Victor tells Peter where Louise is GH
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At the yoga studio, Nina tells Carly that she needs to hear her out because it’s about Sonny. Carly tells her that she doesn’t want to hear anything else she has to tell her about Sonny and walks away. Sasha arrives, spots Carly, and pulls her into a hug.

Nina listen to me Carly GH

Carly asks Sasha how she is, and smiling, Sasha insists she’s great. She goes on and on about how amazing work has been going. Nina asks if she’s taking time for herself because both she and Carly know what it is like to grieve for a child. Carly asks for a moment alone with Sasha, so Nina excuses herself.

Sasha leans on Carly GH

Sasha insists Liam is always in her heart, but she is moving on. Carly notes sometimes grief masks itself as acceptance, and if she doesn’t deal with it, grief can destroy her. Sasha knows Carly is trying to help her but reliving everything and talking about it like Brando won’t help. Carly thinks she’ll never know if she doesn’t try.

Carly advises Sasha GH

After Sasha gets to class, Carly goes to head out and Nina chases after her, saying that Sonny loves her and needs her, but Carly won’t discuss her marriage with her.

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In a room at the hospital, Dione takes Sonny’s blood pressure and tells him that Dr. Sullivan will be in shortly. Sonny stirs restlessly in the room before finally walking out. He runs into Monica in the hall, who asks him if he’s okay. Monica knows it’s been tough since they lost Jason and she expresses her concern about him. Sonny thanks her and insists that he’s okay. She walks off and Brando exits the elevator. Brando tells Sonny that he needs help.

Brando opens up to Sonny that he needs to talk to someone. However, he admits he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to say to a shrink, especially about a child he never got to know. Sonny commends him and says it’s good that Brando realizes he needs help and has the courage to do something about it.

Brando turns to Sonny for help GH

In Peter’s room, Victor tells the patient that his daughter has been in town the entire time living and with the Quartermaine’s as Bailey. Peter refuses to believe Valentin’s daughter is his, so Victor explains the evidence he’s found that points to Maxie and Brook Lynn conspiring to pass Louise off as Bailey and that BLQ was never pregnant.

Peter Victor make a deal GH

Elated, Peter thanks Victor for finding his daughter and vows she will be his. His joy quickly turns to rage over Maxie and Brook Lynn deceiving him. He had no idea Maxie was capable of such deviousness and cruelty, and he really thought she loved him. He realizes Maxie is lost to him and made him suffer, so now she must pay.

At Kelly’s, Valentin again states his belief that Chase isn’t the father of Brook Lynn’s baby. But why, he wonders, would the stand-up guy go along with the lie? Valentin also points out that Maxie and Brook Lynn’s friendship doesn’t make much sense. He thinks back to all the times Maxie made excuses to see Bailey, but Martin points out that Maxie has nothing to gain from helping Brook Lynn. Valentin finally puts it all together, realizing Maxie is Bailey’s mother. Martin begins to understand that Maxie did this to protect Louise from Peter. Valentin reminds Martin that he’s on his payroll too, so this is confidential from his other client, Peter. As Valentin vows to find out if his theory is right, Martin asks what he’ll do about it if it’s true.

Martin and Valentin discuss Chase GH

Back at the hospital, Valentin meets with Monica and Yuri. He asks about Bailey and questions Monica about Maxie’s constant presence at the mansion these past few months. Monica admits she feared Maxie was having a break with reality and seeing Bailey as her own. Then again, she suggests perhaps it’s just that Bailey is so lovable. She hopes Valentin has found peace with how things turned out.

In Peter’s room, Victor wants him to keep up his end of the bargain, but Peter refuses. He says the original deal involved Maxie, and things have changed. He tells Victor he needs his help in getting out  of the hospital before anyone else can figure out the truth and try to keep him from his daughter.

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Later, Monica visits Peter to let him know that she can’t wait to see him face the consequence of what he did to Drew and Jason and spend his life behind bars.

Meanwhile, Victor spies Valentin approaching the nurses’ station to ask for Bailey’s medical records.

Back in the hallway, Brando thanks Sonny for listening to him. He says he’ll be okay. Sonny suggests they both go get checked in for help.

At the cabin, Esme brings out some hot toddies and hands Trina the one she drugged. She warns them that she didn’t skimp on the whiskey. As they drink, Esme suggests they play the “never have I ever” game. When Esme’s turn rolls around, she says, “Never have I ever dated my best friend.” When Trina goes to drink — indicating that she has done so — Joss wonders who she is thinking about.

Teens ski trip and drinking GH

Esme suggests it’s Cameron, and Joss asks why Esme would say that. Cam and Trina having feelings for one another is briefly rehashed. Joss says they put it behind them. Esme isn’t so sure, and says, “Never have I ever moved in on my best friend’s crush… Drink up, Joss!” Joss says she and Trina had a pact not to let a guy come between them, and Trina was okay with her and Cam dating. Trina begins to cry and admits she misses when it was just the three of them as friends. Announcing she doesn’t feel well, Trina rushes off.

Joss knocks on the bathroom door and tries to talk to Trina. In tears, Trina says she doesn’t feel well and asks to be left  alone. Upset, Joss says that Esme did this on purpose and won’t get away with it.

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Joss confronts Esme for playing them all, including Spencer. Esme cries that she only wanted to be their friend, but Joss doesn’t buy it. She sees through her and calls her a manipulative little bitch.

In the woods of Pawtuck, Maxie tries to convince Austin that he didn’t hear her voice the night she gave birty, but he asks her to stop lying. He wonders if this has to do with her plan with Britt, who told him all about it. Maxie can’t believe Britt did that, but Austin says she meant no harm as the plan never came to fruition. Maxie claims that after giving birth, she was hallucinating she was with Britt and they were putting the plan into effect. She cries all she had thought about for months up to that point was protecting Louise after finally facing the truth that Peter was a monster.

Austin and Maxie get real GH

Austin asks if she confided in Brook Lynn too, and Maxie snaps, “Brook Lynn had nothing to do with it.” He notes how quickly she reacted, adding he knows he heard a second voice with her. Maxie says he’s just confused, and they are no closer to finding Louise, so what is the point of this. Austin feels they are onto something. Suddenly, Maxie pulls Austin into a kiss!

Maxie agrees to confess GH

Maxie quickly apologizes, but he tells her not to. He says that was nice. Felicia interrupts and can’t believe they are still out there. Maxie explains she and Austin were just talking. Felicia gets the feeling something else is going on and asks what happened before she came back. Maxie cries that today has been a lot and she wants to just get home and hug James and Georgie.

On the next General Hospital: Dante questions Peter about Louise and asks why he thinks he can find her when no one else has. Laura asks Martin if he knows what he’s getting into. Joss hopes Spencer has finally seen Esme for who she is. Valentin tells Victor that turnabout is fair play.

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