BRad admits he poisoned Peter GH
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At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn reveals to Chase that Tracy knows the truth about Bailey. Her grandmother has suggested putting an ocean between Bailey and Peter and moving to Amsterdam, but Chase points out she can’t do that to Maxie. Brook Lynn knows, which is why they need to come up with an alternative to keep Bailey safe before Peter figures everything out.

BLQ is screwed GH

Chase suggests she move in with him. She thinks that’s not a good idea given the size of his place, so he suggests they get something bigger. Brook Lynn thinks that’s not a bad idea, calls him a genius, and gives him a hug. They search online and eventually find a place.

chase is screwed GH

At the Metro Court bar, Drew arrives to meet someone, only to be greeted by a smug Victor. Sam arrives as Drew begins to lay into Victor over his brother’s death. She reminds him that he just got his freedom back so don’t squander it on Victor. Drew tells Victor that he’s as much to blame as Peter for his captivity, and if he so much as twitches in the wrong direction then he’ll make him wish he was dead.

Drew needs answers from Victor GH

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Sam and Drew head to a table in the corner for privacy. He wanted to meet up after running into Valentin, who has his ELQ shares. Sam tells him about the deal she made with Valentin after the Shiloh ordeal and her conditional parole so that she could see Jason again. She explains that her deal with Valentin was contingent on his death. She’s sure there are grounds for him to get the shares back if it would make him happy. He thinks it will make his family happy but will let her know when he figures out what makes him happy. Sam again tells him how glad she is that he is back and that they’re able to maintain this relationship. She excuses herself, and Drew seems down.

Drew asks Sam about ELQ GH

Anna and Maxie meet for lunch. Anna explains that she and her mother are concerned over how she’s handling the entire situation regarding Peter and Louise, and they want her to let them help her. Maxie thinks the trail on Louise has run cold, but Anna asks if there is anything else she can remember. Maxie claims she told the police everything, and thought Peter claimed to have a lead. Anna believes he is just blowing smoke. Everything about the case leads Anna back to Maxie and Austin, who were the people last to see Louise. Maxie needs a minute and excuses herself.

Maxie keeps lying to Anna GH

Victor swoops in, sits down with Anna, and asks why Maxie ran off looking upset. Anna says Maxie is none of his business. Victor recalls Peter demanding Maxie and his daughter in exchange for the information on how to control Drew. Maxie returns to overhear Victor asking Anna about Maxie’s baby and wants to know what he knows about her daughter. Victor explains only that Peter was determined to get his hands on Louise. Maxie vows that will not happen and she’ll do anything to protect her child. Victor gets a message from Valentin that he’s been held up and can’t make lunch, so excuses himself.

After Victor departs, Anna tells Maxie that Victor just confirmed that Peter doesn’t have Louise or know where she is. Anna has an idea and suggests they go back to where Maxie gave birth and the woods where she lost Louise to try and jog her memory. Maxie agrees, and Anna reveals she wants to bring Austin as well to see if he remembers anything.

Anna grills Maxie about things GH

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In Britt’s office at General Hospital, she and Brad catch up over lunch. Britt wonders why they are hiding out in her office. Brad admits he doesn’t want to be seen having brunch in Carly’s hotel. Britt isn’t sold and continues to push Brad, assuming this has to do with his Aunt Selina.

Brad confesses that he’s afraid of his aunt, and she made him do something horrible. Brad knows this is the one crime that is likely to come back to haunt him. Britt is now afraid for him and begs him to tell her. Brad finally admits he poisoned Peter.

Britt freaks out GH

Austin shows up at his office expecting to talk to Valentin, but he’s not there. He calls him up to plot their retaliation against Brook Lynn. He suggests they talk face to face because they need to figure out where Brook Lynn is vulnerable and how to take her down.

Austin is smug GH

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Later, Victor shows up looking for Valentin in Austin’s office. Austin tells him that Valentin left about thirty minutes ago. Victor wonders what made Austin first suspect BLQ was lying about her baby’s paternity. Austin notes that Brook Lynn is a manipulative schemer who only thinks about herself and her ELQ stock. As they discuss Brook Lynn, Austin mentions Maxie’s name, which catches Victor’s attention. Victor says he’s in awe of Maxie’s courage given her situation. Austin says Maxie is very different than Brook Lynn, and he still can’t believe they are friends. Victor questions why they are, and Austin explains Brook Lynn is letting Maxie see Bailey, which eases the pain of losing Louise. However, he believes BLQ sees their friendship as a win, something that might change peoples’ minds about her. Victor realizes Maxie is the key to getting to Brook Lynn.

Felicia visits the officer guarding Peter’s room and gives him some coffee. She asks for a word with Peter, and he lets her in seeing she’s the acting commissioner’s wife. Felicia enters Peter’s room and demands to know where her granddaughter is.

Felicia confronts Peter GH

Peter lashes out at Felicia, calling her a princess who abandoned her daughters for a life of adventure and fun. Felicia admits she made mistakes, and Peter calls what she’s doing now a pathetic attempt to make up for failing her daughters. He insists he would never fail Louise. Felicia says they’ll never know as Louise is lost thanks to him. He asks what she’d say if he could lead her to Louise? She doesn’t believe him and calls him a liar just like Faison. She can’t wait to see him end up just like Faison and Ryan did.

Peter gets a visitor

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