Carly tells Sonny she doesn't want a grand gesture at gatehouse General Hospital
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At the Quartermaine estate, Ned and Olivia’s guests are shocked when Tracy is arrested for fraud. She insists she never knew the Ice Princess was fake. When the arresting agent approaches her, she recognizes him as Dave. He’s been sniffing around her and Luke for months. Drew steps up and won’t let them take his aunt away. They recognize him and he reminds them the WSB needs him. Michael offers to publish what he knows if they don’t help. Dave agrees to do as he asks.

Anna and Victor discuss Valentin outside Kelly's General Hospital

Outside of Kelly’s, Anna calls Valentin and leaves a message asking if he is alright. Victor pops up and asks after Peter. He offers to buy her coffee but she turns him down. She’s worried about Valentin and hasn’t been able to get in touch with him. After she gets called away on business, he heads inside.

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Maxie tells Austin she's not ready at Quartermaine's General Hospital

Back at the Quartermaine estate, Maxie tells Austin that she’s happy she kissed him. It proved their connection is real and she’s ready to move on. But it can’t happen again. He’s confused. She likes him a lot but can’t focus on them until she gets her daughter back. If they had met in a box store instead of the woods, he wonders if she would still be friend-zoning him. She says maybe not but she won’t have any problem with him moving on. He has no intention of doing that.

Tracy is arrested again at Quartermaine's General Hospital

Anna arrives and is filled in about Tracy’s situation. She walks off to question Dave while Ned thanks Drew for his help. Anna soon returns to explain that the piece of the Ice Princess Tracy tried to sell has been appraised as worthless. She’s going to have the warrant voided and sends the agents away. Ned walks Laura to the door and tells her he’s relieved that someone took the jewel off his mother’s hands. She wonders if anyone was threatening Luke over the Ice Princess. He thanks her for officiating his vow renewal and says he’s the happiest man on earth. When he returns to say goodbye to his mother, she tells him that no one will hold her back. Hugging him, she tells him to protect his family now that he’s got it back.

Drew has a request at Quartermaine's General Hospital

Michael tells Drew that if he ever wants to go public with what Victor did to him, he’d be happy to help. Drew says that one way or another, Victor will pay. Willow joins them and they talk about parenthood.

Anna finds Maxie and Austin. She informs them that Valentin found a lead on Louise. Austin flashes back to all the strange things Maxie has done and what he remembers from the night Louise disappeared.

Sonny tells Carly his plan in gatehouse General Hospital

In the gatehouse, Carly tells Sonny that she asked for time and space, not a grand gesture. She thought he knew her better than that. Although she appreciates his efforts, they aren’t what she needs. He can’t give her time away. His wife tells him how much he has humiliated her by not telling her the whole truth. They rehash why he delayed. Sonny wants forgiveness. She just wants all this to have never happened. He can’t turn back time and erase what happened. If he could, he would. “Would you really?” she asks skeptically. He claims he would if it meant they could be together. Carly says that was almost convincing. Sonny says he has props arriving to re-create their wedding in Martinique. As far as grand gestures go, she admits, that’s pretty perfect. He suggests they take things slow. She’s sure all the romance and nostalgia would be beautiful tonight, but what about in the months ahead? Reliving the past isn’t going to change that what they have now doesn’t work for either of them. He insists that what they have works. They are strong. But if she’s not ready now, maybe she never will be.

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Hamony makes a confession to Alexis at The Invader General Hospital

Harmony drops by Alexis’ office at The Invader. Alexis tells her that Kristina is on board with them being friends. Harmony thinks she may want to rethink that. After her friend gives her coffee, Harmony explains that she has failed Willow again. “I’m a liability,” she says. The birth certificate that her daughter had was a forgery. The commune they lived on didn’t go in for societal norms. Now she feels like she has let Willow down. She asks her for help. Alexis offers to make some calls and figure it out. Harmony thanks her.

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Spencer is thanful at Kelly's General Hospital

Inside Kelly’s, Spencer prepares to say goodbye to his job before he leaves for Spring Ridge. Esme assures him she will be at Spring Ridge every week to see him. Victor joins them and informs Spencer that he’s arranged for a guard named Samuel to look out for him. Kevin asks for a word alone with him. They go outside. Spencer tells his girlfriend how grateful he is for his uncle. She wishes he could say the same for his friends. When he worries about Trina, she reminds him to worry about his girlfriend.

Outside, Kevin tells Victor that Spencer shouldn’t be relying on some guard he’s bought. Victor points out that he has useful friends and Kevin should be thanking him.

Victor returns to his nephew and Esme, offering her any help she needs while Spencer is away. Once his nephew exits, Victor tells Esme that he knows how it feels to be unwelcome. They exchange proverbs. “If everyone likes you, you’re probably not being true to yourself,” he tells her.

Spencer joins Kevin outside and apologizes for not telling him Victor would be there. Kevin urges him not to have any regrets before he goes to prison. When Spencer steps away, Laura shows up and fills Kevin in on the Tracy situation. She’s sure there’s no coincidence in Luke dying, the diamond being counterfeited, and Victor resurfacing.

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Ava offers to keep Trina away at gallery General Hospital

At the gallery, Trina tells Ava about her skiing trip and how it was cut short. Ava wonders why Esme is always around when there is trouble. Trina doesn’t understand why Spencer is into that girl. Ava is sure he will grow out of it. They remember Trina’s feelings for Cam and she admits that she didn’t tell her friends the whole truth about it because she didn’t want to hurt their feelings. She insists that she’s over all that. Her boss asks if that has anything to do with Spencer. Trina says he is a good guy. Ava knows he’s complicated and tells her that if she’s uncomfortable supervising him when he comes to work at the gallery, she will keep them separate. Trina gets calls from Spencer but ignores them. Ava reminds Trina that Spencer is headed for prison today. He shows up.

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