Peter threatens Finn GH
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Dante arrives at Liz’s place and apologizes for bothering her so early in the morning. She invites him in, and he reveals there was a fire at Franco’s art studio. The entire place was lost. She asks how it started, and Dante reveals it was arson.

Cam joins them and learns about the fire. Dante says there was an accelerant found inside and the door to the studio had to be broken down. He asks who had keys, and Liz notes only her and the landlord as far as she knows. Liz looks for her spare set of keys and finds them, along with her wedding ring. She admits she hasn’t been to Franco’s studio in months. Dante asks Cam when he was there last. Cam hasn’t been there since right after he died, and Liz explains Cam’s whereabouts last night. Dante isn’t accusing them. Dante explains he’s just trying to figure out when the last time someone was at the studio.

Dante brings Liz bad news GH

Liz reveals she hasn’t been able to go there since Franco died. Cam suggests Peter set the fire to destroy any evidence against him for Franco’s murder. Dante assures him that they are looking at all leads. Cam heads upstairs, and Dante promises Liz that he’ll find out who did this. He departs, and alone, Liz looks at her ring.

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Cam returns, and he can’t believe the studio is gone. Liz notes it feels like they are losing Franco all over again. Cam thinks if Peter didn’t set the fire then the timing is weird. Between her ring and the fire, it strikes him unusual. Liz thinks he’s been listening to too many paranormal podcasts. Cam heads to the kitchen, and Liz looks at her wedding ring again.

Valentin and Anna have coffee at Kelly’s. Anna has a favor to ask Valentin about Victor. Valentin guesses she wants him to get close to him to find out what he’s up to, which he’s already doing. He reveals Laura is just as concerned about his influence over Spencer, and he is worried as to why Victor is set on bringing the family together.

Anna questions Valentin GH

Valentin says he’s already started bonding with his father over both their desires to punish Brook Lynn. Anna knows he’s hurt but asks if revenge is necessary. Valentin can’t forgive her for hurting him, but more so his daughter. She asks how revenge against Brook Lynn will help. He says it sends a message not to mess with him, but to fear him. Anna points out that’s not who he is anymore, but he insists it is.

Anna and Valentin plot GH

Dante interrupts to speak with Anna, so Valentin excuses himself. Dante fills her in on Franco’s studio being torched, which could be Peter’s doing. Anna offers to get him a list of Peter’s known associates. Before departing, Dante advises Anna to be careful when it comes to getting involved with Valentin. After he returns, Valentin promises Anna that if Victor’s plan for Brook Lynn goes too far then he’ll stop it. He asks if she trusts him. She smiles and says she’s not sure.

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At Brook Lynn’s new place, Maxie asks why BLQ and Chase are there and not at the Quartermaine place. Brook Lynn reveals Tracy figured out the truth. Maxie fears everything is falling apart, and until Peter is in prison, both she and Louise are in danger.

Ned arrives because his daughter has been avoiding his calls. Maxie heads out upset, and Chase departs to give Ned and BLQ space. Alone, Ned asks his daughter why Tracy thinks she’s in trouble, and what it has to do with Bailey. Brook Lynn promises him that Bailey is fine. He wonders why she moved out. Brook Lynn explains she needed privacy, and it gives Chase time with Bailey without the family interrupting.

BLQ is in trouble GH

Ned asks if she’s falling for Chase. She swears they are just friends and are committed to giving Bailey a good life and nothing more. Brook Lynn asks him to try and lighten up on Chase, it’s not as if anything will happen between them. Ned says they share a child, so it could happen.

Ned questions BLQ about trouble GH

At the hospital, Felicia greets Austin, and they sit down to talk. Felicia explains that she and Anna are looking into Louise’s kidnapping, and asks if he’d go back to Pawtuck to retrace the events of that night. He’s happy to do so. Felicia asks if he can convince Maxie to go too, but he can’t do that.

Felicia questions Austin about Maxie GH

Austin assumes if Felicia is asking him, then Maxie has already disagreed to go. He knows Maxie faced trauma there, so she has to decide on her own if she is strong enough to go there. Felicia tells Austin that she likes him and that he respects Maxie’s wishes. She can see that Maxie trusts him and is comfortable with him.

Austin talks to Felicia about Maxie GH

Maxie appears and says she is comfortable with Austin, but she’s not comfortable with them talking about her behind her back. Austin assures her that she doesn’t have to go back to Pawtuck, but he is going. He admits things are fuzzy about that night, so perhaps something will stand out that could help them find Louise. Maxie agrees to go with him because she wants to be there if he recalls anything.

Maxie vents about Peter GH

Peter is wheeled through the halls and hollers at Finn when he spots him for help. Peter’s guard says he’s complaining of back pain. Finn doesn’t have time for this, but Peter claims it feels like he’s been thrown down a set of stairs.

Finn speaks with Peter privately in his room. Peter wants Finn to stall his transfer to Pentonville citing medical reasons and threatens to reveal the stairs and freezer incident if he doesn’t. Finn notes there is no proof of what happened, and nobody will believe him. Peter points out GH likely won’t want to keep him on staff given the accusations. Finn refuses to help him and walks out.

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Chase checks in with Finn in his office and asks about his date. Finn says aside from being cut short that they plan on doing it again. Chase asks him what else is going on as he seems to be pondering something. Finn doesn’t want to involve him, but Chase won’t go anywhere until he tells him what he’s keeping from him.

Finn is shocked GH

Finn says he saw Peter earlier and he got under his skin. Finn flashes back to his confrontation with Peter on the roof and begins babbling about how he lost it when Peter tossed the antidote in front of him. Chase wonders what his brother is talking about. Fearing it’s going to come out sooner or later, Finn confesses to Chase that he pushed Peter down the stairs and thought he killed him. Finn tells him about placing him in the freezer, which later turned out empty. Chase promises to help his brother no matter what. He says Peter is alive and can’t prove he pushed him, so don’t let Peter get to him.

Chase confronts Finn GH

Back in Peter’s room, Martin arrives to discuss his case. Peter tried to have his transfer delayed, but it didn’t work. However, he wants Finn arrested for attempted murder. Peter fills Martin in on everything that transpired last summer and wants to tell the entire world what Finn did to him.

Peter wants to expose someone

Martin tells Peter that he’s not going to do that. He reminds him that he poisoned Chase, a detective while trying to poison Finn, so he doesn’t need any more charges filed against him. Their only shot is to prove the PCPD unfairly targeted him and that he is a victim of his estranged Aunt Anna. Peter still has an ace up his sleeve, an accomplice. Martin rubs his head and is afraid to ask. Peter wonders if he reveals who helped him escape from GH last summer if it will be seen as an act of goodwill by the courts.

Martin represents Peter GH

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