Anna and Dante after attack on road General Hospital
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On the Haunted Star, Sonny thanks Kristina for her help getting everything ready for Carly. He wants things to be perfect. She’s impressed by how romantic it all is. He just hopes this makes it right for them again. Alone and holding a rose, he looks out at the horizon and tells himself Carly will come.

Carly and Drew discuss Sonny on bridge General Hospital

Carly walks on the footbridge and thinks about Sonny pleading with her to meet him tonight. Drew surprises her. He offers to leave her alone but she doesn’t want that. She’s been thinking about Jason and he’s had Oscar on his mind. He’s grateful for the few years he had with his son but wishes they’d had more time. Carly tells him how precious life is and how a moment can’t be wasted. She’s stuck on a bridge unable to make a decision about Sonny. Kristina calls and asks her if she’s going to bother showing up. If she turns her back on Sonny, it will crush him. “I can’t do this right now,” Carly says, hanging up.

Carly and Drew discuss ultimatum on bridge General Hospital

She tells Drew about the romantic gesture Sonny has planned. She doesn’t need romance right now, she needs space. He tells her that Sonny is trying to fix things on his timetable and she is justified in having doubts. Carly is grateful he understands. He asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want to meet Sonny. She complains her husband made tonight feel like an ultimatum. “What if it is?” he asks… or maybe it is a cry for help. Maybe she shouldn’t think of going to him as caving but throwing him a lifeline. She wants Sonny to know she’s not giving up and thanks him for talking this out with her.

Sonny tells Kristina he wants everything perfect on Haunted Star General Hospital

Kristina returns to the Haunted Star and tells her father that Carly isn’t coming. She couldn’t meet him halfway. He looks heartbroken.

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Chase tells BLQ his feelings at beach house General Hospital

At the beach house, Chase and BLQ discuss their parents and all the problems they’ve had. He doesn’t think his parents will fight to get back together. He admires Ned and Olivia’s connection. She doesn’t think anyone will ever fight that hard for her. He says she deserves someone like that. “I know what you really think about me!” she snaps, storming out.

BLQ and Chase discuss relationship at beach house General Hospital

He chases her out to the porch. She admits that she overheard his conversation with Dante. He says that she misunderstood it. All the stuff about her not being his type was crap. Holding her, he says he’s come to realize what a good person she is. BLQ is surprised to hear that. “Good thing for Bailey you can lie with the best of them,” he says, telling her how incredible she is. They are partners in this, which is why they can’t be more than friends. She asks if he’s considered it anyway. He tells her he likes her. That’s why they are friends. As they repeat to each other anything more is out of the question, they inch closer to a kiss.

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Felicia and Anna worry at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Felicia and Anna talk about how unfortunate it was that Maxie had a baby with a psychopath. They both like Austin. Anna tells her that she’s hopeful about Valentin’s lead on Louise. Then maybe everything can come together. As they pace, Felicia is anxious for news from Mac. They worry something could have gone wrong with transporting Peter to Pentonville.

Anna and Felicia at road attack General Hospital

After the police van skids off the highway, Mac and Dante get out and draw their guns, expecting an ambush as a vehicle approaches. After the attack, Dante is barely conscious on the road, surrounded by bodies. Anna and Felicia arrive and discover that Peter has escaped. The EMT drives up. Mac has been shot and they try to stabilize him. Dante tells Anna what happened. She assures him they will find Peter. “We have to,” she says. After Mac is sent to the hospital, she’s told the other cop is dead. Anna calls Drew and tells him about the ambush and Peter escaping.

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Austin doubts Maxie at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

At the Quartermaine estate, Austin continues to worry about Maxie using her kiss to manipulate him. She’s been keeping a secret from him since the moment they met. He worries that she used him because he was safe. Maxie says he’s anything but safe. She should have stayed away from him but was drawn to the doctor because she feels something for him. He gets a call and has to take off.

At Maxie’s, Sam tells Spinelli about how great Dante is with the kids. She also has no complaints in the sex department, but she does have unfinished business with Drew. She’s still wondering “what if?” Maxie bursts in and announces she kissed Austin. “It was horrible!” she says. The kiss was great but then things got messy. Austin calls to say there was a shooting on the way to the prison. There have been two fatalities.

Maxie rushes to General Hospital with Sam. Felicia tells her things don’t look good. Austin informs Maxie that Peter is still out there.

Sam visits Dante in his cubicle. He tells her he’s fine but he’s sorry to put her through this. It’s the downside of dating a cop. She tells him there is no downside. She’s lucky to have him in her life. He calls Chase and informs him that Peter has escaped.

At the beach house, Chase and BLQ run into Bailey’s room and discover she is gone.

Peter puts Bailey in car General Hospital

Peter puts Bailey in a car and tells her he will never let her go.

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Obrecht probes Nina at Charlie's General Hospital

At Charlie’s, Obrecht and Nina argue about making bad choices for love’s sake. Liesl asks her to sit down and talk. Nina instantly starts complaining about her latest run-in with Carly. She gets the sense that Carly is more interested in hating her than helping her husband. Nina is reluctant to open up to her after what happened in court. After some reassurances, she explains how she helped Sonny through a health crisis. Her aunt doesn’t think she wants Sonny and Carly to get back together. This riles up her niece. Liesl asks her if she loves Sonny and reminds her he admitted under oath that he fell for her. Nina refuses to be the woman who breaks up his marriage. Obrecht doesn’t see why she cares what anyone thinks. It’s not like Sonny and Carly do. If she and Sonny are in love, they should be together. When Nina goes to the bathroom, Kristina walks in, babbling to her mom on the phone about her father having his heart broken and being all alone at the Haunted Star. Obrecht hears all of this and tips Nina off when she returns. She suggests Sonny is in a bad way and all alone.

Nina heads to the Haunted Star and finds Sonny about to give up.

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