Laura and Spencer are shocked to see Jennifer on Haunted Star General Hospital
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At the bar, Austin calls Maxie to ask about the trip to Pautauk. Britt sits down beside him and asks him for a drink so he can tell her about him and Maxie.

Ned explains family to Leo at Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Ned and Olivia inform Leo that they are planning a ceremony at the house to renew their vows. Leo reminds Ned that he’s not his real father. Ned tells him there are all kinds of families. Julian will always be his biological father, but he would like to be the father who raises him. Olivia tells Leo that people will be saying things to him that won’t make sense for a while. She wasn’t seeing him for who he was before because she wasafraid, but she won’t let that happen anymore. They hug.

Britt and Austin discuss Maxie at Metro Court General Hospital

When Britt and Austin get a table, she tells him that if he hadn’t been the one to help Maxie deliver the baby, she would have been there. Austin looks baffled as she tells him about Peter, Maxie, and her plans for the baby. Ned interrupts and thanks Austin for all the help he’s given him regarding Leo. He knows his family did not do right by him and he’d like to rectify that. Ned invites him to the vow renewal. Austin has other plans. After Ned walks off, Britt asks Austin why Leo’s case was so personal to him.

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At Jax’s place, Chase offers to sing Bailey to sleep. Although she knows he’s good at that, BLQ flashes back to him trashing her to Dante and turns him down. Maxie arrives at the door and announces she is there for her daughter. She just means she wants to see her. BLQ warns that she’s trying to sleep and is having trouble adjusting to the new place. “Don’t tell me what my daughter needs,” Maxie snipes, walking off.

Maxie visits Bailey at BLQ's General Hospital

When Maxie tries to calm Bailey in her crib, it fails. BLQ comes in and calms her easily. This makes Maxie upset. Sobbing, she goes to Chase and admits she should have expected this. She is missing every major milestone of her child’s life. Louise doesn’t even know who she is. He assures her she will. Ever since she decided to give her up, she’s kept her sonogram in her purse.

When BLQ joins them, Maxie explains she is going to Pautauk with Austin to steer the narrative as he and Anna try to piece it back together. Before she can leave, BLQ assures her that Bailey was only cranky before. Maxie is relieved to see her daughter is with a good team. Once she leaves, Chase echoes Maxie’s sentiment. “Really? Because I get the feeling I’m just a burden to you,” BLQ snaps at him. He wants to know what that means but she’s not explaining.

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Victor and Valentin drink vodka at Charlie's General HospitalValentin and Victor are drinking vodka at Charlie’s. Victor knows why he’s spending time with him. Anna has been looking at him crossly and Valentin’s about-face for revenge didn’t come out of anywhere. He assumes Valentin agreed to ingratiate himself with him for her. Victor doesn’t care about his ulterior motives. He’s just glad they are spending time together. Victor is determined to keep the family together. They will have to be for what’s coming next. As Valentin is about to pay the bill, he finds Bailey’s sonogram in his wallet and shows it to his father. Victor looks at it and reads the patient ID. His son has been holding onto it and doesn’t know how to give it up. “Let me hold onto this with you,” Victor offers.

Maxie and Victor with sonogram at Charlie's General Hospital

After Valentin leaves, Maxie shows up and bumps into Victor. This knocks her purse to the ground and her copy of the sonogram spills onto the floor.

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Sonny asks Carly if things have changed on Haunted Star General HospitalOn the deck of the Haunted Star, Carly looks out into the night and wonders if Luke is there somewhere. Sonny appears and says they are feeling a lot tonight but the only thing that’s important is that she come home.

She is still angry and hurt that he didn’t think she was strong enough to handle the truth. It would be possible to get past that, but the harder part is that deep down, he is still in love with Nina. If he needs time to get over another woman, she can’t be around to watch him nurse a broken heart for someone else. It’s impossible for her to share a bed with him under these conditions. She was so happy that he came home she thought they could ease back into their old life. Maybe that was a mistake. He insists nothing has changed for him, but has it for her? Getting upset, he says they need to recommit. He’s determined to show her how much he loves her and runs off. Carly shakes her head and walks away.

Jennifer Smith returns at Haunted Star General HospitalInside the Haunted Star, Laura and Spencer are about to leave when Jennifer Smith shows up in black. Laura is surprised and demands to know what she wants. Spencer is confused so the women recount Jennifer’s life and how Laura ran off with Luke, leaving Jennifer at the altar. The mayor wishes her old rival would crawl back under whatever rock she came out from. Jennifer prepares a drink for herself and admits she had an ulterior motive for returning to Port Charles. To Laura’s shock, Jennifer apologizes for all the harm she has caused. Sonny stumbles in and Smith is happy to see him. When she brings up mob business, Laura sends Spencer out. Jennifer points out that Sonny and Selina’s families basically run the east coast and her father Frank would be proud. He doesn’t want to discuss this and starts cursing his phone.

After he walks off, Laura tells Jennifer that her being back isn’t helping anyone. Jennifer reminds her that Luke was cruel to both of them. She needs catharsis. Laura tells her that nothing is that neat. You close a chapter and open the next one. “I’ll take that to heart,” Jennifer says before walking out.

Laura meets Spencer on the deck. He asks if she’s worried about Jennifer. She admits she’s a concern but she has other worries. She’s been hard on him lately but will always love him. They hug.

Jennifer gets to her car and makes a call, informing someone that Sonny has no plans to expand to the west coast and won’t be a problem.

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Joss and Carly discuss Sonny at Metro Court General HospitalWhen Carly returns to her room at the Metro Court, she finds Joss waiting for. Her daughter asks how she feels about Sonny. Carly admits she is sad and confused. She’s waiting for the Sonny she knows to show up and seek revenge on Nina. But this Sonny is just protecting Nina. Joss tells her not to stay with Sonny if it makes her unhappy.

Marshall and Portia talk at Savoy General HospitalAt The Savoy, Curtis tells Portia he’s been thinking about how he nearly lost his father. A moment later, Marshall walks in. He thanks the doctor for all her help with his medical episode. She suggests that he is being too forward and should give his son some space. Curtis explains he asked his father to stop by. He’s realized that demanding answers from him could put his family in jeopardy. He may not like it, but he’s willing to put that aside for now. Marshall thanks him for being understanding. Portia leaves them alone to get to know each other. They sit down with tequila. Curtis knows there are a lot of grey areas in his father’s past and he can accept that he may not have been a willing participant in them. They toast to their health. Marshall warns him that shady characters will always try to muscle their way into places like The Savoy. Sonny shows up and announces he wants the club.

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