peter escapes with Louise and Maxie GH
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On the pier, Peter tells Maxie she can either say goodbye to Louise knowing it’s the last time she’ll see her, or she can come with them. A ship approaches, and Peter says she must make a choice now. Maxie doesn’t know if she can say goodbye to Louise again, and everything she’s done has been to protect her. Peter chides, “From me!” However, he still wants them to be a family the way they were supposed to be. Maxie says Louise is her family and there really is no choice. He asks what the catch is. She admits she can’t forgive him just yet, but if they get out of Port Charles then perhaps, he will become the man she fell in love with again.

Peter proclamates GH

Peter swears he will be the best husband and father. Maxie says she will go with him, but they must leave Louise behind. Peter doesn’t understand. Maxie points out the world knows who he is, he is wanted everywhere. They will always be on the run, and never be able to build a stable home for their daughter. She asks him to think about his life with Faison. If they leave her then her family will raise her. Peter refuses to leave her to be raised by people who hate him. Maxie spins lies, saying they must start over just the two of them, and one day maybe they can have a child that won’t be taken from them.

Maxie makes a choice GH

Peter asks if he’s really supposed to believe she’s willing to forget everything and start all over with him. Maxie says maybe not forget, but this is a second chance for their love and to start fresh. He agrees to take the chance and embraces Maxie. Maxie thinks they should call Brook Lynn to take Louise because she loves her and knows her, but Peter refuses. Peter hands Louise to Maxie and says he knows where they need to go and what to do. Maxie follows Peter off the pier.

Peter takes Maxie to the firehouse to leave Louise at an anonymous drop-off. Peter opens the door, and Maxie cries, “I can’t!”  Peter wonders if she’s having second thoughts or has this all been another lie. Begrudgingly, Maxie puts Louise into the firehouse drop box slot. She says a tearful goodbye and hopes one day she’ll understand why she gave her up. Peter promises Maxie that one day the three of them will be together again. Peter closes the door.

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Liz and Finn arrive at Brook Lynn and Chase’s place having heard the news, and wonder why Peter would take their child. Chase begins to tell the story, but Brook Lynn says she should do it as she was in on it from the beginning. Brook Lynn tells them the whole story and hopes they don’t hate her.

Liz tells her nobody hates her and she’s amazing. Finn notes she went above and beyond for a friend. Brook Lynn admits she only started helping Maxie for selfish reasons at first. She cries, once the baby arrived she never knew how much she’d grow to care about her. Finn asks if Valentin knows the truth. Brook Lynn doesn’t know. Finn explains Valentin was found behind some dumpsters, and taken to the hospital, and appears to have been drugged. Brook Lynn realizes she needs to see him, and races out.

Liz questions the guilty party GH

Alone, Finn asks if Chase has thought about how this could affect his career when it comes out. Chase says it’s already come out, and Ned gave him an earful. It was his idea to move out of the Quartermaines, and he’s a cop, and protecting people is supposed to be his job. Chase breaks down and Finn embraces his brother. Finn tells Chase this is all on Peter, so don’t blame himself. Chase feels it’s easier said than done.

Chase failed his job GH

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At the hospital in Valentin’s room, he asks Charlotte who took her. She tells them it was Peter, and he locked her up in some warehouse. She was trying to get out when Grandpa Victor found her. Laura excuses herself to call the PCPD, and Anna thinks it is almost as if Victor knew exactly where to find Charlotte. Victor says they can deal with how he found her later and vows Peter will be very sorry he took her. Anna takes Charlotte out to let Valentin speak to his father alone.

Anna suspects Victor GH

Valentin thanks his father for finding and bringing Charlotte back. He wonders why Peter would have taken her, and how his father knew where to look. He also has questions about who abducted him, was it Peter or someone else.

Victor returns Charlotte GH

Victor shockingly asks if Valentin is accusing him. Valentin suspects Victor found out the truth about Bailey, and he also knows his father needed something from Peter. Victor tells him that he has a vivid imagination.

Valentin is supposed to be grateful GH

Suddenly BLQ shows up to see Valentin. Valentin asks for a moment alone, so Victor departs. Brook Lynn apologizes to Valentin for getting him into this mess and gathers he knows the truth. He tells her she made smart moves, and he’s grateful for what she did to protect Louise from her sick SOB of a biological father. Brook Lynn admits there were times the three of them felt like a family, and she’s sorry she took that from him. He cries, “Me too.”

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By the nurses’ station, Laura makes a call to update Dante as Austin listens in. Austin worries about Louise, and Laura knows he has a personal interest in the baby seeing he delivered her. Austin feels responsible for her being taken. The doctor explains his involvement with Victor and Valentin to get revenge against BLQ he is likely to blame for the truth coming out. Laura realizes Victor used the information on Bailey Louise to get Peter to do whatever it is he wanted.

Laura will find out GH

Austin admits he told Maxie what happened, and now she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Laura suggests he give her time and has an idea of how he can help. As they talk, Anna approaches with Charlotte, who has been cleared to go home. Austin looks at his phone, tells Charlotte she is a brave young woman, and races off.

Austin chats with Laura GH

Laura takes a moment alone to talk to Anna and asks for her help given the PCPD is stretched thin. Anna will do whatever it takes. As they talk, Victor approaches and covers Charlotte, who has fallen asleep on a bench, with his coat. He thought Laura was taking her home. Laura explains evil people are at work in her city, and she still has a job to do.

Meanwhile, Austin calls Spinelli and introduces himself, noting Laura gave him his number as someone who might help him find Maxie. Later, Spinelli gets him the location of Maxie’s car. Meanwhile, Laura shows Anna something on her phone. Anna calls Chase and offers him a freelance gig and sends him directions on where to meet her.

Later, Laura tells Charlotte that they can go home now. Victor tells Charlotte goodbye and gives her a hug. Laura opens her arms and asks Victor, “What about me?” They embrace, and she whispers to him that if she finds proof he aided Peter then he’ll share his fate.

Back at Chase and Brook Lynn’s, the detective heads out, gun in hand, and asks Liz and Finn to lock up. Finn thinks he should go help Chase, but Liz says Anna has his back. Plus, if he goes after Chase then she’ll worry about him, and so will Violet. Finn accuses her of playing dirty. Liz suggests they both go back to her place, put Violet in her guest room, and he spends the night. He assumes he’s sleeping on the sofa. She says, “The pullout bed is surprisingly comfortable.”

Anna and Chase meet at the fire station, and she explains Laura was notified about an anonymous drop-off. When the fireman brings the baby out, Chase identifies her. He doesn’t understand why Peter gave Louise up. Anna realizes Maxie must have convinced him to and she made the ultimate sacrifice. Inside the car seat, they find one of the earrings Maxie had on, and Anna thinks it’s a clue.

Austin arrives on the pier just as a ship pulls off. He calls the police to report a kidnapping and that a boat has taken off for international waters.

Elsewhere, Peter and Maxie speed off in a car. He knows all the ships leaving will be checked, so he’s made other plans to escape. Maxie looks at the other earring she was wearing, which she grips in her hand.

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