BLQ and Chase after she attacks Cam at apartment General Hospital
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At Jax’s apartment, BLQ thinks back to overhearing Chase trashing her to Dante. She tells herself that one guy’s opinion doesn’t matter. BLQ decides to jump onto a dating app but her phone is out of juice. She hears something, grabs a vase, and darts around to find out what the noise is. She discovers that the patio door is open and there is a blanket on the floor. Spotting someone, she smashes the vase on his head.

Sonny argues with Dante at gym General Hospital

At the gym, Dante finds Chase beating up the bag and wonders if it’s because of BLQ. Chase says it’s a confusing situation but they will figure it out. They decide to head out for a beer to talk. Before they can leave, Sonny shows up and informs Chase they need to have a talk. Sonny is glad to hear he is Bailey’s father, not Valentin but gets in his face and accuses him of thinking BLQ isn’t good enough for him. Dante gets in the middle of this and Chase walks out to shower. The detective asks his father why he was laying into Chase. He should be focusing on his own life right now. Sonny complains that everyone is giving him grief. He doesn’t want to talk about it. When Chase returns, Dante says he’s staying with his father. His friend gets a call from BLQ and rushes out.

Dante and Sonny discuss Carly at gym General Hospital

Sitting down, Sonny complains to Dante that things won’t work out. He says Carly is refusing to see what’s in front of her. Whatever residual feelings he has for Nina do not compare to how he feels for Carly. He can’t see the difference between his situation and her feelings for Jason. His son explains they thought he was dead so, in their eyes, there was no betrayal. If Carly asked for space and time, he needs to give it to her. “That’s the worst thing I could do,” Sonny says. He was away from her for nine months and they gained nothing. His son points out she doesn’t see it that way. Sonny refuses to back away.

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Curtis asks about his father at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Curtis tells Portia that TJ has had a hard time getting back to work since Marshall was brought in. He admits to her that he’s confused about his feelings for his father. He’d been pondering whether to give him a chance, but now he’s worried he wasted time they won’t have. She promises to be there for him. Dr. Rose appears and informs them that it wasn’t a heart attack. Marshall’s blood pressure was just too high. He gave him a prescription and he’ll be fine. Something seems off about this to Epiphany and she rushes after Dr. Rose. She questions his diagnosis and suggests he perform more tests. “As Mr. Ashford’s doctor, I know what I’m doing,” he insists.

Marshall and Curtis discuss heart condition at Genral Hospital

Curtis goes in to see Marshall and asks about his blood pressure issues. Marshall insists it’s all under control and asks him to leave it alone. His son thinks he should know about his medical history. This is a normal question. His father admits he’s guarded and wants them to work through their differences. When Marshall is left alone, Epiphany comes in and worries about his condition. He thanks her for looking out for him but he and the doctor have an understanding.

Meanwhile, Curtis tells Portia how stubborn his father is. She says relationships are tricky. He doesn’t see any progress if his father is controlling all he knows. “I do want a relationship with my father but I just don’t know if it’s possible,” he admits.

Curtis returns to his father and offers to drive him home.

Lizz and Finn discuss their date at General Hospital

Finn reminds Liz that they were on a date before all this excitement. His babysitter is still on the clock, so maybe they should continue it. She’s okay with that. Cam suddenly calls.

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Sam pays Carly a visit at Metro Court General Hospital

Sam drops by Carly’s room at the Metro Court with beer. Carly has been moping and looking at a picture of Jason on her phone. Sam wanted to check on her. “I’m doing great,” Carly insists. Although she will never replace Jason, Sam knows she would want to talk to him right now. Taking a beer, Carly admits she’s not feeling great. She’s furious at Nina but can’t do anything about it because it will make her the villain of the piece. “I don’t have the words for how messed up this is!” she fumes. Sam thinks she’s doing pretty well at it.

Carly complains to Sam at Metro Court General Hospital

Carly admits that anger is an easy emotion. She feels embarrassed for being so stupid. She should have known that something was going on between her husband and Nina. When she thinks about how much Nina devastated her family, she can’t believe Sonny loves her when he has a place in his heart for that woman. Carly can understand that he can’t shut his feelings off, after all, she didn’t turn off her feelings for Jason. But the second Sonny came home, they shut that down. The same can’t be said for her husband. What does it say about their marriage that he keeps protecting another woman? Underneath everything, there is a deep sadness and she’s not sure the family can recover. As Sam leaves, she reassures Carly that she’s not the bad guy in this.

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Chase and BLQ argue at apartment General Hospital

Liz and Finn arrive at Jax’s place where it’s explained that Cam and Joss were the “intruders.” They thought the place was empty. BLQ apologizes for smashing a vase over Cam’s head. After Cam leaves with Joss, his mom, and Finn, Chase asks BLQ why she called him. She needs to break her pattern of hitting people in the head. They start arguing and she admits she didn’t want him to go earlier. As they drink wine, she admits that she knows his phone number by heart. When they lock eyes, she flashes back to him trashing her and decides it’s time for her to go to bed. She runs to her room. He’s baffled.

Joss and Cam head home with his mom. The adults leave them alone. Joss gets a call that her ride is on the way. She’s sorry that they didn’t manage to do it tonight. She promises her boyfriend they will find the opportunity when they are on their trip. They kiss.

In the kitchen, Finn tells Liz he had a good time tonight and would love to take her out again. She’d like that. They kiss.

After their dates have left, Cam apologizes to his mom for messing up her date. She’s just glad he still needs her. He’s sure Franco would be glad to see them doing well. When she asks if he’s being safe with Joss, he heads to his room.

The next morning, Dante arrives early and announces that something terrible happened last night that Liz needs to know about.

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Alexis talks doubts to Shawn at The Grill General Hospital

Shawn and Alexis are at The Grill when Harmony wonders in. Alexis calls her over to join them. She’s just there for take-out and tells them to enjoy their evening. Alexis follows her to the bar where Harmony admits to her that Shawn is not her biggest fan. She adds that Sam warned her off. Alexis understands where her daughter is coming from but she gets to choose her friends. Harmony will understand if she needs to keep her distance. After she exits, Alexis returns to Shawn and admits it might not be possible to do the right thing for her and her daughters. He points out that Harmony isn’t just a former criminal. The crimes she committed were against her daughters. Alexis doesn’t really care what Sam thinks; she’s more concerned about Kristina. “Apparently I’m not going to be able to continue my friendship with Harmony,” she realizes.

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