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At the coffee house, Laura meets with Martin and asks if he has any idea what he’s in for in taking Peter on as a client. Laura believes Peter has the right to legal counsel, but asks, does it have to be him? She notes Peter’s hurt so many people, including Maxie and her baby. Martin wonders if she thinks Peter could get his hands on the baby. Laura thinks it’s possible if someone as smart as him got him acquitted.

Martin meets with Laura GH

At General Hospital, Brook Lynn, with Bailey in a stroller, walks in on Chase standing in an exam room in his undies. He quickly puts his clothes on and asks if she ever knocks. She didn’t expect to find him in his skivvies. He explains he was getting a physical, and he’s been cleared for work once he gets off desk duty. After some talk about Bailey and what is happening with Maxie, Chase suggests they head home.

Dante stops by Peter’s room to inform him that he’s being transferred to Pentonville tomorrow instead of today, as there are a few more tests they need to do. Peter complains he was already cleared to be moved, and Dante wonders why the rush. Peter claims he needs to get to his day in court to be cleared of all charges so he can then go find his daughter. Dante asks why he thinks he can find Louise when nobody else can. Peter teases he has resources nobody else does.

Dante questions Peter about Louise GH

In the hall, Victor asks Valentin why he wants Bailey’s medical records given he’s not her father. Valentin says legally he still is because Brook Lynn hasn’t amended the birth certificate. Victor suggests she’s hiding something. Valentin explains to his father that he is fishing for something in the file to use against Brook Lynn as payback. A nurse appears with the records and asks if there is something in particular that he needs to see.

Valentin plots GH

Valentin tells Victor that they should talk later at the Metro Court, so Victor leaves to make a reservation. Valentin tells the nurse he’s looking for a sonogram to make a copy of it. He doesn’t find it, and the nurse notes it was never in the file. He assumes it is in Brook Lynn’s file. He asks about the child’s blood type and if it’s O negative, in case of an emergency, but she reveals it’s O positive.

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Elsewhere, as Dante escorts Peter through the halls to his tests, they run into BLQ, Chase, and Bailey. Peter looks at his daughter and says he never saw the resemblance before, but she looks just like her mother. Chase tells Dante to get him out of there, and Peter is wheeled into the elevator.

BLQ worries to Chase that Peter knows the truth, but Chase thinks he can’t possibly know. Laura walks around the corner and asks, “Peter can’t possibly know what?” BLQ covers and says they were just discussing how frightened Peter has everyone, especially Maxie. Laura assures them that Peter will pay for what he’s done, and the world will be a safer place.

Dante returns Peter to his room, and Martin arrives to see his client. Dante leaves them, and Martin tells Peter that he has to recuse himself from his defense. Peter says they’ll go their separate ways and he has no hard feelings. Martin asks what the catch is? Peter simply wants the best defense and someone who can devote their full attention to his case if Martin can’t. Martin departs.

Peter is confident he'll find Louise GH

Later, Laura visits Peter and knows Martin resigned, and wonders why Peter didn’t even put up a fight to keep him. Peter claims he has faith in the system and that things will work out for the best.

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Down in the garage, Valentin calls Anna and leaves a message that he has a lead on Louise. Suddenly he is chloroformed by Victor’s bodyguard. Victor asks him to be careful with his son, as Valentin is loaded into the trunk of Victor’s car.

At the cabin, Joss accuses Esme of being jealous of Trina’s friendship with Spencer, which is why she deliberately set out to hurt Trina. Esme calls Trina a drama queen, but Spencer tells Esme that she’s not and she was seriously upset. Esme cries that Trina has them all, even Spencer, wrapped around her finger. She runs off crying crocodile tears, and Joss asks Spencer if he can finally see what a snake Esme is.

Spencer says Esme has stood by him and had his back through everything. He notes Trina and Joss have made it known they don’t like her, and Esme isn’t accepted by any of them. Joss points out when Esme isn’t burning down cars, she’s burning down his friendships. Spencer asks Cam’s opinion. Shocked, Cam asks Spencer if he even saw how Esme treated Trina?

Spencer faces the truth GH

Esme heads to a room and sees a packed bag. She says, “Perfect!” and cracks a twisted smile. She returns to the living room crying that she’s leaving because she won’t spend time with small people who won’t accept her. Esme has ordered a car and tells Spencer to get their things as they are leaving. Spencer tells Cam and Joss that he’s sorry, and leaves with Esme.

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Cam tells Joss that he’s sorry this weekend blew up. Joss isn’t, and with Trina sleeping it off, it’s just the two of them. They go outside to look at the stars, and Joss wonders if this was Esme’s plan all along… to embarrass them and Trina? Cam always thought Esme was so sure of herself, but now he sees how insecure and terrified she is of losing Spencer. Cam suggests they stop talking about Esme and Spencer, and they kiss. They head inside to their room, and finally make love.

In the car ride home, Spencer asks Esme if Joss was right, and she set out to blow up his friendships. Esme flashes back to planting a camera in Joss and Cam’s room before leaving. She then cries to Spencer that all she wanted to do was give him a happy weekend with his friends, and for him to suspect her of something so diabolical makes her sad.

Back at the cabin, Esme’s camera records Joss and Cam in bed together.

Stella meets up with Curtis at Charlie’s to catch up and asks about Marshall. Curtis explains what Marshall told him and that he suspects Marshall was in the witness protection program. He points out when he questioned who Marshall got involved with, he warned him to back off, as if he’d put his family in danger. Stella suggests he do what Marshall asks. Curtis asks his aunt if she knows something he doesn’t? Stella insists wasn’t there, so maybe he should leave it alone as Marshall asked.

Stella dodges Curtis' questions GH

At Kelly’s, Marshall, who is temporarily being played by Damien Leake, meets with Epiphany. They discuss his recent hospital visit, and Epiphany realizes her mistake on his condition and the proper medication he needed. It made her realize her dream of being a doctor is better left dead. She advises him to focus less on her dreams and worry about his family.

Marshall arrives at Charlie’s and finds Curtis with Stella. He asks if he can join them.

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