Carly tells Sonny she needs time in Corinthos kitchen General Hospital
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Sam joins her mom at Charlie’s and tells her how proud her daughters are of her new job. Alexis says she wouldn’t have it without their encouragement. Sam hopes that she will be going after Tracy. However, she worries when her mom starts sounding merciful. Alexis thinks losing Luke may be punishment enough for Tracy. When Harmony walks in, Sam stares daggers at her. Alexis leaps up and asks the women if they can come to a truce. She tells her daughter what a good friend Harmony has been.

Sam lays down the law with Harmony at Charlie's General Hospital

The three of them sit at a table and Alexis explains what happened with Tracy to Harmony. She tells Alexis she’s in control of what happens next. When Alexis leaves to make a phone call, Sam tells Harmony they need to get a few things straight. Sam knows it must have been hard for her to testify against Shiloh. Harmony tells her she feels sick when she looks back on that time. It’s a nightmare she has to live with and she’s doing all she can to atone for it. If she wants to help, Sam says, she needs to be straight with Alexis. Harmony believes that she and her mother can help each other. They are friends. “Whatever you’re selling, I’m not buying,” Sam says. She can’t forgive and forget. Harmony insists she’s not asking her to and begs for a chance to prove herself. “You can try but I’ll be watching,” Sam says.

Robert grieves to Olivia at Metro Court General Hospital

Robert drops by the Metro Court where Olivia gives him a hug. They sit at a table and she says he’s been making himself scarce. He doesn’t want to get in the way of her and Ned. She assures him that their problems were never about him. He’s not sure if he should be glad or sad about that. She tells him that he was more than her plaything. Robert’s just sorry that she loves Ned. Alexis calls him.

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Ned visits Tracy in the cells General Hospital

In the cells, Tracy is complaining to Dante about the injustice of her arrest. Ned arrives and she lectures him for leaving her in there so long. He introduces her to Martin as her lawyer. After she makes some snide remarks about him and his brother, the lawyer suggests they make a deal to get her out of there. When she doesn’t like what he has to say, she fires him. Ned says he hired Martin and she can’t fire him. Tracy fires Ned. He reminds her she can’t fire her children. Dante is getting tired of all this. Tracy reminds him that Alexis stabbed him. The cop has forgiven her and he adds that prison did her some good. Ned urges his mother to listen to reason and negotiate a deal. He’s sure that’s what Luke would want. His mother is sure Luke would want her to fight without any compromise.

Martin and Dante talk in the cells General Hospital

Martin takes Dante aside and begs him to intercede with the DA on Tracy’s behalf. Ned thinks his mother has gone out of her mind. She’s insistent she needs to fly back to Amsterdam to sort out what Luke left behind. She’s not leaving until they have a talk about his daughter and granddaughter. Ned has no idea what this means and she’s not explaining. Tracy needs more information before she gets him involved.

Tracy in PCPD cells General Hospital

Dante and Martin return with Robert and announce the case against Tracy is finished. When the cell door opens, Tracy asks what changed. Alexis steps up and announces that she did. She’s decided not to co-operate so they are dropping the case. Tracy is in shock and walks out. Robert thanks Alexis for saving Port Charles time and money. Alexis tells Ned that she did this for Luke, and for herself.

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Nina tells Valentin she's glad for him at Crimson General Hospital

Valentin arrives at Nina’s Crimson office after she has summoned him. The last time she called she was in danger from Peter. He admits he can’t refuse her. She’s sorry for what happened with Bailey. Valentin says that Charlotte has taken it surprisingly well and adds that she’s always welcome to visit his daughter. Nina is hoping that they can join forces. She’s made a new enemy and that enemy is also his enemy. They sit down and she gives him a pitch to be tolerant of BLQ. He’s not receptive and wonders what her issue with the Quartermaines is. She has a problem with Michael. He warns that also means fighting the Corinthos family and that means Sonny.

After she blurts out that “Mike” would understand her need for a relationship with Wiley, Valentin says “Mike” might, but Sonny likely doesn’t. They talk about the feelings she developed for Sonny. Nina hopes that they have both moved on so they can help each other without complications. The Cassadine says a war on two families isn’t without complications. He’s not getting involved with that, especially when children are involved. She’s amazed he’s telling her to turn the other cheek. Once he leaves, she calls Martin for legal advice.

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Austin is not receptive to BLQ at General Hospital

BLQ bumps into Austin in the hallways of General Hospital and is eager to talk. That’s not mutual. They go into his office and he reminds her that she tried to destroy his life, forcing him to relinquish his claim on his family’s legacy. She suggests they let bygones be bygones. He can’t go along with that. But at least she wasn’t as destructive with him as she was with Valentin. She claims to be genuinely sorry but he doesn’t believe her. BLQ offers to talk to her family to see what they can do for him.

BLQ asks Austin to let bygones be bygones at General Hospital

The doctor accuses her of trying to ease her conscience by purchasing his. He’s not interested in money; he just wants what’s fair for his father and reminds her she used Leo as a pawn. She follows him through the halls and they continue to argue until Valentin interrupts and asks Austin if something is wrong. “I have to go be with Chase and our baby,” she announces before storming off. Austin is stunned by the maliciousness of this. Valentin says people seem to think he’s lost his edge. Austin hasn’t forgotten what the Quartermaines did to him. Valentin asks if he wants to see them pay.

As BLQ flounces down the hall, Tracy grabs her and confronts her about having Maxie’s baby.

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Donna and Avery get their packed lunches from Sonny in the Corinthos kitchen. He gives them their vitamins and Frank takes them to school when Carly walks in. She thought they agreed he wasn’t staying last night. He says she thought wrong. When she accuses him of disrespecting her feelings, he rehashes why he came back to her and how much he still loves her. She needs more than words, she needs time. They can’t go back to the way things were before Nina. “I hate feeling like our marriage is built on quicksand,” she says. It feels like she can’t unthinkingly trust him anymore.

Sonny asks Carly if they are finished in Corinthos kitchen General Hospital

“You want to call it quits?” he asks. He insists she’s over-complicating this but Carly can’t stop feeling like Nina is all over their lives. Sonny suggests she’s using Nina as an excuse not to reunite with him. Part of her is already gone and it went with Jason. She refuses to apologize for Jason and says that their marriage has no chance as long as Nina is alive. Until he kills Nina in his heart, there is no chance for them. She will be the one to move out for the sake of the children. Left alone, he drinks and throws his pills against the wall.

Carly goes to the Metro Court and tells Olivia she’s moving in while she and Sonny are having a time out.

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