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In the Quartermaine guest house, Michael surprises Willow with tickets to Paris. Carly watches them through the window and smiles. She enters and giddy Willow tells her the good news.

Michael and Carly discuss Sonny in guest house General Hospital

After Willow bustles off to get things ready to apply for a passport, Carly tells Michael how much she hates Nina. It kills her that his father refuses to acknowledge how much pain she’s caused. Whatever they had between them is still alive and well. Happiness seems further and further away from her. He wishes there was more he could do to help and is glad she’s confiding in him. She wishes Sonny could listen to her these days. Willow comes back down the stairs, unable to find her birth certificate. He heads off to check in the attic. Carly tells Willow she’s happy they are going to Paris. They deserve some fun. Willow begins apologizing again for what happened at the hearing. Carly tells her to stop. What happened is all on Sonny. Michael returns and walks his mom out, telling her she can always stay with them if the Metro Court is too impersonal. Giving him a hug, she assures him that his parents are proud of him. When he goes back in, Willow tells him she tried to order a birth certificate but there’s no record it exits.

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Sonny bumps into Leo and Ned at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Leo stops Sonny from drinking from the water fountain, warning him that they are sanitized less often than toilets. Ned joins them and they chat. Sonny tells Leo he’s welcome to come over any time he likes. After Leo sits down, Ned chats with Sonny about how much he’s learning about autism. Sonny says it looks like he and Olivia are finally getting things back together. Ned asks if the same is true of him and Carly. “We’re good, especially after what I’ve got planned,” Sonny claims. He has plans to prove he loves her on a grand scale. That grand gesture was also what Ned thought he needed to do to win Olivia back, but he realized it would have been a disaster. The Quartermaine reminds him both of their wives are allergic to BS and urges him to be cautious and give Carly the time and space she wants. Sonny says that what worked for them may not work for him and Carly. His wife loves bold moves. Ned hopes he’s right. Alone, Sonny calls Carly and asks her for one hour on Friday. She agrees to that.

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Liz can't talk to Finn at General Hospital

Finn drops in on Liz in Franco’s old art therapy room. She tells him that someone torched Franco’s studio and is determined to destroy his legacy. He notices that she looks exhausted and encourages her to open up about why. “I can’t. It would ruin everything,” she says. Every time they take a step forward as a couple, they get another reminder of Franco. She wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t want to be saddled with the ghost of her husband. It doesn’t bother him and he’ll be there for her, whatever she needs. She’s determined not to let her past get in the way of their future. They agree to another date. She thanks him for not giving up on her. “Not a chance,” he says. Once he leaves, she tears up. The door mysteriously slams shut on its own and she has to force it open.

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Joss and Cam kiss in cabin General Hospital

At the cabin, Cam wonders if he should make some food for Trina. Joss is worried that they have been ignoring their friends’ feelings this whole time. He assures her of how strong Trina is. Trina wanders in and can’t remember much of what happened. Cam decides to take a shower, leaving Trina to wonder what she’s missed. Joss explains her confrontation with Esme before she left with Spencer. They recall the drinking game and Joss reminds her she admitted she was pretending to be happy for her when she got together with Cam.

Trina and Joss discuss the drinking game at cabin General Hospital

Joss asks if the alcohol helped her admit something she was feeling. Her friend insists that she’s happy for her. Cam returns and they all blame Esme for dredging this up. They talk about what a psycho they think Esme is. When he heads to the kitchen, the girlfriends forgive each other for not being sensitive. Joss is sure that Esme is more than just a mean girl. Cam brings them cider and they toast to being best friends.

Esme and Spencer argue in car General Hospital

As Spencer and Esme are driving back to Port Charles, she wonders what they will tell his grandmother about their abrupt return. He demands to know what she was up to in the cabin. They rehash what happened in the drinking game and how much she upset his friends. As she defends herself, she flashes back to drugging Trina’s drink. She reminds him that he didn’t defend her to his friends. “I don’t want to go home with you at all!” she declares. His friends have constantly disrespected her. He’s sorry that he hasn’t been the boyfriend she needs. Esme points out that she will be all alone when he goes away to Spring Ridge. Spencer apologizes, noting how much she has stood by him. Taking her hand, he asks for her forgiveness. Resting her head on his shoulder, she tells him that they get each other. As she sleeps, he sends Trina a text saying he’s worried about her.

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Curtis and Marshall discuss Sonny at General Hospital

Marshall wanders into Charlie’s Pub and finds Curtis with Stella. He offers to leave them alone but Curtis asks him to stay. As Stella gets some wings, the men sit down and Curtis asks why he walked out after he mentioned he was going to ask Sonny for help. Marshall doesn’t object to Sonny in particular, just people involved in his lifestyle. Curtis tells him that if he wants a relationship, he better never threaten to disappear again. His father apologizes for putting conditions on their relationship and promises he’s not going anywhere. They discuss his recent medical issues and Marshall’s plans to buy a house. They chuckle as Curtis quizzes him about Epiphany.

After introducing themselves to each other, Phyllis and Stella chat at the bar about Curtis. When Curtis steps away, Stella heads straight for Marshall and asks him about telling her nephew that he was in witness protection.

Stella warns Marshall at Charlie's General Hospital

He admits he was vague on purpose so his son could draw his own conclusions. She points out he left out some serious details. Marshall asks what part of his story his son needs to know to embrace him. “Don’t take this away from me,” he pleads.

At the bar, Phyllis and Curtis discuss Nina. He’s glad that she has her. Phyllis hopes she’s enough.

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