Sonny doesn't want to be told what to do at Corinthos compound General Hospital
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Nina wakes up at Corinthos compound and freaks out when Sonny is nowhere to be seen. She’s about to run outside when Sonny comes in from the garden and tells her about his plans to insulate the kids’ treehouse. He didn’t sleep all night. “I don’t need to because I feel great,” he declares. She tries to get him to eat. Sonny tells her to stop telling him what to do and stay out of his way.

Nina calls Brit in panic at Corinthos compound General Hospital

After he storms off, Nina calls Britt and worries that Sonny is off his meds. She needs medical advice. Britt tells her she needs to try to get him to see his doctor and not argue with him about anything. It might be impossible to keep him calm. The first step is to get him to acknowledge he’s having an episode. She warns that he could become violent. If she feels threatened, she needs to call one of his minions and get out of there.

When she gets off the line, Sonny returns, eager to get back outside. She asks him to stay and explain bipolar disorder to her. Reluctantly, he says it’s like a nightmare but it’s not what’s happening now. When he grabs her wrists, she says it hurts. He stops and backs away, insisting he doesn’t hurt women. She’s not afraid of him, she’s afraid for him. Suddenly exhausted, he tells her she may be right and he feels exhausted. After admitting he’s out of meds, she suggests they get him a refill. He agrees to call his doctor.

Carly lectures Ava General Hospital

Ava disturbs Carly when she is trying to relax at the yoga studio. Without being interrupted, she joins her and starts quizzing her about moving into the Metro Court. Carly claims she is just committed to self-care. Ava asks after Avery. BLQ enters as things get tense between the other women. Ava reminds Carly that she is not Avery’s mother and insists she should be with her, not pawned off on Bobbie. Carly explains her mom needed a distraction after Luke’s memorial. Ava admits she’s overreacted but doesn’t want her daughter involved in their drama. She points out that if things don’t work out with Sonny, he already has someone else to turn to. BLQ gets in the middle of the argument and Ava decides to leave. Brook Lynn asks Carly if things are really that bad with Sonny. Carly admits that she’s moved out.

In the kitchen, Ava calls her daughter and tells her she will see her tomorrow. She can call her any time she feels like it.

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Felicia tells Maxie they have a breakthrough in Pautauk General Hospital

In Pautauk, Austin leads Felicia, Anna, and Maxie to the place where he found her in labour. Anna knows this will be hard but promises it will help them get to the bottom of what happened to her daughter. Maxie flashes back to Austin finding her but claims she can’t remember anything. He identifies the exact spot and her mom puts down a blanket so she can sit and recall. She remembers her pain and fear and then the light that found her. “I was so happy to see you,” she tells Austin. He was grateful. After they recall why she didn’t want to go to the hospital, she recalls him being attacked by fake Chloe. He can’t remember it. She tells them she tried fighting Chloe and passed out while flashing back to actually running away and giving the baby to BLQ. When she recalls returning to Austin as he woke up, he says that someone else was with them. He could hear another woman’s voice talking to Maxie and their conversation was not confrontational. Maxie first worries this might not be a true memory and then declares it is too cold. After Anna and Felica walk off, Austin remembers more and tells Maxie, “It was you.” He asks who she was talking to.

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Peter argues with Britt at General Hospital

Britt stops by her brother’s room at General Hospital. They begin bickering about her giving in to propriety and she points out how badly following in their father’s footsteps has gone for him. She’s signed off on his paperwork so he’s Pentonville’s problem now. He asks if Maxie knows he’s leaving. As long as he shares a child with her, they will be bound forever.

Victor at General Hospital

Victor stops by the nurses’ station and asks the orderly to tell him the name of the person the sonogram he found belongs to. As she looks up the patient ID, she is called away to get someone a blanket. He leaps behind the counter to get the information. Britt catches him and he covers. She chases him to the elevators, demanding that he steer clear of her mother. He brings up her Huntington’s. Britt claims she has no such thing and accuses him of fantasizing, then storms off. He gets a call from a contact confirming something.

Victor enters Peter’s room. He tells him he’s had an interesting conversation and is there to hold up his end of the bargain.

Sonny and Nina arrive and Britt shows them to a room. Sonny insists he doesn’t need a babysitter and can wait for his doctor alone. Nina just wants to make sure he’s okay. Before she leaves, he apologizes for hurting her wrist. “Thank you for caring,” he says.

When Nina goes to the yoga studio, she bumps into Carly. Rather than leave, she decides to stay because she has something to say. Leaping up, Carly says, “Great! So do I.”

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Esme, Cam, Joss, Spencer, and Trina arrive at the cabin. Esme tells Joss she should take the bedroom with the biggest bed. She’s eager to start a fire and suggests she and Spencer hang out there with her while they go skiing. Spencer wants to go skiing too. Trina’s enthusiasm for it is contagious. “Like the plague,” Esme sneers.

Cam and Joss discuss sex at the cabin General Hospital

When Cam and Joss have a moment alone, he tells her he has everything they need if she is still ready. She trusts him and wants her first time to be with him. He feels the same way. They make out. Later, once everyone is dressed, Spencer jokes about breaking his legs to avoid prison. As they head out, Esme tells Spencer she’ll have to pay Trina back for encouraging them to ski.

After skiing, they all return to the cabin. The young women go to their rooms to change and Spencer offers Cam extra condoms if he needs them. “I don’t,” annoyed Cam says. When they are all together again, Esme makes hot toddies and pulls out some meds.

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Chase with Bailey at Kelly's General Hospital

Chase arrives at Kelly’s with Bailey. When Valentin enters with Martin, he checks on the baby and then moves on to his table. Chase is relieved that went well.

At their table, Martin reminds Valentin that he is legally still Bailey’s father. The birth certificate hasn’t been changed. That’s news to the Cassadine. He heads back to Chase to demand the reason why the certificate hasn’t been changed. Chase is sure Brook Lynn has started the process and thanks him for bringing it to his attention.

When Valentin returns to Martin, the lawyer explains that changing the paperwork for a birth certificate is easy if there is proof of paternity. Valentin realizes there might not be any. He’s taken all of this without proof. The whole thing could be a fabrication and Chase could be in on it. But why?

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