Britt asks Nina for a favor at Crimson
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Marshall drops by General Hospital looking for Epiphany. He feigns a wrist injury. When she tries to give him an x-ray, it’s quickly apparent that he is faking. He admits it and reminds her that she hasn’t given an answer to his question about joining his band. Marshall wonders if it’s him or his music she’s not interested in. It’s pretty clear it’s not the music.

Marshall and Epiphany talk dreams at General Hospital

He thinks she’s still mad at him for accidentally calling her doctor. She admits that when she was a teenager, she dreamed of being a doctor. Marshall wonders what stopped her. She says sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to. “If it’s not too late for me, then it’s not too late for you,” he encourages. When he asks her to dinner, she reminds him he claimed he’s not looking for a social life. Doffing his hat, he asks if it’s too late for them to start over. If he’s serious, she says, they can go to the Grill for prime rib. He happily agrees to that.

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Michael and Drew discuss Aurora at the gym

Michael bumps into Drew at the gym. They talk about Drew getting to know his daughter again. It’s like learning a new language. Michael asks about Sam and Drew admits that Dante is a good guy for her. They discuss Aurora Media. Michael has just been holding his place and would be glad to step back and let him take over if that’s what he wants. Sitting down and sighing, Drew explains he started that company with Sam to get away from the life he was leading as part of Sonny’s operation. Michael tells him he was right to distance himself from his father. Drew never knew he was ashamed of being a Corinthos. Michael isn’t, he’s just having some “differences” with his father. That doesn’t surprise Drew. He saw Carly last night and assures Michael she will be okay, but she seemed desperate. Drew tries to be reassuring.

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Sonny and Carly argue at Corinthos compound

At the Corinthos compound, Carly arrives as Sonny tells the kids that they aren’t going to school because Pilar is taking them out. Once they are alone, Sonny tells Carly that he’d be happier if she stayed at home. He wants them to talk about what they need to do. She needs time but he doesn’t see how they can move forward without spending time together to work things out. Carly brings up being tagged on an email from the pharmacy and asks if he’s renewed his prescription. He tells her not to change the subject. Sonny keeps repeating about how much he’s missed her and how his memories brought him back. If she can’t trust him, she should at least trust her feelings for him. Carly knows how she feels about him. Things would be easier if she didn’t. He’s sure that in the end, everything is always good.

Sonny talks to Britt at Corinthos compound

Brick interrupts and realizes he’s walked into the middle of something. Carly covers and takes off for work. Instantly, Brick prompts Sonny to open up about what’s wrong. Sonny isn’t talking so Brick brings up the fact that one of his suppliers was taken out. He’s trying to figure out who it is. Corinthos mentions Cyrus said someone was filling the power vacuum on the coast. He has other things on his mind. Brick tells him that two women is one too many. He’s apologetic but Sonny knows he means well and is trying to keep him focused. Brick offers to be there for him if he needs it.

Diane and Carly talk marriage at Metro Court

Carly meets with Diane at the Metro Court. After unpacking her situation, the lawyer says it usually takes more than two people to break up a marriage. Carly is staying in the hotel to clear her mind and try to figure out what’s best for the girls. Diane stops her and says she can’t listen to this if it involves considerations about her legal position. She suspects that Carly still wants to fight for her marriage. When she walks off, Carly looks tortured.

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Britt drops by Nina’s office at Crimson and starts quizzing her about Sonny. Nina assumes she wants something. Without naming names, Britt vaguely explains the Brad situation. He needs help, the kind that Sonny can deliver. This raises a lot of questions that Britt won’t answer. Nina can’t see why Sonny would raise a finger for Brad since he hates him. The doctor assumes she still has some pull with Corinthos. “Sonny’s life is at home with his wife and his children,” Nina insists, refusing to be a cliche homewrecker. Britt asks if there’s even a home left to wreck. They chat about Carly lashing out at Nina and slapping her. Britt says that it sounds like Sonny didn’t come back to a marriage, but a prison. Maybe Nina would be doing Sonny and Carly a favor if she handed them the key to escape?

Nina and Britt argue about the Sonny situation at Crimson

Nina doesn’t want to take advantage of that situation. They go around in circles about this until Britt gets frustrated and tries calling Sonny. Avery picks up and tells her Carly isn’t there. The doctor immediately tells Nina it sounds like Carly has moved out of the house.

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Laura and Curtis catch up at The Savoy

Laura drops by The Savoy to catch up with Curtis. He tells her about ringing in the new year with Portia and she updates him on the Cyrus situation. He’s not buying Renault’s tale of finding God. She’s not sure what’s going on. He says that time doesn’t change people like him, it just brings out the worse in them. He claims his life has been very uneventful since he swapped his PI license for a liquor license and became a club owner. She can guess that something is getting under his skin and offers to help if he’ll let her.

Sitting at a table, he recaps everything that’s happened with Marshall. TJ is all for it and has been able to accept him as his grandpa. Laura asks if he’s ready to accept his father back into his life. He tells her that Marshall eventually told him about getting involved with bad people and having to go underground. Laura says that if that’s true, he might have to accept that, no matter how much his father hurt him, he did it out of love. He’s concerned that his father is insistent that he not dig into his past. He doesn’t know what to believe. Despite all his doubts, she thinks he wants a relationship with his father.

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