Maxie confesses everything at the beach house General Hospital
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Nina finds Sonny at the Haunted Star. She’d heard that he was in a bad way and wondered if he wants to talk about it. He admits he was making a major play at trying to save his marriage, but it’s over. Corinthos wanted to show Carly how committed he was to their marriage. He’s been waiting for hours but there’s no sign of her. Smashing his phone, he declares they are done. Nina is sorry. He believes that. All she ever wanted was for him to be safe and happy. Sonny has been thinking about why his wife didn’t show up. Carly has been angry because he’s been defending Nina. Although he always denied this, now he can see that might be true.

Sonny tells Nina his marriage is over on Haunted Star General Hospital

Sonny was so focused on trying to get everything back to normal, he couldn’t recognize how much he still cared about her. But because of that, he’s now lost the person he loves the most. Tearful Nina tells him how much she hates that she keeps hurting him. If she could go back in time and change everything, she would. She tells him she finally found peace in Nixon Falls. He was a big part of that and she developed real feelings for him. “‘Mike’ never expected to fall in love with you either,” he says. Nina would still give all that up to save him the pain he’s in now. Sonny says they can’t change the past, only live with the consequences. They kiss. She apologizes. He kisses her again.

Sonny and Nina kiss on Haunted Star General Hospital

At the beach house, Chase and BLQ freak out when they discover that Bailey is gone. He’s sure that Peter has her. All the signs point to that. He tells her to call Maxie and heads outside to call Dante.

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Sam is with Dante at General Hospital. He assures her he’s okay but she wants to see his test results. A doctor arrives and says he’ll be fine to go home tomorrow. After she walks out, Carly comes in. She’s glad he’s good to go. After the three of them vent about Peter, Carly takes off. Dante wishes he was out searching. Chase calls to say he thinks Peter kidnapped Bailey. He needs his help. Dante is determined to head over but Sam forbids it. He won’t accept that so she runs off to get his release papers. The cop calls his mom to fill her in.

Danet vows to catch Peter at General Hospital

Carly calls Sonny and leaves a message telling him they will have to do Martinique another night. She came to the hospital after hearing his son was shot because she assumed he would be there. Now they have a chance to catch the man who killed Jason together.

BLQ panics to Chase at beach house General Hospital

At the beach house, BLQ holds the baby monitor and starts hyperventilating about how she will tell Maxie what happened. He gets her to hold his hands and breathe, telling her that this is not her fault. She needs to call Maxie so they can all figure out how to bring Bailey home together.

Robert tells Anna the bad guys are winning at General Hospital

Back at General Hospital, Anna joins Robert to wait for news. He asks how Mac looked when she found him. It was bad. He lost a lot of blood but was stabilized. She’s not counting him out yet. He says they’ve lost a lot of people lately. It’s getting harder and harder. Taking his hand, she tells him not to lose faith. That’s getting hard for him. The bad guys seem to be winning.

Maxie and Felicia anxiously wait for news on Mac while he’s in surgery. They tell themselves that he’s resilient and will come back to them. As they sit on a couch, Robert and Anna join them. Felicia sobs as she talks about Mac being taken into surgery. Anna assures her he will do all he can to come back to his family.

Maxie and Austin talk at General Hospital

Carly joins Maxie and they chat until Austin pops up. Carly takes off and Maxie thanks the doctor for what he did for Mac when he was brought in. She’s glad he’s there and keeps thanking God that Louise is safe with Brook Lynn. She just hopes that Peter is caught, or better, killed. That makes the doctor flinch a little. Maxie can’t handle thinking that Mac could die with her lying to him. BLQ calls. “Bailey’s gone,” she announces. Maxie immediately assumes that Peter took her. BLQ promises they are doing all they can. Austin gives Maxie a hug.

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Maxie tells Felicia and Robert about Louise at General Hospital

When she’s left alone, Maxie tells Robert and Felicia that Bailey has been kidnapped. Austin returns to say that Mac has come through the most critical part of the surgery and everyone is optimistic. Maxie is determined to go and see BLQ. She breaks the news that Bailey has always been her daughter. “Bailey is really Louise,” she admits. Felicia tells her to go and get her grandbaby back. After Maxie runs off, Austin fills Felicia and Robert in about everything that’s happened. She’s just relieved that her granddaughter is alive. Robert tells her that her daughter was absolutely brilliant. He promises they will catch Peter and put him away… unless he accidentally shoots him. Felicia takes both of their hands.

Dante tells Anna that Chase and BLQ’s baby was kidnapped. She says the WSB is also looking for Peter so they decide to join forces. They bump into Carly, who begins railing about Peter. Anna vows that she will stop Peter for good this time.

Carly talks to Sam about Sonny wanting to meet with her and how Drew explained everything to her, convincing her that she should be willing to try forgiving her husband. She knows showing up to the Haunted Star wouldn’t fix everything but it would be a start. Sam says she should make sure that Sonny meets her halfway too. Carly is confident she and Sonny have a shot.

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Ned checks on BLQ at beach house General Hospital

Ned and the PCPD arrive at the beach house. He tells his daughter that he’s sure this wouldn’t have happened if she’d stayed in the Quartermaine house. He blames Chase for moving them out to a house with no security. BLQ is adamant that Chase has been wonderful. Ned calms down and apologizes. Dante and Anna arrive. As they start asking questions, Chase tells BLQ they can’t keep this up anymore. Maxie barges in and announces that Bailey is really her daughter.

Victor meets with one of his men on the docks. He’s disturbed to see that Peter is not with him. After he’s informed about August betraying them and escaping, Victor is sure that Peter smugly thinks he’s going to get away with this. He couldn’t be more wrong. There’s already a GPS in the car that Peter stole from them so they can track him.

Peter drives away with Louise General Hospital

Peter sits in his car with Bailey, sure the authorities are looking for both of them. As they drive along, Peter tells his daughter that her mom and her friends are liars. He’s not a monster. He just wants to be the father she deserves, unlike the one that he had. However, this means he has to make one more deal with the devil to get them out of this. He calls Victor and asks for one more favor in exchange for everything he needs about Drew. He’s already thrown the GPS out of the car and wants safe passage out of Port Charles.

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Carly catches Sonny and Nina in bed at Haunted Star General Hospital

Back on the Haunted Star, Sonny leaves his box of rings on the deck as he and Nina head inside. They go into one of the bedrooms and begin having sex. Carly arrives on board and follows the flower petals into the bedroom where she finds them together.

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