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At Kevin and Laura’s apartment, Kevin takes a call and Charlotte asks if that was about her father. He tells her that it was her grandmother and he’s needed at the hospital. Charlotte assures Kevin she’ll be okay alone, and she’ll order a pizza. He tells her not to leave the apartment.

At the hospital, Sam runs into Drew. He heard about Peter’s escape and promises to take him down if he gets the opportunity. However, he’s not going to risk his second chance by doing something rash. He does need to talk to her about the two of them. She wanted to talk to him about the same thing. Drew swears he had made peace with Jason’s return and their reunion years ago. But then he was taken hostage, and the only thing that kept him going was seeing his family again, and that includes her. Sam calls him her family too. Drew wonders what kind of family they are?

Drew advises Sam GH

Felicia and Robert get an update from Dione that Mac is resting comfortably. Felicia is eventually allowed to go inside and takes Mac’s hand. She tells him that Robert is there, and Robin is trying to get a flight out too. She flashes back to when she proposed to Mac and says he’s still her partner.

Outside Mac’s room, Laura appears and embraces Robert. Laura updates him on Bailey’s kidnapping. Robert breaks the news that the child is most likely with Peter, and Bailey is really Maxie’s daughter. Kevin arrives and learns how Mac is doing. Kevin and Robert head in to see him.

Laura learns Peter took Maxie's baby GH

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At Brook Lynn and Chase’s place, Maxie finally admits that Bailey is Louise and is her daughter. Ned assumes Maxie’s having a breakdown, but Brook Lynn confirms that Bailey is Louise. Maxie explains the plan she arranged with Bobbie, but things went wrong because of Peter’s plan to kidnap them both. Brook Lynn explains they had to improvise, but Peter still got Louise in the end.

Maxie is emotional GH

Anna suggests there may be a way to find Peter, and asks Maxie for more details about the plan and everyone else who knew. Maxie says Britt and Nina also knew, but they wouldn’t have told anyone. Anna suggests they get to General Hospital. Outside, Anna and Dante realize someone else figured the truth out, and that person will lead them to Peter.

After Chase heads out, Ned talks to Brook Lynn alone. He’s worried that everyone involved in Maxie’s scheme is in danger, including her. He also realizes there never was a Bailey. Brook Lynn explains how it all went down and cries that she’s failed him again and he must hate her. Ned could never hate her, but he is hurt and disappointed by the fact he doesn’t have a granddaughter.

Ned lectures Brook Lynn GH

However, Ned tells his daughter that he’s prouder of her than he has ever been. He says she protected Bailey at great personal risk to herself, and he’s in awe of her. He also knows she fell in love with that baby. Brook Lynn cries if anything happens to her then she’ll kill Peter with her bare hands. Ned believes with two mothers who love her, she will come home to them.

Brook Lynn lies exposed GH

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As Peter races away in his car with Bailey Louise, he calls Victor, who is on the pier. Peter offers to give him what he needs to control Drew if he arranges for a safe passage out of Port Charles. Victor tells him to meet him at Pier 55.

Peter speeds away GH

At the pier, Victor tells his henchman that Peter has just outlived his usefulness. He says he will get what he needs from Peter, and then Peter will die. Back in Peter’s car, Peter knows that Victor can’t be trusted.

Victor vows Peter will die

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On The Haunted Star, Carly opens the door to a stateroom and finds Sonny in bed with Nina. Sonny begs Carly to listen to him, but she calls him a liar. She says Peter escaped and Dante was shot, she thought he might want to know. Carly storms out, and Nina tells Sonny that she’s sorry and didn’t mean for this to happen. They get dressed, and Sonny tells her that he must see this through.

On the deck, Carly finds the box Sonny had with new rings in it. She takes them out and flashes back to Sonny proposing to her years ago in Monte Carlo. Sonny joins Carly on the deck, and he tells her that he tried to wait, but Kristina told him… She lashes out that he didn’t wait that long and wonders how many times he’s slept with Nina. Sonny swears this was the first time. Carly asks how many times he wished it had happened. Sonny snaps, “Probably as many times as you wished it had with Jason.” She reminds him that Jason is dead, but Sonny says she still loves him and wants him back.

Sonny accuses her of stringing him along this entire time, when all he wanted was to put their marriage back together. He accuses her of pining after Jason’s ghost this whole time. She yells, “Jason didn’t cheat on me, you did and we are over and it’s on you!” Sonny admits what happened with Nina was a mistake, and he never wanted to have these feelings. Sonny tries to convince Carly that he wants her, but Carly accuses him of wanting them both and is unable to choose. Carly says she’s making the choice to choose herself, says goodbye, and walks away. Sonny looks at the rings he bought and thinks back to their recent wedding. He then drops them into the water.

Carly fumes at Sonny cheating GH

Back at Kevin’s place, Charlotte calls Nina and asks if she’s heard from her father. Nina hasn’t but suggests she talk to Anna. There is a knock at the door and Charlotte assumes it’s the pizza she ordered. Peter stands there with Charlotte’s pizza, having knocked out the delivery boy, and forces his way in.

Peter arrives at the pier and tells Victor that as soon as he is safely out of Port Charles, then he’ll tell him how to control Drew. A red light appears on Peter’s chest, and Victor warns him to be careful or he’s a dead man. Off-screen, Peter gives Victor what he needs. Victor gloats that tomorrow Port Charles will be a better place with him dead. Peter warns him that if he dies then he’ll never see his granddaughter again.

Nina arrives at the hospital after learning what’s happened with Peter, Dante and Mac. She immediately runs into Drew and Sam, interrupting their conversation. Nina thinks Sam must have been scared for Dante. Sam blurts out she was, she loves him. Nina excuses herself to check on Mac. Drew tells Sam that he just wanted to say if things between them seem confused or undefined, that’s on him. He was grasping at things familiar, but people have moved on and he gets that now.

Sam talks with Drew about Dante GH

Dante, Anna and Maxie arrive. Dante spots Sam with Drew and tells Anna that he’ll catch up with them. Drew continues telling Sam that he’s happy for her and Dante, and he’s sorry if he muddied things up. She thanks him and says he still is family. Drew spots Dante, approaches him, and tells him that Sam needs him. Dante heads over to Sam, and she assures him that everything is clear between her and Drew. They embrace.

Maxie heads into Mac’s room to be with her family, and Anna tells Laura that she has a thought on Peter, but they need to bring Dante into the conversation. In Mac’s room, Maxie tells him that he is her hero, and they need him to come back to them. Mac opens his eyes. After Dione checks him over, everyone heads back in to see Mac. Mac is filled in that Dante is okay, and everyone is searching for Peter.

Meanwhile, Anna and Laura find Dante with Sam, and Anna signals to Dante. Sam tells him to be careful. Dante joins them, and Laura and Anna have deduced that Peter will turn to Victor.

Sonny arrives at the hospital and runs into Nina.

Carly returns home in tears and finds Drew outside waiting for her.

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