Austin figures the truth out GH
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Sonny arrives at Charlie’s and spots Britt at the bar. He thanks her for her discretion the other night. Britt says he seems to be doing better. Drew enters, and Sonny takes note of him. Phyliss quickly pulls Sonny away to a table to talk. She says Nina called her about some trouble with him but didn’t say much. Sonny admits he went off his meds, and Nina intervened after things got heated with Drew at The Savoy. He says Nina got him to GH and he’s doing well. Phyllis asks if Carly knows this. He doesn’t want Carly to worry, or to come back to him just because she feels she needs to because he went off his meds.

At the bar, Drew sits by Britt, and she wonders what he did to get on Sonny’s bad side. He tells her, “I’m not my brother.” He rehashes the altercation and apologizes as she probably came there to forget about Jason. She explains she’s actually there to meet her mother, who has been trying to play matchmaker. Drew laughs, and Britt tells him that he’s lucky to live his life without a claim on his heart. He makes a face, and she asks, “Or is there?” She brings up Sam, but he says Sam is with Dante. The bartender serves Drew a drink and says it’s from Sonny. Drew nods over to Sonny, who raises his glass.

Drew walks over to Sonny and Phyllis, and Phyllis leaves them. Sonny invites Drew to have a seat. He brings up the other night that he wasn’t himself, and he took his troubles with Carly out on him. He apologizes. Sonny says they’ve both lost people they loved, and Oscar was one of a kind. Drew knows Jason was too.

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At the bar, Britt and Phyllis are happy to see Drew and Sonny hatched things out. They chat, and Phyllis is glad to hear Nina has a friend in Britt. Drew gets back to Britt, and Phyllis rejoins Sonny. Sonny thinks if Drew could be so understanding, it gives him hope for Carly. Meanwhile, Britt suggests to Drew that he sees where he stands with Sam. Drew says he doesn’t poach and says this is about what Sam wants. She tells him to think about what he wants.

Drew Britt talk Sam GH

At the gallery, Ava is surprised to see Spencer given he has to report to Spring Ridge. He needs to speak to Trina, so Ava leaves them. Spencer tells Trina that he has so much to tell her before he says goodbye. He apologizes to her for Esme’s actions but also notes that Esme made him feel like he mattered when he found out his father was alive and then married Ava. Trina tells him that he doesn’t need Esme to make him feel that he matters.

At Kelly’s, Esme tells Victor that she doesn’t know what could be keeping Spencer as he needs to report to Spring Ridge. Laura and Kevin enter, and Laura confronts Victor and asks what he’s up to. He reminds her that if not for him Spencer would be headed to a real prison. Nikolas arrives and asks his uncle not to cause a scene, and it might be best he goes. Victor agrees to depart, which Laura and Kevin find odd as if he had to be somewhere and was glad to go.

Laura warns Nikolas

Outside, Victor makes a call and asks someone to let him know when the package arrives.

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Back inside, Ava arrives as Esme worries where Spencer is. Ava reveals Spencer is at the gallery with Trina. Esme fumes and says this was supposed to be about a proper sendoff for Spencer with his family, and storms out. Ava thinks they should probably move this to the gallery. Kevin gets a call and has a patient emergency. Laura understands and can get Spencer to Spring Ridge on her own.

Spencer's party GH

At the gallery, Spencer takes Trina’s hands and says Kevin told him to say goodbye to the people who matter the most to him. As he goes to kiss her, Esme spies from the background. She calls out, “Spence!” as if she just arrived. Spencer and Trina back away from one another as she enters. Esme claims she is glad to see Trina is feeling better. Laura, Nikolas, and Ava soon arrive. Nikolas tells his son that thirty days will fly by, and he isn’t alone. Spencer hopes when he gets out maybe they can… Nikolas says, “I hope so too.” Laura informs Spencer that it’s time to go.

Esme interrupts Sprina Kiss GH

At the Quartermaine mansion, Maxie is shocked when Anna reveals Valentin learned something about Louise. Austin thinks through his memories, and exclaims, “Oh my God!” He quickly covers and says tonight is very important for Maxie’s peace of mind, so Maxie would likely feel better if Anna was there to oversee Peter’s transport. Anna leaves, and Austin tells Maxie that he knows what happened in the woods and what became of her daughter.

Austin begins to remember GH

Austin knows Bailey is Louise and she gave her to Brook Lynn. Maxie admits it’s true, but he doesn’t understand why she’d do something like that. Maxie explains the entire story, including Chase figuring it out and stepping in to help. Austin notes that Brook Lynn was right to call Maxie the bravest person she knows, and he cares about her and Louise too. She thanks him and knows she probably should have told him the truth earlier. He understands because back then he was just a stranger. She notes he isn’t anymore. He says her secret is safe. She knows and says she realizes a lot now she didn’t before. Maxie pulls him into a kiss.

austin's figured it out GH

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Sam (temporarily played by Lindsay Hartley), drops by to see Spinelli. He assumes this has something to do with Dante escorting Peter to prison. It doesn’t, and Sam admits she’s feeling confused. They discuss her relationship with Dante and the fact that Drew is back while playing video games. Sam admits she’s crazy about Dante, but when she’s with Drew, she’s reminded of everything she planned and hoped for. Spinelli knows Jason’s return changed that, but now she has a chance to see where things could have gone with Drew.

Sam Spinelli talk Drew GH

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At the hospital, Felicia finds Mac, who is preparing to oversee Peter’s transport. Mac assumes she’s not there to see him. She wants to make sure Peter is finally out of their lives.

Mac and Felicia talk Peter GH

In his room, Peter is in an orange Pentonville jumper. He takes cheap shots at Dante and gloats the officer can’t do anything to harm him. Dante hopes Peter lives to be old, grey, and always worried when someone might stick a shank in his back, all while knowing they’ve all forgotten about him. Peter knows nobody will forget him.

Peter gloats to Dante GH

Anna arrives as Peter is brought out of his room by Dante. Mac, Dante and another guard escort him into an elevator as he smiles devilishly at Anna, vowing to tell Maxie goodbye in person. Later, Anna tells Felicia that she got a message from Valentin that he had news on Louise. However, she hasn’t heard from him since and is worried.

In the back of the transport van, Peter takes more digs at Dante by bringing up how Drew is back and must be a problem for him and Sam. Suddenly the van hits black ice and up ahead Mac spots a car that has gone off the road. He decided to call in the state police to be safe. Once the roads look clear, Mac suggests they pick up speed to make up for the lost time. Suddenly the van hits something and skids off the road. Dante and Mac get out and find the tires have been punctured.

Victor gets a call GH

Elsewhere, Victor gets a call and is told the package is right on time.

On the next General Hospital: Austin accuses Maxie of distracting him again. Sonny puts his big plan into motion. Mac yells to Dante as gunshots ring out.

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