Sonny faces off with Michael GH
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Carly runs into Drew at The Metro Court looking at the drawing Scout made him. He asks how she’s doing after the night on the bridge. Carly suddenly gets a call from Michael and excuses herself. Michael, who is at the Corinthos place, has learned she moved out and wanted to check on her. She fills him in that she got a suite at the Metro Court. Michael asks to call her back when Sonny appears in the kitchen.

After her call, Drew finds Carly sitting alone in the enclave and offers his shoulder if she needs it. Carly admits she and Sonny are having issues and she moved out. Drew councils her to trust her instincts, which Carly notes Jason used to tell her all the time. Drew is sure that she and Sonny will find their way back together, but if they can’t, to follow his and Jason’s advice. She thanks him and owes him an apology. She says when Jason first came home that she focused on Jason and ignored Drew’s pain. Drew reminds her it was a tough time, but Carly wishes she was a better friend. Drew is long over this. Carly is glad to have a second chance to get to know him as Drew.

Drew meets with Carly GH

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Ava finds Martin conferring with Nina in the Crimson office. Nina explains she’s trying to find ways to insure she is able to keep seeing Wiley. Ava suggests she work something out with Michael, but Nina doubts that is possible with Carly whispering in his ear. Nina tells Ava about Willow’s visit, and Martin explains that if Nina gives up her rights, then she can’t change her mind and ask for them back if Willow doesn’t keep her end of the bargain.

Martin gives Legal Advice GH

Nina agrees she won’t give her rights up, but she also may have no other choice but to go to court to ensure she is a part of Wiley’s life. Ava asks Martin if Nina could win. Martin believes so, but she’ll be burning down the last bridge she has with Michael’s family. Nina agrees to take more thought before taking legal action. Martin feels that is wise and will look into various precedents that may help her.

Ava cautions Nina GH

Martin departs, and Nina brings Ava up to speed on Carly’s visit. Ava believes this proves Carly is worried about her marriage and it reinforces the fact that Sonny is still in love with Nina. Nina wonders if there is a chance for her and Sonny, but Ava responds not if she enters a war with Michael. Ava points out that Sonny’s children will always come first with him. However, if Sonny is on her side, then he may be able to get Michael to come around regarding Wiley. Ava suggests Nina stand back and let Carly and Sonny’s marriage implode on its own, then wait and pick up the pieces. She could have both Wiley and Sonny.

At Laura’s place, she and Kevin call Spencer down for a family meeting. Nikolas arrives at the door, and Kevin invites him in. Spencer is glad to see Ava is not there, commenting she is not part of this family. Laura insists she is and she invited her but Ava politely declined.

Laura plays mediator GH

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As Nikolas and Spencer argue about Ava, Laura tries to keep the peace. With Spencer about to go off to serve his sentence she feels he will need his whole family behind him. Nikolas would like to make peace with Spencer as he misses his son. Spencer admits he misses him too. Esme enters and asks what is going on. When Spencer fills her in on the meeting, she stands by him and announces she won’t let his family gang up on him. Kevin suggests to Esme they leave the family to talk and grab a cup of coffee. Spencer assures her that it will be fine.

Nikolas faces Spencer before prison

As Nikolas complains about Esme’s attitude not being a help, Laura tries to get her son and grandson to focus on each other. Spencer brings up his father faking his death, which Nikolas can’t apologize enough for. Laura advises Spencer that part of being an adult is learning how to forgive, and it may be time to let bygones be bygones. Spencer laughs and says she’s sounding a lot like Victor. Laura warns him not to fall prey to Victor’s manipulations. Nikolas tells his son that he loves him and wants him back. Spencer wants him back too but refuses to accept Ava into their lives. Laura won’t give up either of them and says they will continue these weekly meetings until they work this out.

Laura mediates between Nikolas and Spencer

Esme and Kevin grab coffee at Perks. He asks about her internship, which she’s enjoying. She finds the criminal mind fascinating and reveals she’s read his books. She doesn’t understand how he can advocate that being with family is what’s best for Spencer given Ryan is his brother. He points out there is no comparison between Ryan and Nikolas.

Esme is questioned about Ryan GH

Esme asks if people with locked-in syndrome such as Ryan ever come out of it. Kevin warns her that Ryan is not a simple case and if she ever saw who Ryan really was that she’d be terrified instead of intrigued by him. Esme excuses herself to use the ladies’ room, and Kevin makes a call to the warden at Spring Ridge. He wants to restrict who has access to Ryan.

Kevin questions Esme about Ryan

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In Britt’s office, she is stunned by Brad’s confession he poisoned Peter. She knows he is no killer, and Brad points out that Peter isn’t dead. He also didn’t know what he was doing until after the fact. His aunt simply asked him to deliver the tray of food. He had his suspicions as to why, but also knew it was the only way she’d help with the parole board. Britt fears now Selina has something to hold over his head.

Dante arrives and announces he has news on Peter. Peter’s going to be strong enough to travel soon, so he wants to coordinate his move to Pentonville with Britt. Britt will go over his latest records and get back to Dante tomorrow. On his way out, Dante warns Brad that getting involved with Selina Wu while on parole is a bad idea. Brad reveals that she’s his aunt.

Dante has news about Peter

Britt tells Brad it’s time for him to stand up for himself against his aunt. Brad doesn’t know how to distance himself from her without offending her. She thinks together they can figure a way around his control freak aunt and has an idea on who might be able to help them.

Dante brings Britt news GH

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In the Corinthos kitchen, Michael confronts his dad about what happened between him and Nina. Sonny swears it’s over. Michael is more concerned about the look on his mother’s face when she told him about him and Nina, and that he can’t forgive. They argue about Nina, and Michael blames his father for tanking the case against her by defending her in court. As they argue, Dante enters and tells them, “Enough!”

Dante learns from an upset Michael that Carly moved out because Sonny wouldn’t. Sonny swears he’s going to get Carly back, and Dante knows this is a tough situation. Michael is only looking out for his mother and just needs his dad to give his mom space. Sonny lashes out at Michael to stop telling him what to do. Dante asks Sonny if he’s okay, and Sonny assures them he is. He doesn’t like waiting but says he will wait for Carly.

On the next General Hospital: Brick returns with a warning. Laura asks Curtis if he’s ready to let his father back into his life. Britt asks Nina if there is still a home left to wreck. Michael warns Drew this won’t end anytime soon.

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