Peter demands a deal from Victor on pier General Hospital
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Carly bumps into Drew outside of the gatehouse when she goes looking for Michael. She tells Drew that she went to see Sonny after following his advice. That went badly. They go inside and he apologizes for encouraging her to make a bad choice. She feels like an idiot for not listening to her instincts. She was five minutes late and walked in on Sonny in bed with Nina. “For the first time in my life, I got played,” she says. Drew wonders if Sonny and Nina have been having an affair the whole time. She doesn’t know. None of this makes sense to Drew. Carly thought this was a hurdle she and her husband could get over, but not now. “My marriage is over,” she declares.

Carly tells Drew she's passed the point of no return in gatehosue General Hospital

Drew is surprised she’s so certain about this. What she saw tonight was the point of no return for her. Sonny tried to throw Jason in her face. She admits that she was in love with him. Although she’s worked hard to put her marriage back together, tonight has made her realize it was over the night that bridge collapsed. Drew knows what it feels like to never be able to go home again. She needs him to explain what that means. He tells her that the worst thing about prison is the monotony. All he could do was scratch Scout’s name on the wall. It was impossible for him to focus on her without thinking about the rest of the life he had. When he learned that Sam left Jason, it messed with his head. He hasn’t been able to tell reality from fantasy and it took him a few minutes to realize that Sam is different and her heart is with someone else. They talk about holding onto the past instead of being in the moment. This leads to them kissing. She backs away and says she wants this, but can’t do it because it would be for all the wrong reasons. Maybe if he was a stranger… but they are friends and it would be messy. He’s glad she was thinking clearly enough for both of them and offers to listen to her anytime.

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Valentin found in trash General Hospital

As a restaurant worker takes out the trash, she finds Valentin in the garbage pile. Groaning, he asks her to call Anna.

Sonny learns about Bailey at General Hospital

Sonny bumps into Nina at General Hospital. When he turns around, Sam is there and informs them that Dante was knocked on the head during Peter’s escape. He’s been released to search for Peter.

Anna and Laura discuss theory at General Hospital

Laura, Anna, and Dante discuss what deal Peter and Victor could have made. The mayor leaves to check in with Kevin. Anna wonders how Victor even found out that Bailey is Maxie’s daughter. Dante spots his dad and gives him a hug. They fill Sonny in on Peter kidnapping Brook Lynn’s baby.

Nina says the secrets were for nothing at General Hospital

“Peter knows the truth,” Nina guesses. She explains all the secrets they’ve been keeping have been for nothing. Anna fills Sonny in on the baby situation. He’s surprised that Nina has known this since their time in Nixon Falls. After he walks away, Anna asks Nina if she’s heard from Valentin recently. She suddenly gets a call from the restaurant worker, who says she’s with a friend of hers and he’s in a bad way. “Anna,” he groans.
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Laura finds Kevin. He tells her that Charlotte isn’t answering. She tries making calls and tells herself that things will be fine. They call Esme and ask her to get Charlotte to call them back. When she calls back a few minutes later, she explains the door was open, the delivery guy was unconscious, and Charlotte was gone.

Austin tells Maxie he's to blame at General Hospital

Maxie bumps into Austin. She needs to do something or she will lose her mind. He asks after Mac and she admits she has some hope after hearing that he’ll pull through. The doctor tries to be reassuring and they talk about how important hope is. Obrecht and Britt rush over. Austin called them. They all hope that Peter dies a grim death. Maxie says there is a lot they don’t know and it’s time she tells them. After she recounts the story of Louise’s birth and hiding, she adds that she never even told her parents the truth. Obrecht can understand. Finding Louise is the only important thing now.

Maxie wonders if whoever helped Peter escape also told him about Louise. Liesl guesses that Victor is the kind of “swine” who would do that. Suddenly, Austin realizes that Victor may know the truth about the baby, and if he does, it’s all his fault. He tells them about the sonogram Victor showed him and how he gave him advice on how to track down who it belonged to. Maxie can’t talk about this and rushes off. Obrecht keeps Austin behind.

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Nina and Sonny talk past in chapel at General Hospital

Nina finds Sonny in the chapel and asks if everything is okay. He can’t worry about his marriage right now when there are other issues taking priority. Before she can walk away, he asks how she played Peter all along. He could never understand her letting him blackmail her over Carly, but he can understand her being blackmailed for Louise’s sake. She insists she was acting purely out of desperation. Nothing about any of this is black and white. Nina never wanted to bring so much trouble into his life. He’s starting to believe his marriage can’t be saved. He realized that Carly had a point. What happened to them in the past, is also in the here and now, no matter how much he tries to deny it.

Sam tells Dante he's her future at General Hospital

Dante and Sam begin discussing her conversation with Drew when Anna interrupts to say Valentin has been found. After she runs off, he apologizes for asking about the conversation. It’s none of his business. She appreciates him offering the space, but it’s not necessary. She will always care about Drew as Scout’s father, but when she heard Dante was injured, she realized her future was with him. “I love you,” she says. She rambles and repeats that she loves him but he doesn’t have to say it back. He assures her there’s no pressure, he’s wanted to say for awhile that he loves her. They kiss.

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Victor and Peter negotiate on pier General Hospital

On the pier, Victor has Peter kneeling on the ground with a gun at his head. Peter tells Victor that he grabbed Charlotte as insurance while Valentin is MIA and everyone else is running around putting out fires. Victor levels a gun at him and threatens Peter, who hints that she’s in some warehouse that might be rigged with a bomb. He suggests they get back to negotiating and reminds Victor of how much dirt he has on him. August hands him an approximate location for Charlotte and promises the final details once he’s on a boat.

Peter calls Maxie. He tells her their child is safe and asks her to come and see for herself. If he gets a whiff that she’s brought anyone else, he will vanish into thin air. He hears the boat approaching.

Obrecht and Britt wants answers at General Hospital

Back at General Hospital, Maxie lashes out at Austin, blaming him for what happened before getting on an elevator to find her daughter. Britt tells Austin that eventually Maxie will understand this isn’t his fault. Obrecht is a lot less forgiving and says he will have to answer to her.

Valentin tells Anna about Bailey at General Hospital

Anna goes into the room where Valentin has been brought and asks the nurse to run a blood alcohol test. As he gasps and babbles, he tells her that Bailey is in danger. The tests come back showing that he has no booze in his system. Valentin tells Anna that Bailey is Maxie’s daughter. Laura and Kevin arrive and announce that something has happened to Charlotte. “It’s Peter isn’t it!” he yowls. Charlotte runs in. She’s fine and explains she was locked in a building when Victor saved her. Victor walks in.

Maxie meets Peter and Louise on the pier. He announces he’s leaving the country. That means she can either say goodbye now or come with them and be a family forever.

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