Victor begins to connect Bailey and Louise GH
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At Charlie’s, Victor bumps into Maxie, who drops her purse. Its belongings spill out, and Victor spots the sonogram photo and picks it up. He asks if congratulations are in order, but Maxie explains it’s Louise and it’s all she has left of her. He hands it back and offers to use his resources to help her bring Louise home, but she refuses because his help comes at a cost. She walks off, and Victor departs.

Maxie joins her mother at a table, who fills Maxie in on Luke’s memorial and Helena’s taped appearance. Fortunately, Felicia says the witch is still dead. Maxie wishes they could say the same about Victor. Maxie switches the subject to their trip to Pawtuck, and Felicia thinks they should set some ground rules, so she doesn’t feel pressured too much. Maxie suggests rule number one be no talking about her and Austin. Felicia teases, “About the soft spot you have for one another?” Felicia agrees to the rule but admits she likes him and thinks tomorrow will be the first step of Louise’s journey home.

Felicia is happy Helena still dead GH

Sam sits at the bar and chats with Kristina. They discuss their mother’s new job, which she’s loving. Sam says now that she put Harmony on notice nothing will hold Alexis back. Kristina asks what this is about Harmony. Sam said she told Harmony to steer clear of their mom now that she was out of prison. Kristina is annoyed and can’t believe Sam would butt into their mom’s life on her behalf without even asking what she thought. Kristina reminds Sam that Harmony testified against Shiloh, and they should let their mom make her own decisions.

Kristina is upset GH

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Outside of Kelly’s, Esme runs into Cam as he’s sweeping and she asks where Spencer is. He jokes Spencer is warm and cozy inside with Trina. Cam thinks Esme has a problem with Spencer and Trina being friends. Esme assures him that she knows Trina is not the one Spencer wants. She asks Cam about his relationship with Trina, but Cam says that’s ancient history.

Cam and Esme discuss Trina

Inside, Trina and Spencer discuss their upcoming ski trip, and his coming to work at the gallery. Spencer realizes for an entire five minutes just now that he wasn’t thinking about going to prison. Trina notes he doesn’t talk about it much. Spencer admits he is embarrassed because he’s scared. Trina says prison is scary, and she thinks he’s brave for owning up to his mistakes.

Trina flirts with Spencer GH

Cam heads inside and tells Spencer that he needs to stop chatting and get back to work. Spencer heads to the kitchen, and Cam asks Trina if she’s sure she’ll be okay to go on this trip with two couples. Trina insists she will be fine.

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Trina heads out and runs into Esme, who briefly looks at the medication she picked up. It’s a bottle of Tramadol. Trina tells Esme that she’s going to get some last-minute supplies and asks if she needs anything. Esme responds that she has everything she needs.

At The Invader office, Harmony drops by to find Alexis hard at work. Alexis asks what brings her by, and Harmony hands her a gift to mark her new beginning. She tells her not to open it in front of her because she doesn’t want her to have to pretend that she likes it. Alexis is sure she will. Harmony suggests they go for coffee, but Alexis informs her that she doesn’t think they can continue this friendship because of Kristina. Harmony understands and is sorry it didn’t work out. However, she’s not sorry she got to know her. After Harmony departs, Alexis opens the gift which is a plaque with a quote from Gandhi about the truth setting you free.

Joss meets with her mom at the Metro Court and doesn’t understand why she was the one who had to move out seeing Sonny was in the wrong. Carly explains that Avery and Donna lost nine months with Sonny, so he needs to be with them. Carly doesn’t want to talk about Sonny anymore and tells Joss that she’s made sure the cabin is fully stocked for her trip. She asks if Joss is bringing protection. Joss assures her mom that she will be responsible and is prepared.

Carly and Joss discuss Nina GH

At another table, Britt and Austin continue to enjoy their drinks. Britt asks about his family. Austin opens up and admits the reason he was drawn to Leo’s case is that his brother is on the spectrum. Britt thinks Leo, Olivia, and Ned could benefit from his experience, but Austin wants to protect his brother’s privacy. When she pushes, he asks her if there was something complicated medically in her family would she be open to talking about it with others? He can see he hit a nerve.

Suddenly Victor arrives to ask Austin about sonograms. Britt makes a hasty departure, and Victor shows him the sonogram photo he got from Valentin. He claims he found it in the street but doesn’t know how to get it back to who needs it because the name is torn off. Austin points out the patient ID number is on the back, and the hospital computers can identify the person.

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At The Savoy, Sonny approaches Curtis, who is with Marshall, and says he wants his club. Curtis explains he’s with someone and they will have to talk later. Sonny insists he wants The Savoy and won’t leave until he gets it. He pulls out a wad of cash, but Curtis says his club is not for sale. Sonny explains he only wants to rent it out for him and Carly.

Sonny wants Curtis Club GH

Drew joins Curtis and greets Sonny. Curtis explains to Sonny that he can’t rent him the club because it would cost him money, not to mention he has acts scheduled. He suggests Sonny find another club. Sonny screams, “Nobody tells me what to do!” Curtis replies, “In my club, I do.”

Drew and Curtis face Sonny GH

Sonny apologizes and Drew offers to help him find another place. Sonny lashes out at Drew, calling him a poor knock-off of Jason, who should have let him rot in Greece. Nina enters as Sonny screams at Drew that he was a better man when he thought he was Jason because now he’s nothing. Nina approaches and tells Sonny that they need to go, otherwise he’s going to get himself picked up by the police. Sonny agrees to leave and heads out with her. Curtis notes he has never seen Sonny like that, but Drew has and it’s not pretty. Curtis introduces Drew to his father and Drew heads to the bar to get a drink.

Marshall asks Curtis how he came to cross Sonny. Curtis says until now he and Sonny have been cool. In fact, he was going to ask him to help Marshall with his problem. Marshall forbids it and doesn’t want his son beholden to Sonny. Curtis tells his father that he chooses who he associates with. Marshall doesn’t want him to do anything on his account, and if he gets involved with Sonny then he’ll have to walk. Marshall heads out.

At the bar, Drew looks troubled. Later he goes over to see Curtis after his father leaves. Curtis asks about him and Sonny.

Nina gets Sonny home, and he tells her that she can go. Nina doesn’t think it’s prudent to leave him alone, and he’s not acting like himself. Sonny lashes out at her and screams she doesn’t know him at all. Nina knows a manic episode when she sees one and asks if he’s off his meds.

Sonny explains that he’s trying to fix his life, the life Nina ruined. He orders her to go, but Nina says she is worried about how his daughters will react to how he’s acting. Sonny assures her that he has things under control. Nina offers to call Carly so she can help him, but he doesn’t want to bother Carly anymore. Nina tells him that it’s either her or Carly. Sonny tells Nina she can stay or go, as long as she stays out of his way. He carries a bottle of whiskey upstairs.

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