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Austin meets Britt at Kelly’s to discuss his and Maxie’s kiss. It left him confused because afterward, Maxie apologized for it. Britt advises he pull up his big boy pants and talk to Maxie about the kiss. He notes she’s at Ned and Olivia’s vow renewal today. Britt reminds him that he was invited, and should make use of the opportunity.

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Brad arrives to meet Britt, and Austin decides to get where he needs to be. After he departs, Brad asks Britt about Austin and if he’s BFF competition. Britt promises him he’s not. Brad asks about Peter, who Britt reveals is being transferred to Pentonville that evening. Brad wonders if his aunt will let him arrive alive. Britt cautions her friend to focus on being a good parolee, and that she doesn’t want GH involved should another accident be planned for Peter.

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In the Quartermaine gatehouse, Willow tells Michael that Harmony will be stopping by and hopefully she has a copy of her birth certificate. Later, Harmony arrives and Willow explains her predicament with needing a copy of her birth certificate for a passport. She must have misplaced her copy, and can’t find a record of it online. Harmony says not everything is on the internet, and she should have a copy. Willow excuses herself to get Wiley, and Harmony looks concerned.

Chase finds Brook Lynn in the Quartermaine kitchen and tells her that Bailey is fast asleep. They discuss how soon Peter will be locked up and Bailey will be headed home. BLQ notes that means they can stop pretending.

Later, Maxie grabs BLQ to tell her that Austin remembered hearing them in the woods of Pawtuck. She tried to convince him that he misremembered, if that even is a word, and then kissed him to distract him. Tracy enters and senses scheming is going on. Maxie thanks Tracy for keeping her silence about Louise.

Ned, Dante and Leo watch as Olivia comes down the foyer steps in her gown. Laura arrives to officiate the wedding, and Sonny follows her in. Sonny comments on Olivia’s dress, and she lets him know Carly helped her get ready. Sonny beams that he and Carly will be back together before she knows it.

Olivia looks stunning GH

Drew finds Carly hiding out in the study. She admits she is worried about seeing Sonny, and that today should be about Olivia and Ned and not their problems.

Carly gets advise from GH

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Maxie and Tracy invite everyone into the living room where Maxie has arranged an informal wedding. As people mingle, BLQ questions Maxie if she’s into Austin. Maxie doesn’t know how she feels, especially since she’s lying to him. She hopes he doesn’t show up today. BLQ thinks this is the last place he’d want to be.

Maxie introduces Tracy GH

Back in the foyer, Sonny asks Laura if she’s heard from Cyrus. Laura informs him all is quiet on that front. She asks how he’s doing. He thinks things are looking up. He looks over and sees Carly. Tracy quickly pulls Laura away and out of the line of fire of the couple. Sonny asks Carly about this evening, and Carly promises she won’t back out of their meeting. Carly excuses herself to check on Olivia. Michael arrives and asks his dad if he’s okay. Sonny swears he has everything under control. Later Willow appears and tells Michael that Harmony thinks she has a copy of her birth certificate, so Paris here they come.

Willow and Michael Paris trip GH

In the living room, Tracy tells Laura that she’s headed back to Amsterdam today and is using part of the Ice Princess to fund her trip. Laura wishes her well but tells her she knows how she feels about that diamond.

In the kitchen, Chase asks Dante if Sam is coming. Dante says she is but admits that since Drew came back things have stalled between them.

Austin arrives and thanks Ned for the invite. Leo runs up, recognizes Austin, and shows him that he still has the fidget spinner. Ned finally announces it’s time to get the wedding started.

Laura begins the ceremony and turns it over to Olivia and Ned for their vows. Olivia promises to love, cherish and honor Ned for the rest of their lives. Ned promises to love her, cherish her, sing duets with her, and raise their son with her. He surprises her with a new ring to be a companion to her other. Laura pronounces them husband and wife, again. The couple kisses as everyone applauds.

After the ceremony, Maxie tells Austin that she didn’t expect to see him there. He admits he wanted to get to know his family, and he knew she’d be there.

In the foyer, Monica hugs Ned and congratulates him. She was positive that he and Olivia would find their way back together, comparing them to Edward and Lila and even herself and Alan.

Elsewhere, Dante and Sam tell Olivia how beautiful and happy she looks. Olivia feels like a new bride all over again.

Drew finds Carly hiding away in the study again. Carly reveals she and Sonny were able to be civil, which makes it all the worse. She is just trying to keep the peace. Drew says he’ll steer clear of Sonny to do his part. She asks if something happened. He tells her about the incident at The Savoy, and how erratic Sonny was acting. He fills her in that Sonny was trying to rent out the place.

Drew sees Carly GH

In the kitchen, Chase and BLQ complement each other on how nice they look. When Bailey cries over the baby monitor, they head up to deal with her together.

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Later, Sonny congratulates Ned and Olivia and says he needs to get going to take care of some details. Olivia senses Ned knows something, and her husband reveals Sonny is planning a surprise for Carly. When Carly shows up, Olivia goes to warn her. However, Carly’s already gathered Sonny was planning something based on Drew’s information.

Carly grabs Sonny to talk privately. Michael urges them to use the gatehouse. In the gatehouse, Carly confronts Sonny about his big plans for them, which need to stop.

Back at the mansion, Austin gets a chance to talk to Maxie alone about their kiss.

Elsewhere, Tracy takes a moment in private with Ned to let him know that she loves him. Suddenly they are interrupted by everyone as well as a federal agent who has just arrived. The agent places Tracy under arrest for trafficking counterfeit goods. She asks what counterfeit goods? He says, “The Ice Princess.”

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Kristina stops by The Invader to see her mom. She notices the plaque on the desk, and Alexis says it’s from Harmony. Alexis assures her that she and Harmony decided it’s best not to be friends. Kristina feels Sam had no right to ask her not to be friends with Harmony. Alexis asks how Kristina feels about her friendship with Harmony.

Kristina admits seeing Harmony brings up a lot for her with Dawn of Day, but on some level, she also knows Harmony was a victim of Shiloh’s too. She wants to get to a point where seeing Harmony doesn’t bother her, but she’s not there yet. However, she knows Harmony has helped her mom, and she should hang out with her. After hearing how they bonded at Spring Ridge, Kristina believes Harmony sounds like she’s been a good friend to her mom.

Kristina confronts someone GH

After Kristina leaves, Harmony shows up and Alexis can see by the expression on her face that something is wrong. Harmony says, “I need your help, it’s Willow.”

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