on her trip, and Trina admits that Esme pulled a mean girl stunt at the cabin. Portia says that girl is jealous and threatened by Trina. Trina excuses herself for a moment, and Taggert can’t help but notice Portia seems lighter and happy. Portia feels it has to do with her seeing Curtis. Portia urges Taggert to get out there and start dating. The doctor gets a text, a patient emergency, which derails her Valentine’s Day plans. She asks Taggert to give Trina a card she brought, and explain she had to go. On the way out, Portia calls Curtis to explain her predicament and says she’ll make it up to him. Trina returns to her father and the two enjoy dessert together.

Portia knows something going on GH

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Nina arrives at Wyndemere to see Ava, completely unaware it’s Valentine’s Day and Ava has plans with Nikolas. Ava realizes something big must have happened if Nina forgot what day it was, and invites Nina in. They discuss what happened with Maxie and Peter and that their trail has gone cold. Ava eventually gets around to asking about what’s going on with Sonny. Nina blurts out, “Sonny and I slept together and Carly walked in on us.” Ava is gobsmacked, relishes in Carly’s pain, and thinks this means Nina and Sonny can be together.

Nina feels horrible about what happened, but Ava tells her that she’s wanted this, and now that she has it, what will she do? Nina is trying to think about what’s best for Sonny. Ava warns her that if she gives Sonny and Carly time and space, then they could come through this, so don’t let them. Nina doesn’t want to cause any more trouble for Sonny or take advantage of his pain. Nina says for once she’s not going to seek out Sonny, and she’ll accept how things land. Ava feels she’s making a big mistake.

Nina considers a future with Sonny GH

At the Metro Court, Sam finds Carly at the bar tearing up paper heart napkins. She guesses Carly isn’t a fan of Valentine’s Day. Sam asks how things went with her and Sonny. She tells Sam, “I walked in on him in bed with Nina.” She says seeing them together gave her the clarity she needed. She has her assistant calling a divorce attorney as they speak.

Sam thinks that was fast and asks if this is the right move. She advises Carly to take a minute before putting something into motion that she can’t take back. Carly’s assistant returns, so Sam gives them privacy. The assistant says the attorney has one appointment tomorrow morning. Carly realizes that doesn’t give her much time. She agrees to take the appointment.

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Sam returns, and Carly confirms the meeting is set. Sam again suggests she not do anything that could end her family. Carly just needs this to be over in order to move on with her life. Sam advises she go to the meeting with an open mind and don’t make any decisions.

Sam questions Carly's move GH

Sonny brings Phyllis some flowers at Charlie’s and wanted to check in on her given it’s her first Valentine’s without Lenny. Phyllis laughs that he hated the holiday. She asks how Sonny is doing and if he is still on his meds? Sonny confirms he is. She asks about Carly, and Sonny says he and Carly are as far apart as they’ve ever been. Phyllis thinks something must have happened. Sonny has been thinking about his feelings for Nina. He can’t shut them down, but no matter how much he tells Carly that he loves her, she won’t listen. He feels he has to accept his marriage is over.

Sonny leans on Phyllis

Phyllis calls bull and notes he has not done everything to save his marriage. Phyllis tells Sonny he’s not being honest with his wife about Nina helping him when he went off his meds, and he keeps rationalizing his poor decisions. She says he can’t rebuild his marriage without trust, and he’s not trusting Carly. Sonny doesn’t know what to do. Phyllis isn’t going to give him permission to give up on his marriage if that’s what he wants. Sonny gets a notification and learns that Carly has a meeting with a divorce lawyer. Carly mistakenly put the appointment on their shared calendar for the kids. Phyllis knows that Carly is hurt, but reminds him what Lenny always said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” She leaves him, and Nina walks in and sees Sonny.

Sonny calls the shots GH

Terry arrives at Charlie’s and Chet sits down next to her at the bar in a teal shirt. She looks at him and smiles.

To be continued…

On the next General Hospital: Terry is impressed by Chet.  Esme surprises Spencer for Valentine’s Day. TJ tells Molly, “She may be coming home sooner than expected.” And Nina tells Sonny they both know she has a vested interest.

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