Luke's family and friends gather for his memorial Haunted Star General Hospital
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Bobbie joins Carly at Kelly’s. She remembers how Luke always called her Caroline to remind her of who she really was. She worries about her mom. Bobbie says they will get through this together. They hate that Lucas won’t be able to attend the memorial because he has to work. She thinks working is easier for him than facing his family. Something tells Bobbie that her daughter needs her right now. “More than you know,” Carly admits. Bobbie recalls how dark her life with Luke was and their alcoholic father. They came to Port Charles and made a life for themselves. If she managed to thrive in Port Charles, it was because her brother was always there to help her. Now she doesn’t know what to do when she needs his help.

Carly and Bobbie talk Luke at Kelly's General Hospital

As she cries, Carly reminds her she can always call her. They discuss Carly’s marriage. She’s not sure she has one to save. The man who came back to her is not the man she was married to. He refuses to acknowledge the damage Nina put her family through for her own selfish reasons and won’t kick her to the curb. That’s a deal breaker for her.

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On the Haunted Star, Laura is surprised when Curtis shows up to be there for her. Kevin can’t because he’s dealing with an emergency at work. Felicia and Anna arrive, followed by Ava and Nikolas. His mom explains that Lucky can’t come back because of a cholera outbreak. Lucky and Ethan will attend the memorial that Tracy holds in Amsterdam.

Victor crashes Luke's memorial Haunted Star General Hospital

Laura is happy to see Spencer when he arrives. Things are chilly when Victor shows up, however. He muses on the grand shadow Luke cast. Dying in an accident seems an inappropriate way to go. Laura thinks he and his bodyguard should get lost but he warns that Luke had a long list of enemies… and they are very much alive. After there are threats to call the police, Spencer steps up and reminds him a gentleman wouldn’t stay where he’s not wanted. As Victor exits, Laura hopes he sees Luke himself sooner rather than later. Nikolas and Spencer start bickering so Ava leads them away from Laura.

memorial Haunted Star General Hospital

In one of the rooms, Ava lectures Nikolas and Spencer for making a scene. Spencer complains that Luke was a grifter. Annoyed Ava tells him he came from nothing and made himself loved, unlike Spencer.

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Dante checks on Sonny at Charlie's General Hospital

Dante finds Sonny having a drink at Charlie’s. He knows how important Luke was to him. Sonny knows that Lulu is in a coma and can’t be there, but he wants to be with Carly when she says goodbye to her uncle Luke. He’s determined not to lose any more time with Carly. Dante reminds him he needs to prove to Carly that what he feels for Nina is over.

Scott and Robert argue about Luke at Charlie's General Hospital

Scott and Robert wander in. Scorpio tells him not to crash the memorial. When Scott spots Sonny, he says he’s never been able to decide who he hates more, Luke or Sonny. “You win by a photo finish,” he sneers at Sonny. The Corinthos reminds them that he owns the bar and no one can come in and insult Luke. Scorpio and Dante try to keep the peace. After the cop exits, Sonny orders drinks for the others but Scott insists they pay for their own. “You thought you scored a touchdown at the hearing for Nina?” slurring Sonny asks him. Robert tries to pull Scott out. As Scott presses on Sonny, things get tense. Robert and Phyllis try to keep things cool. Sonny wants to teach Scotty a lesson.

Scott and Sonny brawl GH

The men take off their jackets and start rolling up their sleeves. Victor arrives and starts laughing as he mocks them and Luke’s memory. “I think I hate him more than I hate you,” Scott declares. Victor throws his jacket down too. Phyllis runs between them as the men clobber each other. Once they back off, they argue about who will pay for the damages until Robert reminds them they have a memorial to go to.

Outside, Robert has to stop Sonny from going back in for another fight. They stumble down to the pier. Sonny decides to stay and wait for Carly. Scott remembers getting a black eye at Luke and Laura’s wedding. As they head for a boat, Carly and Bobbie arrive. After giving Sonny a look, Bobbie gets on the boat. Sonny asks Carly if she’s ready to say goodbye to her uncle and his friend. She asks what happened to his bloody hand. “Luke happened,” he explains before telling her how he and Scott teamed up to fight Victor.

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Laura remembers Luke for Curtis on Haunted Star General Hospital

Back on the Haunted Star, Laura and Curtis go out on the deck for fresh air. She and Luke were a team. He’s been gone for a long time but went slowly. She mostly feels sad that their grandkids will only know him from pictures and stories, only some of which will be true.

Tracy faces Alexis on the deck at Luke's memorial Haunted Star General Hospital

Alexis finds distraught Tracy outside on the deck with Luke’s ashes. “I’m holding Luke is a jar. Everything is peachy-keen in my life!” Tracy declares. Alexis gets that she’s having a hard time and understands. Tracy doesn’t, especially after what she did to her. Alexis explains that everyone deserves a second chance and she gave her one for Luke’s sake. She warns that Lucy is on the way with a forty-page speech so they decide to head in.

Dante, Felicia and Anna at Luke's memorial Haunted Star General Hospital

Anna tells Felicia that Luke would have enjoyed all this chaos. When Dante joins them, they hear a noise and walk off to investigate. When they return, there is a giant television with a flashdrive and a message that says “play me.” The other guests gather and Tracy decides they should put on the video. It’s from Helena. If this is playing, Helena explains, it’s because he’s gone. She always told Luke that she would have the last word. Luke was a parvenu, a cheap and tawdry stone who fancied himself a diamond in the rough. Before the video can continue, Laura has had enough and shuts it down.

memorial Haunted Star General Hospital

As Sonny and the others arrive, Tracy thanks everyone for coming. Whether they loved or hated Luke, no one would ever forget him. He never wanted anyone to remember him as a hero or a good guy. He could be cruel and cunning, yet caring, generous, and impossibly selfish. Luke changed all of them forever. She goes out on the deck and dumps his ashes.

Back on the pier, Scott talks to himself about what Luke stole from him. But Luke is dead and gone and he’s still standing. “You lose you son of a bitch!” he declares. Luke’s ashes blow in and hit him in the face. Bobbie arrives and asks what happened. “I caught the bouquet,” he jokes.

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Back on the boat, Sonny tells Laura he has an update on the situation with the threat Cyrus warned them about. They’ll talk later.

memorial Haunted Star General Hospital

In a corner, Robert tells Felicia and Anna about the bar fight. They guess that Scott hated Victor even more than Sonny.

memorial Haunted Star General Hospital

Tracy offers Laura the ice princess but she doesn’t want anything to do with it and suggests she throw it away. Tracy won’t do that and leaves. Spencer wishes he could have seen it. He tells his grandmother he wanted to be there for her tonight and hopes her can make her proud of him. She blows Luke’s portrait a kiss and says goodbye. On what way out, they are shocked when Jennifer Smith shows up in full mourning gear.

On the deck, Carly looks at the sky and wonders if Luke is out there. Sonny puts his hand on hers.

Back at Charlie’s, Victor pays Phyllis for the damages and drinks a toast to Luke. “The good people of your fair city are in for a big surprise,” he says.

On the next General Hospital: A hurt Maxie makes an unfortunate realization.

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